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  1. This is absolutely ridiculous and those who failed should be ashamed of themselves. Fitness is not only important for being able to foot chase, use force etc but it's also important for a healthy life. Level 5.4 is a brisk jog and if people can't even get to that standard then how can they run up a few flight of stairs in a block of flats and deal with mr. angry who's attacking your colleague? I see a few people on my shift who always talk about "diet this diet that" only to stuff their faces with cakes when people bring them in or eating a greasy kebab every night shift and I really do worry how they would be able to come to my aid if I needed back up. I know the majority of us who took it passed (including me) but still if you can't pass 5.4 then you need to either kick your buttocks into gear immediately or avoid the streets.
  2. Awesome mate! Keep these pro-police posts up from the media and I may even buy a newspaper one day! How refreshing that the liberal lefties haven't had their voice heard this week! Love it! Ha
  3. Altair

    Essex policewoman jailed for 'rape lie'

    I'm guessing there's a lot more to it than this.
  4. Altair

    Tax discs on car to disappear

    As I understood it, the DVLA have a tax disc type database which has a list of all registered vehicles and should they fall out of the "tax date" a fine is automatically sent through the post. It's likely this not so new idea will just link to that database so when the date of a tax disc goes out of date if no SORN is declared a fine still gets sent. ANPR hot list is probably just another tool
  5. Disclose it but state it was NFA for when you apply. Anyone can be arrested thesedays so don't worry about disclosing it.
  6. Altair

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    Yeah mate I'm big into the BJJ and MMA scene. The majority of the UFC fighters have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as their sole ground game or will train in it to learn counters. I have hundreds of DVDs on all that kind of stuff really! I've never been into Football so instead i'm a big fan of this kinda scene such as: Boxing, UFC, WEC, EFC Africa, Pride, Pancrase, Metamoris, Pan Am, ADCC and local comps just to mention a few! ha One of my colleagues is a former OST instructor mate and he says the exact same thing as you. I remember when a mate of mine who also trains in BJJ had a friendly play fight with one of our OST instructors in front of everyone, he wrapped the OST trainer up within seconds, took him to the floor and put him in a choke making him tap. All within say 20 seconds it was over. Many many police departments in the US and Canada train in BJJ because of how effective it is. It allows anyone to over come anyone else through technique and leverage instead of power and strength. You should get yourself down to a few classes somewhere and see what you think, I reckon you'd come back introducing a few techniques into police training! I'm in a very lucky position mate because one of my good mates has his own BJJ gym so i'm down there pretty much 5 - 6 times a week working around my shift pattern (sometimes hard because I go to work with barely any sleep but its worth it!) The Gracies are good but many of them are all about the money now and not the art unfortunately. I have total respect for them and what they introduced to the world though and would love to check out one of their gyms! Aside from the above comments, I personally have used BJJ at various times at work when having to deal with volatile and violent criminals and it's fantastic. Simple things such as being able to apply a takedown and keep them pinned all with one person as opposed to 4 or 5 cops struggling to drag someone to the floor. Anyone else train in it?
  7. Altair

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    Hi all, Thought i'd start a topic that's a major hobby of mine, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Do any fellow colleagues/members on here train in it too? If so do you feel it compliments your OST skills as a cop? Personally (biased opinion time!) I think BJJ is something every police force in this country should be teaching or at least some basic techniques from it which can be used effectively. What do we think?
  8. Altair

    Very much new

    Welcome to the forum
  9. Altair

    NEWS:Police introduce new body cameras

    I think with the modern age everyone is obsessed with camera footage especially police forces. CCTV in every city and most town centres, CCTV in custody suites and now a new version of body cams. We have these exact cameras in my force too and whilst they are pretty user friendly let's not forget it's just one avenue of evidence. The cynic in me says the push towards having everything visually recorded is because a police officers word against that of a defendants at court isn't as listened to thesedays as it used to be so forces are using visual evidence. Personally, I avoid wearing body cams as I think they can make it worse for bobbies trying to do the job as difficult as it is already.
  10. Altair

    NEWS:Mark Duggan police shooting:

