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  1. loduty

    Advice needed please

    Thank you all for your advice, it has all been really helpful
  2. loduty

    Advice needed please

    Hi all, I guess this is a decision for me but I would value some opinions/feedback - I am at final interview stage which I still have a lot to do work for to be successful. However my question is, I applied and was given a project with my current long term employer with one of their franchise partners just before I found out my local police force were recruiting. So from next week I'll be working for a new employer. The project is due to be finished end July, I do not want to let my employer down but if I was successful in becoming a police officer- I am told there are two intakes, one in July and one later in the year. Do you think HR would be understanding of my position and hold me for the next intake or am I best to just give my notice if I was to be offered an appointment? I have read that recruitment can take a good 6-12 months especially vetting however, my final interview is next week. I applied in March and I am at this stage now which makes me feel things are moving fast. Hope what I am asking makes sense and thanks for any advice.
  3. loduty


    My partner has a debt of £1000 for a phone contract he took out and defaulted on and has not started making payments towards as of yet, is this going to potentially cause me issues with my application? Should I pay it off?
  4. loduty

    Silly idea?

    I appreciate all the replies, much useful infomation there. I'm not sure what I want to do though. Education doesn't interest me, I was bored doing my GCSEs and I struggled in some. I'm intelligent(ish) though, for example I can speak good English and I read the newspaper if I get a chance. Working at McDonalds, well the reputation behind a "McJob" is not the best but I'd love to just spend a few years working my way up the ladder and then joining the police. My long term ambition is to become a police dog handler but first of all I have to join the Police which I need to build up some experience as being at work is a completely new thing for me. Only thing that would interest me in Sixth Form is the social side of it so i can't just join for that reason. I wouldn't want to work in Maccie Ds all my life, as I said my long-term ambition is to become a police dog handler.
  5. loduty

    Silly idea?

    Thank you, both of you. Both helpful and well thought out replies which are much appreciated. I have another month or so before I have to make the final decision and don't worry I am always perking around on the forums having a nosey hehe :)
  6. loduty

    Silly idea?

    I'm 16 years of age and I have just finished school awaiting on the all crucial GCSE results. I recently took a part-time job at McDonalds and you know it's quite good there. The atmosphere can get very hectic especially when their is alot of customers or when the tills/screens go blank during the mid-lunch rush. There is so much to learn and although it might not exciting and the place you'd like to see your children working. It's not that bad, there is a few people who are decent people looking for promotions and such. So, in what I am saying is I really wouldn't mind just working there full-time instead of going to 6th form and doing a-levels which I'd probally struggle with any. You're probally thinking what on earth this has to do with the police. Well, I did a work experience placement with the police dogs and I have a few family/ex-family(long story) in the Police in various departments and I really enjoyed the work experience placement. I'd love to be in the police one day but obviously a 40 year old woman wouldn't want an 18.5 year old lad like myself telling her how to deal with domestic issues ay. So I thought I'd work up the ladder at McDonalds and there are shift managers of 19 years old so it's definately possible and join the Police in my 20s with abit more "life experience." I'm not sure though.. maybe the social aspect of Sixth Form is worth it. Thoughts/Comments?
  7. loduty


    Don't get me wrong - I think the job is pretty exciting as a child as well. There is plently of paperwork too as my first day in admin was spent filing that bloomin paperwork! More interesting things in the latter part of the week.
  8. loduty


    Hi, I must first say: Normal policing is NOT as exciting as it may look on the Bill. That's what all police officers think. I am currently on a work experience placement for a week, did dog handling today - was very exciting and now makes me want to decide between joining the police and becoming a journalist! Go look on your local police website (use Google to search) and there will be a link with infomation.