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    Campaigns, protected characteristics, operational support divisions, force purpose/priorities/mission statement, partnership agencies, divisions/geography, ranks. Respect for Diversity, Job Knowledge, Personal Awareness, Effective Communication, Personal Effectiveness, Team Working, Service Delivery.
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    Try and keep your chin up, the assessment centre is much more than some group exercises and an interview, you are assessed on things you won't be aware of, which is why they are keen to ensure you aren't just 'putting on an act' for them, and also why people tell you to try and be yourself - that's what they want to see. My assessment centre group was very 'leader' dominant too, you just have to pick your opportunities wisely. If you are keen to re-apply in 6 months, the one piece of advice I would give is to stay on top of your job knowledge. Simply running through it once a fortnight will prevent you having to go back through the monumental challenge of learning it all again. I learnt that the hard way! Mark
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    Well done that's great news. See you at Tulli, as I passed too. Turns out I didn't do as badly as I thought haha.
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    The folk from Jackton told us the same at the candidate briefing. They said to remember those on the A/C are not fighting you for jobs and to bear in mind that these are the guys/girls you will likely going through Tulli with. Also that they want us to pass.
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    Well, I have a wife, two children in school and a mortgage all 30 miles north of Inverness, so I am going to try and change my preferences as it would be quite an upheaval. PM me by all means. I'm sure your AC will be just fine.
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    So writing up a list tonight of things to get down in time for the interview. So far I have : Competencies Local and national police knowledge - Policing 2026 , Local agendas , Local hierarchy , executive board etc Job Knowledge - Already spoke to local HQ and have 2 probationers contact details Code of Ethics and Standards of Policing Knowledge of the training at Tulli and during probation Equality and Diversity Am I missing anything obvious ? Anything less obvious I should be looking at ? Side note - Which competencies are assessed at the first interview ?
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    As far as I am aware vetting happens before you will be asked for a final fitness and smt. (after your medical) It normally goes on behind the scenes and you wont know anything about it unless there is a problem.
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    I've been working as a Special for over a year now and have enjoyed it every shift. It may just give you that little bit of extra confidence and experience for a second attempt. However it will not give you any special treatment as far as recruitment goes, but it will let you understand what the job entails. Good luck and keep your chin up.
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    Tell me about a time you have had to prioritise your workload etc, I attended one of the interview workshop evenings and they said that all the words that are highlighted in competency descriptors are the words used for q's.
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    It was a really strong group everyone was keen to lead and talk, so quite hard to get in there. Pretty gutted now I’ve left work and thinking about it! Hard process but suppose I’ve got this far, at least can be proud of that. 🙂
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    Genuinely sorry to hear that. What let you down; group exercises or interview? Mark
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    Sorry to hear that. Get your feedback and get another app in soon as possible.
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    Asked a question on it. Normally based on your ability to persuade / influence others.
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    In case you don't know, for Partnership Working, they ask you about your knowledge of it, not a 'tell me about a time' question. Agree with above, focus is on Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Behaviour. Be comfortable talking about them, not quoting from the website. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Mark
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    Relax. You have probably done too much already. If you have hit all the key areas you will be fine. Look at the standards of behaviour if you have not.
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    I’m the 2nd of July 😬 nervous but excited! Finally. It’s been a long road to this stage. I applied back June last year😳
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    Well done to all who just passed AC. 😀.
  18. 1 point
    Passed a/c 🎉 they said probably looking at 2019 intake.
  19. 1 point
    Well after them telling us on Friday that they were booked up for interviews right through August with 100 people to schedule before us , I got an email this afternoon with an August 1st interview date. Officially bricking it now.
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    Someone today said to me that during there last interview they were asked about the executive board members, and how many deputy chief constables there were. Might be worth a quick scan over that if you haven't already. See you there. Mark
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    Thanks and Good luck for Friday!
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    Good luck with your AC! As for the eyesight I’m afraid you won’t pass the standard for the uncorrected vision. I had the same prescription as you and I got laser eye surgery before I applied as I knew my sight wouldn’t be good enough. I suggest you go to your optician as soon as and discuss your options, take the optician form with you and they will show you the standard you must be. Steph
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    Well done Demerkus. For A/C be sure to contribute. Have a say - get on your knees and do the dirty work - ive heard of people failing simply because they didn't do any physical work at all. Speak to your peers and don't overpower the group. Just be polite, and kind to others and try work in the group as much as you can. Take other peoples ideas, but also try out your own ideas "may be we should try doing it this way?" "Actually your way is better, let's do it your way". The interview was exactly the same, just different people and different questions. Hope that helps
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    On the day, I was an absolute bag of nerves - nothing to do with the interviewers, just me I hasten to add! - so it felt like one of the worst I'd ever done. But they certainly did their best to make me feel relaxed and comfortable, asked a couple of icebreakers about me before getting into the interview proper. And it's pretty straightforward, they give you the competency then ask you a question. All I can really say based on my own experience is to remember the STAR format and stick to the point. Have structure to your answers and remember the competency indicators. I waffled a bit, went off track and gave too much non-essential detail so that threw me, got a bit lost a couple of times. I'll need to work on that for my final interview - which is another thing, regardless of how you do remember to get feedback afterwards, it'll be worth it.
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    Fairbs, When I was thinking if examples for personal awareness I was thinking along the lines of things I had done wrong and learnt from. You could use other competences to help out such as communication, think of a time when your communication has been lacking and as a result a task was not completed, because of that failure you have learnt to be more assertive in your communication. Another competency could be leadership, a time when you had to lead something and it all went to pot, because of that you took a leadership course etc. From what I've read and from my experience it's best to talk about something that you have rectified. Don't talk about something you are weak at and have done nothing to improve. Also it does not always have to be something you have done wrong, you could have been given a task that you completed perfectly fine but looking back over it you could have done better and being the perfectionist you are you have done better since or at least strive to do better :0) The best plan is to have examples that cover several competences. If you have a leadership example you will more than likely have some sort of communication in it. If you done something wrong or realised you could have done something better, then that's self awareness! and if you had to change your leadership style or adapt something to include different ethnicity's or disabilities then that's respect for diversity. The more examples you have that cover different competences the more prepared you will be for what ever question they ask you Hopefully that's give you an idea :0)