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  1. Blueboy

    Response driving course next week

    Well i passed! Really didnt enjoy it, but have to say that i can fully understannd why we are taught to system drive, my driving has come on a massive amount in the last three weeks...... just got to try to keep working at it now and not revert back to old habits!
  2. Blueboy

    Response driving course next week

    Yep our force is the same Frank.
  3. Blueboy

    Response driving course next week

    yeah appreciate that Frank, never enjoyed learning to drive in the first place......... this course is just a means to an end for me, and i dont mean to literally smash anything!!
  4. Blueboy

    Response driving course next week

    Still not enjoying it, but its one week down, two weeks to go, just hoping to do a smash and grab and pass and then get the hell out of there!
  5. Blueboy

    Response driving course next week

    well i have got the system in my head, but my god i cant drive it! every hazard i negotiate i forget something, be it a mirror check, or going into a junction too late, or the next one is then too fast, really struggling right now.
  6. Blueboy

    Response driving course next week

    Day one done, cant say i enjoyed it but then driving in general really isnt my thing so i wasnt surprised. Seem to have a pretty good car and our instructor seems very good, so just going to have to get my head down and get through it!
  7. Blueboy

    Response driving course next week

    Been reading roadcraft in anticipation for tomorrow, struggling to get my head around the brake gear overlap side of things, i have realised i change gear under braking all the time!
  8. Just had a call from HR and i have been given a last minute space on a response driving course for the next three weeks, starting on Monday, cant decide what is my main feeling at the moment - fear or excitement!!
  9. Blueboy

    Warrant card when off duty

    Chatting with team mates at a training day recently regarding when / how often you carry your warrant card when off duty and it appeared that we had the full spectrum, from every minute of every day, to never? What are your feelings on this? Do you carry yours all of the time or not at all?
  10. Blueboy

    Whats it like being a pc for the new starters?

    low morale, long hours, hard work made even harder by stupid policy and legislation. But still the best job in the world!
  11. Blueboy

    What happens after the current Pay Freeze?

    This is the bit of Winsor that grates me the most. My pay at 4 years in frozen, yet people a short while after me not frozen so when i have 6 years in and they have 4 we end up on the same money! We should either have all been frozen or none of us. The years service in relation to pay increments was something that i thought was very fair when entering the force.
  12. Blueboy

    Code G PACE changes. Noticing differences?

    But if my offender is prepared to turn up at a street bail date then surely i do not need to arrest him as if he is turning up for this then he will turn up for a volunatry interview?
  13. Blueboy

    Code G PACE changes. Noticing differences?

    How do people feel that street bail fits in with code G? i am struggling to get my head around how it fits!
  14. Blueboy


    Cheers guys, at least it isnt just me its happening to!