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  2. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Everyone, I have been on the forum for a while now trying to find out as much information regarding the recruitment process. I applied to West command last June, took a while getting a date for initial fitness test etc. Recently Passed the initial fitness and have my initial interview coming up relatively quickly! ( previously passed SET so don't need to sit again) Looking for some advice in terms of the best way to prepare. I have a decent understanding of the core competencies and trying to write down as many examples as possible regarding them. Using the force website to the best of my ability to soak up as much information about the force/officer duties and the probation programme. I am also planning on visiting a Police station before my interview to speak to some serving officers ( hopefully a probationer!) If anyone could share any further advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Waiting times/update on intakes

    Congrats on getting through the process! Yeah the wait is super frustrating but so worth it, hang in there!
  4. Earthquake felt across parts of UK 17 February 2018 Image copyright British Geological Survey Image caption A seismograph shows the earth's movements on Saturday afternoon A minor earthquake with a 4.4 magnitude has affected parts of Wales and England. Shaking has been reported across south Wales, the south west of England and the Midlands. The British Geological Survey said the epicentre was approximately 20km north-north-east of Swansea and at a depth of 7.4km. Events of this magnitude only happen in the UK every 2-3 years, it added. Image Copyright @swpcardiff @swpcardiff Report Image Copyright @swpcardiff @swpcardiff Report Dyfed Powys Police force said it had received "an extremely high volume" of calls relating to tremors. Meanwhile, South Wales Police urged the public to avoid calling the emergency services unless it was to report damage or injuries. Steven Clathworthy, who lives near Bridgend, south Wales said he heard a bang the settee moved. "All the neighbours were out asking 'what's happening?'" he said. Bryan Jones, 72, of Treochy, Rhondda Cynon Taff, said: "It was like a tremor but it was quite frightening for my granddaughter - she swore a little bit and my wife got up asking 'What was that?'" 'The walls cracked' Vera Sanderberg, from Croyde in north Devon, said she felt her 10 bedroom house shake. "The neighbour's horses bolted," she said. "It was just a split second. We can't see anything damaged." In Cheltenham, Paul Samway said it felt like "a washing machine breaking down". "We heard the walls crack and there was a bit of juddering," he added. "We thought nothing of it until we saw reports from other people on social media." Have you been affected by the minor earthquake? You can email with your experiences. Send us your pictures and videos. Please include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. You can also contact us in the following ways: Whatsapp: +44 7525 900971 Send pictures/video to Upload your pictures/video here Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay Send an SMS or MMS to 61124 or +44 7624 800 100 Or use the form below Your contact details Name (optional) Your E-mail address (required) Town & Country (optional) Your telephone number (optional) Comments (required) If you are happy to be contacted by a BBC journalist please leave a telephone number that we can contact you on. In some cases a selection of your comments will be published, displaying your name as you provide it and location, unless you state otherwise. Your contact details will never be published. When sending us pictures, video or eyewitness accounts at no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws. Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions View the full article
  5. XXIII Olympic Winter Games Venue: Pyeongchang, South Korea Dates: 9-25 February Coverage: Watch live on BBC TV, Red Button, Connected TVs, BBC Sport website and mobile app. Full coverage times Great Britain's Lizzy Yarnold defended her Winter Olympic title with a gold medal in the women's skeleton as team-mate Laura Deas claimed bronze. It took Britain's medal count on Saturday to three, after Izzy Atkin claimed a ski slopestyle bronze. Yarnold, having won gold at Sochi 2014, headed into the final run 0.02 seconds behind Austrian leader Janine Flock. But the 29-year-old clocked 51.46 seconds to go first, and a poor run from Flock saw Deas jump into bronze. It was a track record for Yarnold, whose total time of three minutes 27.28 seconds saw her finish 0.45 seconds ahead of German silver medalist Jacqueline Loelling. She becomes the first British athlete to retain a Winter Olympic title and, alongside bronzes for Deas and Atkins, it is the first time Britain have won three individuals medals on one day at Winter Games - eclipsing the two won in 1924. More to follow. View the full article
  6. March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    Nerves are good though, gives you a bit of adrenaline! I was all set to beat my previous score had done it loads in practice tests but when they said we’d hit the pass mark I forgot to breathe 😂😂
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  8. March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    Thanks, hopefully a formality and having done it already and passed I shouldn’t be nervous but I obviously am. 🤞🏻🤞🏻
  9. Merkel 'curious not frustrated' after Theresa May meeting 16 February 2018 comments Related TopicsBrexit Image copyright Reuters Angela Merkel has said she is "not frustrated" by the Brexit process but is "curious" to know more about the UK's aims after meeting Theresa May. The German chancellor said she hoped to establish "common ground" on trade issues in the coming months and wanted a "close partnership" of equals. Mrs May said she wanted a "bold and ambitious" trade partnership as well as a new security arrangement. But amid calls for more detail from the UK, she said it was a "two-way street". Friday's meeting between the two leaders at Berlin's Chancellery comes ahead of a speech on Saturday in which Mrs May will set out the "security partnership" she envisages with European partners at the annual Munich Security Conference. Johnson: Let's unite around Brexit vision Juncker angry at 'superstate' claims British ministers are making a series of speeches mapping out the "road to Brexit" to counter criticism that there is a lack of both vision and detail as to what relationship the UK wants once it leaves in March 2019. Asked whether she was frustrated by a lack of detail from the UK, Mrs Merkel said: "I'm not frustrated at all. I'm just curious how Britain envisages this future partnership and obviously we also have our own vested interests as regards, for example, economic commitments." She added: "We would like to preserve this close partnership and maybe both sides, in a way, are in a process of learning and trying to find out where we find common ground." "Sometimes we don't know how our opposite numbers see things. It is a process of learning," she said. Rights offer Mrs May's trip to Berlin comes as the UK and the EU attempt to agree details of the temporary "transition" period that will come immediately after Brexit day and is intended to smooth the path to the permanent post-Brexit relationship between the UK and the EU. Speaking after the last round of talks, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said "substantial" disagreements remained and he had "some problems understanding the UK's position". On Wednesday, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson attempted to appeal to Remain supporters, urging people to unite behind his vision of a "liberal Brexit". The devolution of powers, workers' rights and trade are also expected to be covered by other ministers. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionEx-GCHQ boss: UK defence will decline if there is no Brexit plan in placeThe British government, meanwhile, has offered to extend guarantees on EU citizens' rights after Brexit to the 20,000 Norwegian, Icelandic and Liechtensteinian nationals living in the UK. Citizens from the three countries - all members of the European Economic Area - living in the UK for the past five years will be able to apply for settled status on the same basis as nationals from the other 27 EU member states. This would grant them permanent residency and largely the same access as now to healthcare, pensions and other benefits. The UK hopes the offer will be reciprocated and will give similar assurances to the 15,000 British expats in Norway, the 800 in Iceland and 60 in Liechtenstein. On the first day of the Munich security event, the heads of the three largest European intelligence agencies have made an unprecedented joint appearance to emphasise the necessity of international co-operation. After holding talks, the head of Britain's MI6, Alex Younger, and his German and French counterparts issued a statement committing themselves to cross-border information sharing after Brexit to tackle international terrorism, illegal migration, nuclear proliferation and cyber attacks. "Modern threats require a modern response. Any failure to do so would lead to even greater risk," they said. Their move comes amid warnings from the former head of GCHQ that the UK could suffer if it does not take part in the wider European defence plan post-Brexit. Robert Hannigan told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that bilateral and multilateral collaboration was vital, questioning whether it was possible for a "medium-sized country to compete in the modern market and export outside the EU" without sharing research and development costs. View the full article
  10. Tactical Support Group