    I beg to differ because those who are clearly out to make the police look bad whenever possible i.e. Manchester Evening News with its hatred of GMP for example, they always spout out the accountability word as justification for phoning up GMP every week to find out who's in trouble. Whilst they can butter it up as making sure the public are aware and its all to with "accountability" the real reason is not for transparency or accountability it's to sell papers and to maintain a theme of the police are incompetant thugs et al. I can justify this as being completely out of context because when the police are "held to account" (another fancy anti-police term in my opinion) the extreme left and all those anti police cry for resignations etc yet when other agencies are "held to account" for the majority part nothing happens apart from an internal review (notice internal i.e. not independant) and someone within the said orgnisation/agency coming on TV saying they have learned lessons. When I point this part out, generally the response from the extreme left is something like: well the police have to be watched and must be punished more. Why? What difference is there between the police who impact on the liberty and public order control of its people and those say in the social services who also impact on liberties and public order control? (criminal vs. mental health vs. vulnerable welfare vs. dangers to society et al ?) Or the NHS who impact on public welfare and safety too? Or flawed decisions by Judges or Magistrates? I think you can see where i'm going with this. The police are unfairly targetted it's very obvious from both the anti-police brigade calling for end of the world punishments for the slightest human error to government hangmen such as Tom Winsor who set out to disrupt and attack the police as much as possible so that the government could continue the onslaught. You say you only have to look at recent issues and list a tiny few but what about the day to day running of the police where things run like clock work to a high standard? On the ratio it's clear the wins are more than the losses much more and if the police were that incompetant why do they bother having internal affairs? Also the liberal left and anyone who is anti police should bare this in mind: a police officer if they comitt a crime there's no "sentancing guidelines", the CPS push for the highest charge possible, prison time is mostly always suggested should they be found guilty and if its going to court the papers will get told on purpose which then becomes a sinister witch hunt prior to them even being found guilty. If the officer is found NOT guilty they STILL have to be dealt with by internal affairs who look at their conduct on the issue in question and to see if they can find ANY breaches of the police regulations. If it is a gross misconduct matter (which it will be if it was going to a court for a criminal matter) they will try to see if there's any breach of the regulations in order to sack the officer OR if its misconduct they will try to take it to a misconduct board (a self regulated police trial with senior officers) which then is a further trial harder for the officer to fight the case because it's done away from the publics control! Example being the Tomlinson affair - correct me if i'm wrong but the Met forced that bobby out not a court trial. It was ok then for them to self regulate wasn't it? Finally, even if the officer retires and is on a police pension, they are still given private life restrictions just like they were when they were serving police officers which means IF a retired cop gets found guilty of an offence at court (ANY offence) the CPS and police force can apply to have the retired officers pension taken from them which almost always happens despite any hardship pleading. So you can see, from my learned view point it's quite clear that if the police self regulate and an officer is pushed out that's fine but if the officer is found not guilty or innocent then it should go to the IPCC "just to make sure". It's like a continued bizzare torture with unfathomable reason. Despite you disagreeing that other agencies don't self regulate they clearly do, if any watchdog exists it just comissions a report "independant report" or there's the self regulated internal report, either way nothing much happens apart from "lessons learned" and voila. No job losses unless a court trial exists for a criminal matter which is the norm anyway. Police officers can lose their job for so much as drunkenly flashing their warrant card to get in a nightclub thesedays (I do not condone this by the way!) as they brought the police force into disrepute. No other employment has these restrictions! This is why the police can indeed regulate themselves, especially with all the paper trails, the freedom of information requests and the data protection requests. For me, this constant band wagon of police being criticised is old hat, it doesn't hold up any more and sadly the senior officers have put their mortgages before principle. In closing I have this to say for those who are anti-police extreme liberal lefties and for those who are senior officers and they are two of my faveourite principles from Sir Robert Peel himself: For the extreme liberal left: Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law. For the senior officers: The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.
  11. Altair

    NEWS:Mark Duggan police shooting:

    Interesting how you cast aside an imporant part of my post i.e. Duggan as not the reason the UK experienced mass rioting in various cities. This is an intertwined part of the entire post and I suggest you put this section to bed because it was too reasonable of a point of view to cast doubt on. Accountability is just a catch-all phrase abused by those who are anti-police. You say you cannot leave the police to regulate themselves? Really? Why not? Whenever I hear this statement I always question the person who says it as to why can't we? We leave the NHS, the Fire Service, the banks, government, courts and pretty much most agencies to regulate themselves, all have impacts on society and its functions yet we single out the police? By that very statement it suggests those who hold that opinion distrust the police to handle things properly or feel they are too incompetant to do so. Again a very jaded and unjustified view. Obviously we have the IPCC so the police does have a watchdog which coincidently is now viewed as "flawed" and "incompetant" by MPs and the like. Why? Because the police isn't as bad as the extreme left want them to be. As for Brazil, this is one of many countries and the point being that when one is critical of something such as the police in this country, it's important to point out how police forces in many other countries operate and to then compare this with how we are. On the basis of this it would clearly show that the police here are not the demon opressors that they are in fact very highly trained with an array of responsibilities that far reach preventing crime and bringing offenders before the courts. So with this in mind it's a very valid point. If I am critical of a service I get or something I make use of believing it to be flawed in some way I will not have a positive view on it. If I see that same service elsewhere run by a different entity which is far worse than the service I utilise I will gain a much better appreciation of mine. Despite what the extreme left churn out every other month, the police force in this country do a superb job they are just hindered by extreme red tape, political correctness and factors outside of their control. I enjoy debating with those who would like to suggest the police in this country are pretty much Nazi's or brutal thugs because when you actually get to the bones of their argument and views it's actually not the police they despise it's authority itself. Without authority and a set of rules we wouldn't have a civilised society. I also suggest that prior to around the middle to late 80s, there were no issues with how the police did things, no watch dogs other than internal affairs and the media/politicians let the police do their job. We've now gone the opposite way and this is a nanny state bleeding dry the welfare and protecting those who do harm. Well done liberal lefties you have achieved broken britain or as you may think...."Elysium".
  12. Altair

