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  1. PC Dopey

    Drink Driving

    Cheers Simon. I was thinking the same along those lines
  2. PC Dopey

    Drink Driving

    A question, Just picture the scene. You have just done a 15 hour shift driving a lorry and your parked up in a lay-by. It's a nice hot day and you decide to open up a can of beer. 4-5 cans later you decide to go to sleep. Just about to nod off and you get a knock on the door by a copper. Copper has a chat with the driver and notices that he has been drinking. Would you do a breath test on him? Would you report for being in charge? reminder, i am in training hence the questions. Cheers
  3. PC Dopey


    Thanks for the information guys
  4. PC Dopey


    Just a question for you guys Are you allowed to produce a cover note as your insurance? I am in training by the way, hence why i am asking.
  5. PC Dopey


    What role are you going for, is it for the specials?
  6. PC Dopey


    Hello, Just like to reintroduce my self. My old user name was PCSO Dopey and back then i got bored of hearing bad things about PCSO's and refused to read the forums. As you can see i am now a PC but in training at the moment. Hope all is well Mick
  7. Going to be buying him a beer tomorrow night at our Christmas do because i think he has earned it. It was a bugger to locate him due to him knowing where he was because he patrolled that area before he got moved for years but myself and 5 others did not have a clue where to go lol. But a big THANK YOU should go to the female who reported the suspicious males which lead to the police turning up (well 2 PCSOs shortly joined by me just after the chase started). My hat goes off to him and i am chuffed to say he tutored me which is bad news but i am just as proactive as him.
  8. PC Dopey

    Cracking Video

    Thanks. I think they are taking on new PC's soon not sure might be worth ringing them. I have my assessment soon in December for Cambs.
  9. Guys, have a look, this is a cracking video of the force i am with as a PCSO. Good stuff http://www.youtube.com/user/CambridgeshirePolice
  10. well get that batten out of the wardrobe and back on the streets, we need coppers like you!, to the point and not beating around the bush. I hate having to speak posh to people, i prefer to be straight to the point and up front.
  11. :sweatingbullets: trying to be polite
  12. sorry but thats Anti- social parking there, sort of "i pay road tax i can park how i want". if i was you get in touch with your local officers and have a chat with them about it because its clear that parking like that on a road like that should not happen. if you ignore the parking it will only build up to something worse and i have seen it get to a point where some one got put in hospital over a parking issue so get in touch with your local officer and bring it to there attention! if the officers fob you off again, bring it up at your next panel meeting where you will come face to face with your local neighbourhood SGT and INSP. Hope this helps Mick PS: i would slap a ticket on both cars, thats if they refused to move the cars for me as they are causing an obstruction to the path. Path is made for people not cars!!
  13. i would hate to be near you then trojan if anyone acts like that near me would make me think there hiding something, so i would gain there names and do a check and if the OP come back known to me for all sorts i would stick an Intel item in about what vehicle he drives etc. Mick
  14. i for one can say that i have had training to issue Sec 5 PNDs out to people, as for the PCSO who said idiot well he may of had a bad day but the perfect brigade may come out and say otherwise lol Correct me if i am wrong, but from what he is doing is that classed as a protest? he is standing outside shops saying "come and buy kill babies 4" surely thats a Section 5 to the people around him? or do you have to receive a complaint first?