    Fact - we are only allowed to recruit to maintain complement currently And second fact - between April 17 and Mar 18 (our recruiting year) we recruited 209 people In the 2017 calendar year 227 I know because I recruit them not sure where you get your FACTS from! 🤔
  11. Police Scotland (June 2018)

    Recruitment Query Not Permitted On Your Account This has been posted in the wrong area of the forum. Your account does not have an active membership or a current Recruitment Pass. You must post your topic in the Recruitment Area or Force Specific Areas of our forum Recruitment Pass A Recruitment Pass can be purchased for 1 month (£3.95) or 3 months (£7.95) and is renewable. During its active period you will be able to create as many topics and make as many replies as you like in the Force Specific Areas and the Recruitment sections of our forum. CLICK HERE to purchase a Recruitment Pass Membership Plans You can purchase an annual Silver Membership Package for just £15 which will give you unrestricted access to the Recruitment Sections and to all of the Force Specific Areas. We also include access to the exclusive VIP areas. Click HERE to see all of the benefits of a Membership Package. We also have our Gold Membership which gives global Gold Membership across all four of our forums and is a one time lifetime fee and we even throw in a FREE mug. Forums included are,, and CLICK HERE to purchase a Membership Plan This thread has been locked as the original poster has posted this in an area of the forum where it is not permitted and their account does not currently have the required permissions.
  12. Police Scotland (June 2018)