    NEWS:PC Chris Findley death: R.I.P.

    Pathetic sentancing and his family NEED to appeal this constantly. Lets turn this around and say the off duty police officer punched this 19 year old criminal in the face and killed him. Would that be the same kinda lenient sentance? Of course not. What the hell is going on with the criminal justice system and society!!!!! I bet more money is spent on trials and appeals when criminals try to be victims than genuine victims! Pardon the language guys but this is yet another example of court piss taking! Court and Politicians ethos: "Let's do nothing for those who protect us but let's protect those who harm us." RIP mate, i'm sure you made a difference as a cop and you will be missed.
  13. Altair

    NEWS:Mark Duggan police shooting:

    All armed officers should just point blank refuse to carry firearms and get sent back to other uniformed roles. Then when each police force doesn't have any armed officers the government would panic and things would have to change for the better. The constant anti-police hounding of armed officers who are forced to pull that trigger with only a split second to make that decision is just apalling. Our armed officers are so highly trained and yet they get hounded to the end of the earth trying every possible thing to send them to prison if they do pull the trigger. This is why I don't think I could ever be an AFO, they want you to do your job but if you have to do your job to the point of using your firearm the same people try to send you to prison! It's like some kind of bizarre torture! I really would wonder what would happen if all AFO's just refused to carry (which you can do obviously) how would the government cope with that? They wouldn't want the military on our streets surely? I bet talks would quickly start and this whole hounding process would turn around for the better. Our society has the best police force in the world, the majority of public realise this and are very supportive of their police officers. Those that don't need to get themselves over to other countries such as Brazil for example, let them get some experience of the military police and BOPE unit; I bet you they come back less inclined to chant injustice and "brutality" over here then. The way I see it, the minority are anti police which used to just be criminals and their relations but sadly many politicians and the main stream media have all jumped on this band wagon too. A big example of this being the riots a few years ago. Criminals all joined forces to do what they do on a daily basis albiet on a lower scale - the majority law abiding public were genuinely shocked about the criminality not realising that this is pretty normal behaviour from those animals. The media and politicians praised the cops in getting these scumbags behind bars and quelling the rioting. Yet weeks later it all became the polices fault because of the shooting of known criminal duggan or because youths couldn't get a job which was obviously the polices fault. Complete nonsense! I very much doubt many scumbags knew who Duggan was outside of Greater London or even cared. Most saw the rioting across different cities as a chance to steal stuff and joined in. Until we get fresh blood in politics or we take action in the police forces this nonsense and hatred for police will not stop. In closing, those armed cops did their duty, they protected members of the public and prevented a criminal from causing any further harm. His family just want compensation and an excuse to have a go at the cops. Would they be screaming like this if he had been killed by a fellow gangster? No. They would have been interviewed on the TV saying what a nice boy Duggan was and how bad and evil guns are. Get a grip Britain for Gods sake!
  14. Altair

    NEWS:Enter the water cannon:

    Jenny my little wall flower, if your little friends don't riot then they won't get soaked. No being blinded in the face, no broken ribs, no damaged spleen...not even an injury if they don't riot. Don't riot is the message dear.
  15. Altair

    NEWS:Assaults cost Welsh police 1,700 days off

    The entire classification of the assault police offence should be changed to an indictable offence and serious prison time for even pushing a police officer let alone anything else. That would then send a message to anyone being stupid enough to try it. It's so silly that if the police assault is more than what we would class as a common assault injury wise then we have to look at "normal assaults" such as a 47, 20 or 18!