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  3. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Regarding uniform fittings - it's not always a bad thing not hearing yet! I had my uniform fitting for A Div August 2016 and my intake was Dec 2016. When I arrived at Tulli to get my uniform bag, my trousers were too tight and I ended up having to get an emergency uniform order. 😂😂😂 Dinnae panic! The longer they leave it the better.
  4. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, yeah I think thinks will depend on where you're going. I'm north east and have medical and uniform fitting same day in december.
  5. Police Scotland Recruitment

    They do seem to keep changing how things are done, I’m on the December intake and we weren’t told we were allowed to go for our uniform fitting until after our final fitness, I think they also do it differently depending on which area you go through, I was through Jackton
  6. Vetting

    Be prepared for a long wait is all I’ll say, I was 3/4 months to get cleared after I had a complaint made against me when I was arresting someone.
  7. Vetting

    Hey Chalky. Thanks for your input. I did contact recruitment. I was told that as it has already been highlighted and there was no rejection at the time of application then I will probably be ok. But they were only assuming and made it clear that they did not make the vetting decision. He also said it all depended on the seriousness off it, the circumstamces et etc. It wasnt a shot gun etc. I am a little happier now but this wait is a nightmare haha. Thanks👍
  8. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’ve not got a confirmed start date as of yet. But they’ve put me down for a medical / uniform fitting on 15th of jan..... all seems a bit confusing lol
  9. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey MorkC you don’t go for your uniform fitting until you get a confirmed start date, they give you a letter at your final fitness and smt to make arrangements to go for your uniform fitting, hope this info helps
  10. Did you really join just to post that?
  11. Assult - my rights

    Get your husband to seek legal advice and tell your landlord your side of the story. Other than that little you can do. You could perhaps ask the neighbour your husband protected to vouch to both the police and landlord but there are risks in doing that.
  12. Passed final interview but not progressing

    Never had that happen to anyone I know, but 1 person did drop out of my intake for my force, so it's not unheard of for spaces to be made available.
  13. Vetting

    Nobody can tell you for sure, but as long as you've declared it you've given yourself the best chance. Best case, they'll overlook it as it was 10 years ago. Potentially you might fail but but allowed to to appeal to make your case. Potentially they might invite you in for a vetting hearing of sorts and ask you to explain the circumstances, before making their decision. Yes, worst case is they don't pass you and don't consider any appeals. However I'm also of the opinion that they should have told you at the start if that was going to be an issue. My only issue was a speeding ticket nearly 2 years ago. I declared it, nothing was said, and it'll have showed honesty so I'm not worried. Whether they'll fail people at paper sift for things like that I don't know.
  14. Good Morning, I guess I am looking for some advise or to see if anyone has experienced the same as me. I recently had a final interview and passed however, I have been informed I cant be guaranteed a intake due to having a select number of vacancies. I have been told that should there be any further intakes or a place opens up on the intakes due for next year I can be fast tracked. It's thoroughly disappointing to go through the whole process, pass the final interview and not progress. Has anyone had this happen to them and were they successful within the 12 months they keep you on record? I understand that I am probably relying on people dropping out but I imagine the likeness of this is very slim, just looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience?
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  16. Vetting

    Hi all, I am pleased to say I am at the medical/vetting stage of the process, which is not doing my heart much good🙊.... but I bet we have all.been there. Ok, I have one caution and only adverse dealing with the Police nearly 10 years ago in England. I was 21 year old and sitting up at my local welfare when I was in company with another 4 or 5 boys. One of the lads had an air rifle and it was being passed around the group. Long story short, I was the one who had the rifle in my hands when the officer appeared. It was taking off me and later returned to my parents house. I received a warning. So...... I have just read online about vetting and there are many things that can fail an application autimatically and fire arms offences was one of them! So a totally sickening thought for myself. I first applied in November 16 and before I had my Set/fit I had a phone call from vetting asking my to confirm my age. (On vet form I put I was 18 but was actually 21). As it was that long ago I could not remember but it was declared. I later failed AC then had that 6 month wait. I then reapplied in Sep and passed AC a few weeks back. Its making me sick to think I may fail it. Logic tells me that if they were gonna reject my application then they would have done so from the start. Any advice please or am I just worrying over nothing? Cheers
  17. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thank you :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks guys, I just know my boss is going to be a nightmare either way. Presumably you are hopeful for the March intake then? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah, I got info about both at the same time and I've got mine on the same day. I've not heard anything about final fitness though.
  20. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I didn't have anything mentioned to me about uniform fitting either which is making me think I'm June. I've got had any info about final fitness either
  21. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Can I ask...did everyone get a medical and uniform fitting on the same day? I had my medical on the 2nd of October but there was no mention of a uniform fitting?
  22. Application form sent

    Hi d4nny I sent my application on the same date as you and was wondering if you had heard anything back yet ? I got my confirmation email but nothing else as of yet and that's been about 10 weeks.
  23. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've been told March intake but im not too hopeful, would be great tho!
  24. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I don't think I'll be until June because of the divisions I've picked. March would be wonderful though!
  25. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks guys, I just know my boss is going to be a nightmare either way. Presumably you are hopeful for the March intake then? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I wouldn't hand your notice in until you have a final offer. Just incase. I've not heard anything about my references and ive got my uniform fitting and medical on the 6th Dec. I passed my AC in September aswell.
  27. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Looking for some advice....... I’ve got my medical / uniform fitting on 15th jan...... now I know before I even mention it, that my boss will not give me a holiday, as he will say you’ve just had two weeks for Christmas...... does anyone know if they will likely be contacting him for references soon, and should I provisionally hand in my notice? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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