    Hi is there anyone else looking at possibly being on the June 2018 intake I’ve been waiting since June 2017 wanted to see if anyone was in the same position.
  13. Police Scotland Recruitment

    You wont get it written in writing, the word to say you were fit and itl be passed on is all that will happen. Now itl be a waiting game from your recruitment dept for a final fitness and smt date.
  14. Oxfam sex scandal: Charity to set up independent commission 16 February 2018 Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionOxfam head: 'I know we have a problem'Oxfam says it will set up a commission to investigate past and present allegations of exploitation by staff. Oxfam International's executive director Winnie Byanyima said it would "do justice" and "atone for the past". The new commission will develop a "global database of accredited referees" to make sure sex offenders cannot "reoffend somewhere else". The British charity has faced criticism over the way it handled claims staff hired prostitutes in Haiti in 2011. Ms Byanyima, the most senior Oxfam executive to speak on the issue, said she first heard of the controversy after news reports last week and added: "I'm really inviting anyone who has been a victim of abuse by anyone in our organisation to come forward. "I'm here for all the women who have been abused, I want them to come forward and for justice to be done for them." In an interview with the BBC's diplomatic correspondent James Landale, she switched to speaking in her native Ugandan to make an apology: "From the bottom of my heart forgive us, forgive Oxfam." Oxfam rehired man fired over sex claims Catholic charity sacks former Oxfam worker How much UK charity money goes to Oxfam? She admitted she could not guarantee there were not sex offenders currently working at the organisation but vowed Oxfam would "build a new culture that doesn't tolerate that behaviour". She explained that the reforms that will take place at Oxfam will include: setting up a high-level independent commission that will look into culture and practices at the organisation, with a mandate to investigate past and current claims of sexual exploitation doubling the budget for the charity's safeguarding team, and tripling the number of staff working in the department setting up a global database of accredited referees to ensure sex offenders cannot falsify references and reoffend at other charities making the organisation's "whistleblowing mechanism" external, safe and confidential Ms Byanyima added one of her priorities was "to make sure that the work we do at Oxfam, of saving lives, of reaching vulnerable people, continues because it's vital, it must continue". Earlier this month news reports said that during a humanitarian mission in Haiti in 2011, the charity's country director Roland van Hauwermeiren hired prostitutes at a villa paid for by Oxfam. Image copyright VRT Image caption Roland Van Hauwermeiren worked in Chad from 2006-09 before going to Haiti in 2010 Mr Van Hauwermeiren, who left Oxfam in 2011 amid a sexual misconduct inquiry, has denied hiring prostitutes but said he had "intimate relations" with a woman who was "not a prostitute". Oxfam had staff working in Haiti following the earthquake in the country killed about 200,000 people in 2010. As a result of the revelation, the charity has faced staunch criticism from the British government and the Haitian president. International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt has threatened to cut the charity's government funding, which was £32m last year. The charity has also lost a number of celebrity ambassadors including Good Will Hunting actress Minnie Driver, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The Charity Commission is to launch a full inquiry into Oxfam as it has concerns the organisation may not have "full and frankly disclosed material details" about the Haiti sex scandal. Image copyright AFP Image caption Archbishop Tutu is "deeply disappointed" over alleged misconduct at Oxfam On Thursday a new allegation came to light that a worker fired by Oxfam over sexual misconduct allegations in Haiti was rehired later the same year by the charity. Oxfam said its decision to rehire the man in Ethiopia was a "serious error". Oxfam has almost 10,000 staff working in more than 90 countries across the globe. View the full article
  15. Top women doctors lose out in NHS pay stakes By Nick Triggle Health correspondent 16 February 2018 Image copyright Getty Images Senior NHS female doctors are earning less than their male counterparts, a BBC investigation shows. Of the top 100 earning consultants in England, just five are women, despite more than a third of the workforce being female. The top-paid man earned nearly £740,000 - two-and-a-half times that of the top woman. Overall, the gap between full-time men and women was 12% (£14,000). But when overtime and bonuses were not included, average pay was £1,500 apart. Some doctors the BBC spoke to said some of the difference was probably down to the fact men were more likely to do overtime. But they said it was clear some of the gap was unfair with the system of bonuses and awards weighted in favour of men. Senior female doctors described the findings as "disappointing" and said it showed more needs to be done to tackle the gender pay gap in medicine. The figures were obtained by the BBC following requests to individual health trusts, the government and NHS Digital. The top earning male consultant in England earned £739,460 in 2016-17 The best paid woman got £281,616 by comparison On average, full-time men in England earned £127,683, nearly £14,000 more than full-time women When you strip out overtime and bonuses and just look at basic pay there was nearly £1,500 difference Six-and-a-half times as many men as women in England and Wales get the top platinum award bonus worth £77,000 a year In Northern Ireland the gap between men and women's gross earnings was over £8,000 'Time to eliminate pay gap' Dr Anthea Mowat, of the British Medical Association, said despite recent progress on gender pay, the figures obtained by the BBC showed there was "clearly still a long way to go". She said women needed more support, including leadership training, mentoring and more flexible working opportunities. "With women making up the majority of medical graduates in recent years, it's vitally important that we address the root causes of the gender pay gap, and develop a wider programme of work to eliminate it across the medical workforce," she added. Dr Jacky Davis, a radiologist and former chair of the NHS Consultants Association, said she was "surprised and disappointed" by the figures. "Some of it we can explain - men are more likely to do overtime for example - but that doesn't account for it all. In my experience men are better at pushing for more money, putting the case for awards and they get them." Dr Sally Davies, of the Medical Woman's Federation, agreed. "We need to do more to support women. They often fall behind when they have children and have to take time off. "By the time they get to the point where overtime is available or the awards are being handed out they find themselves behind men. It's a serious problem." Danny Mortimer, chief executive of NHS Employers, said: "This appears to be a long-term and serious problem within the medical workforce which the government, the profession and employers are committed to resolving." He said one of the causes was the consultants' contract - in the past it has been argued it allows high premiums to be charged for overtime and creates a bonus system that is skewed. The government and BMA are currently in negotiations about the future of the contract. The Department of Health and Social Care said: "We are committed to ensuring that our hardworking doctors are rewarded fairly and equally for their work — regardless of gender — and have commissioned an independent report alongside the medical profession to examine exactly how that can be achieved." Additional reporting by Patrick Cowling and Clara Guibourg Read more from Nick Follow Nick on Twitter View the full article
  16. Tactical Support Group

