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  1. Try this conversation. It's ok because due to the dance studio we have to be crb checked and H&S rubbish there are cctv cameras installed all over, we can't broadcast it as that is part of the insurance requirements. The police are currently looking through things and because no one is hurt it is not a priority, but everything will be there, eventually.....hope you don't mind them looking at you feeding etc. as a process of elimination....obviously. If they squirm and um and arr.... See where I'm going?
  2. I'm not a copper but have been arrested previously and many years ago I must add. My experience was sometimes cuffed and explanations given for which I accepted but objected at the time. I was a bit of a naughty boy and would suggest CUFF, until you find out different. I am a lot older now and not capable of being an arse because it's not worth it. Cuff them, it is better to make a mistake/error by cuffing than NOT to cuff. Look after number one! If in doubt I would say cuff, If they are innocent but volatile you have still looked after yourself, that is the main thing. Present days are different but in the 80's I have had many a scutch from a copper, off the record of course and all denial etc. To be fair I would have been doing life in instalments if it wasn't for the South Yorkshire police at the time. I remember names and numbers but will not put it on here. I am now a full law abiding citizen and although I regret some things I've done, without them I wouldn't be where I am now. Crack on officer and don't take crap!
  3. As above....and STOP using drugs!!!! Even 'recreational drugs' because once you have taken any drug the effects are beyond your control.
  4. Rick B

    speeding ticket with incorrect time

    Good advice - and slow down or set off 3 minutes earlier.
  5. How do you work out he was going to beat you up??? You wasn't threatened at all, it was a suggestion followed by his description of you (although I've never seen anyone resembling a little prick). Pricks can be determined in a few ways though, rose prick, injection prick, feel a prick, I'd suggest having a word during daytime hours (obviously out of study time) and asking if he has a problem with his alarm or is there someone actually targeting him. Go and talk to him in a neighbourly way and introduce yourself. You never know he might end up your best mate
  6. As far as I am aware - pavements are for pedestrians and the road is for vehicles. A pet hate of mine is illegal and/or inconsiderate parking.
  7. I would like to watch this and wish you every success in your venture. Regards to having a can or two after the event I would suspect that it's along the same lines of a stereotypical Sunday (for me anyway). Bit of weeding/grass cutting, wash the car, few cans (more if wife not looking) and general chatting with neighbours doing similar. I have access to a vehicle as it's on my drive but I think the law in that respect is something along the lines of 'intent to drive'. Regards the driving after alcohol, I'm sure I have seen a TV documentary showing drivers on a track (closed to public) where they completed the course before and after consumption. I would hazard a guess that there would/could be an insurance clause stating all people involved would do so at their own risk etc. I have no legal expertise and am just a lowly lorry driver with respect for the law as well as you. I do like entertainment though and again wish you well (link please when done).
  8. Rick B

    When to Resign?

    I would suspect that a call to the recruitment team or some other department that is handling your application would be more appropriate than posting on here. I have a feeling that they may give you better advice. Just a thought
  9. Monklife is full of it in my opinion. I have trained in martial arts and NO BULLY would make me move house. I have read this thread and waited patiently for the outcome....zilch. Wing Chun ???? I did Shotokan and Wado ryu and gained purple 3 and brown 2 belts respective. I didn't want to achieve black as in my opinion it is just a status symbol (and I couldn't afford it ). I don't like to blow my own trumpet, (although I think I am )but anyone putting me or my family through what monklife has described would put me straight at the front and he either stops, or he's going to get back some of what he's offering!!!!!! I would win physically without a doubt. I would also try to nip it in the bud before violence and my optical physique would help that. I think it's a made up story of a fantasy in his head. If he is so highly trained (blindfolded or not ) it would be sorted by now, some type of keyboard ninja comes to mind!
  10. Rick B

    Verbal Cannabis Warning

    I was once caught in possession of some cucumbers but was let off with a warning and a stern talking to.
  11. Rick B

    Offensive Police Slurs

    I'n not a copper or police officer but if I was I would find the word 'pig' offensive! Also, however did the the word 'pig' become associated with the police??
  12. Gripper! That is the longest way to describe 'just been nosy, and want to know' I have ever read. Like it
  13. Rick B


    Bit of a waffle but trying to keep it easy As a professional LGV driver (I take pride in my job and all that goes with it). Some other 'drivers' however argue that certain traffic restrictions/regulations/road rules have certain 'technicalities' that somehow mean they are not the law or enforceable?? They are disobeying a traffic law but 'technically' it's not illegal, and discretion is what counts?? e.g. Motorway slip road M18 North bound jct 2 - 3 (A1M joining). 2 lanes to join motorway, Inside lane has solid white lines to left (hard shoulder) and right, priority for lane 2 of slip road. inside lane continues with solid white line to offside to join from A1M to M18 and J3 slip road. There are give way lines on the slip road further up to merge onto the M18 but at peak times the slip road does get snarled with traffic as the lane is a slip road for Doncaster......give way and merging easily possible after solid whites. Lane discipline and forward planning would help Main reason I ask is that colleague was in about this position and indicated right and moved over into my lane causing me to brake (I was on the A1 not the slip road) he crossed a SOLID white line and part of the slip road (because there was a queue further ahead). I had words with him later and he said, "Technically it's not illegal"! I argued there is no 'technical' with legalities and what he did was downright illegal and possibly dangerous! Opinions please. Had a Google pic of location but not allowed to show for some reason.
  14. Rick B

    Information About Firearms?

    Ok. We'll leave it there shall we? I maybe could have worded things a little better, sorry.