    I do still speak to some officers I joined with and worked with and they have said it is improving somewhat given the forces new(ish) initial training package and initial selection process. New recruits land on station with their shiny kit knowing full well what their role entails - especially those at AWE where the problem mainly was. Long term that number of joiners v leavers should steadily improve. Recruits are far more aware of what role the MDP currently has and what role it potentially has in the future too. Nevertheless it’s always going to be the case where recruits join and realize it’s not for them and seek to leave - whether that be another force or not. It happens in every occupation. I do think the issue of joining to leave has been addressed and to be fair a lot of time and effort has gone into tackling it, and I think people such as MDPREC have played a big part in it. Huge numbers are still applying and joining the MDP even with more home office forces opening up recruitment, you only have to look at the Facebook page for proof. That indicates to me that the MDP are doing something right.
  17. Application timescale

    True..didn’t make that very clear did I? My apologies!
  18. March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    I had my uniform fitting today! So surreal! Good luck for FF on Monday!
  19. Tactical Support Group

    MDPREC - Fact- the force recruited 265 officers last year but only resulted in a net increases of 8 officers !
  20. I have been a police officer for 8 years but In September I transferred to another force . I have been here nearly 4 months and have found out that I’m pregnant. I know I will get statutory maternity pay but I am very worried I won’t get occupational maternity pay as I have not worked for this force for a year . Has anyone got any experience of this ? Feel gutted that I’ve worked all my life and I won’t get any benefits due to transferring. Thank you
  21. Police Scotland Recruitment

    It's all a waiting game now haha. 8 weeks normally before they let you know if you've made the next intake. :) :O Soooo if it's June then you should hear April time? July for Sept. I'm assuming anyways :)
  22. Police Scotland Recruitment

    She said everything seemed fine and she would pass it on to say i was fit. But i just want to see it passed in writing i guess. And also I'm wondering what happens next?
  23. Police Scotland Recruitment

    My nurse told me I passed when I was there? just phone up your recruitment if you're not sure. :)
  24. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just wondering in regards to medical do you get an email saying you passed or is no news good news?
  25. National Infrastructure Constabulary

    It will be after brexit I would have thought Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  26. Police Scotland Recruitment

    A plain round neck t-shirt is fine, doesn’t need to be P/S
  27. Tactical Support Group

    We can only allocate the vacancies we are given by the force so we can’t be pushed in to anything
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