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  1. Saxondale

    Police like jobs

    Good luck :-)
  2. Saxondale

    Police like jobs

    I know Specials in our place have a variety of jobs, ones that strike me as having transferable skills and keep them interested are; Housing Officer - for the council, gets to meet folk from all walks, deals with problem folk in difficult situations, has to prepare things for court and represent the council in front of judge, etc Environmental Health - similar to above - lots of night work. Shopping Centre Security - dawns on me they actually get to watch, follow and apprehend criminals before calling the Police. That's more time than we usually get whilst dealing with facebook domestics. There are a lot of walts in this industry but a lot of very good security officers too.
  3. Saxondale

    Correct Lane Portsmouth / A2030 Roundabout

    I use that junction daily from the west. It should be; Left lane A27 east Middle lane A27 east or near side lane to A2030 (Eastern Road) Right Lane A2030 (Eastern Road) or option to take right 2 lanes to in effect make a reversal onto A27 West. The problem lies with the poor camber, line markings and general laziness in today's drivers. People don't twig to the road markings and end up in lane 2 from the centre lane instead of lane 1 after the A27 exit. This then forces people to their offside into the lanes sending them back around the roundabout. Unless specifically marked so, you should never go right from a left lane on a roundabout.
  4. Saxondale

    Passing on the left

    That's how I interpret the video. We are all different and I stand by what I said. Should I have witnessed this, certainly with the lorry encroaching on the inside lane, I would have been having a chat with the driver at the very best. I'm an impartial investigator who has sworn to protect life and property (amongst other things). I intervene when I suspect there is a chance that these things have been put in danger. From what I saw on that video at the start there is no justification in this instance for passing on the left. The 'holier than thou' is something Police meet every day. People know they are in the wrong yet push the definition of one paragraph to try and prove a point without realising they have just broken another law. If you want to see what I mean just go and sit as an observer in a local Magistrates Court on a day that they do traffic offences. You will truly be enlightened. One of the hardest things to tell people or get through to people is that their driving has fallen below a standard. Keep driving like that and one day something will happen that will have you in front of the Beak. Hopefully it wont be the Coroners' Court!
  5. Saxondale

    Passing on the left

    The thing you have to remember is that every motorway has different characteristics which will determine if the driver on the left is being careless, dangerous or justified in passing to the left (as previously mentioned if it's a filter lane or segregated element of road). The speed of the traffic in the other two lanes is irrelevant to whether that person feels they need to make better way in the left lane. If the outside two lanes were braking then he would be justified in passing the vehicles to the left, but I personally would deem (and have done so by way of various disposals) that deliberately moving into and utilising the clearer left lane to make progress when your lane slows then moving back out again as an act of 'careless' driving as it shows an intention to 'undertake' which is a dangerous maneuver at best. The video maker in this slightly different scenario, imo, commits a careless act when he decides to pass the lorry on the left around the 40 seconds mark. I can see no reason, other than laziness why he does this. The comment about exiting soon is irrelevant. Sure, the lorry should not be there, so the video car already realises that the lorry may be a poor standard driver, yet acts in a way that could of caused an accident if the lorry had moved left. His 'holier than thou' attitude is what I see daily as the catalyst for a lot of incidents. That is why people get tickets, courses or the invitation to explain their actions to the Magistrate.
  6. normally when wondering about the meaning of words I tend to check the dictionary .. call me old fashioned :) http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/disorderly
  7. Saxondale

    Great police lies.

    Multi agency dealings are just like us Police. Some individuals or shifts are jack and others go that extra mile. What I don't like, and this fits with the OP's account, is that we're constantly 'trained' or told to make sure the reassurance includes the 'ideal multi agency solution' and not to blame poor responses on 'lack of resources.' My approach is always truthful - i will paint the ideal picture of how the system should work, but then tell them if they've not heard anything within a few weeks to contact the **insert relevant agency here** directly and if they're not happy with the response to write to their MP.
  8. Saxondale

    Confused to say the least

    Cannot comment on specific ongoing cases, however if someone was harassing someone else (by definition they do not need to receive a warning first from Police, but it's often evidentially better to do so) it does not matter where or how they do it it is still an offence. Have a look here http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/s_to_u/stalking_and_harassment/#a02a Out and about would count, however chance meetings or ones where the victim puts themselves near to the harassing person (i.e. you're stood near their place of work or favourite pub) would not hold up.
  9. Saxondale


    You're probably better off getting a job. One that gives you lots of work experience in areas such as customer relations and diversity, plus affords you some savings so you've got a little financial padding when you start the job. Uni is great, but as previously stated it's pretty useless in starting your Police career unless you have aspirations for the High Potential Development Scheme and even then you need a lot more about you than a degree to even enter the scheme. If you are desperate to get a degree then History and Politics might be of interest to you. Sociology is another. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  10. Jerry, what's the catalyst for your gripe? Is there a stretch of pavement near you that's plagued with cyclists? Trolling for job roles here is not going to get you an answer. Every officer is different and will deal with the law and offences in different way within their powers. On my patch there are pavements I have no qualms allowing cyclists on, yet there are others that I will stop, have a word and issue a ticket if necessary. If you have concerns about a particular area of your neighbourhood then I suggest you look up your local team and have a general word in their shell-likes. You never know, talking to the police properly may get results.
  11. Saxondale

    Solicitors Immunity

    Have a look at Vexatious Litigation. I've not had any first hand experience of it but it appears there are various cases where the Courts look unfavourably on what you describe.
  12. Saxondale

    Debris on motorway - 999 Call?

    think of it this way ... would that kill a motorcyclist if they hit it and lost control at 70+? 999 it if it would. 101 it when safe to do so if it wouldn't DO NOT stop on the hard shoulder unless there is no other option. You'll end up being a stat yourself. If you do call it in try and get one of the marker positions to give to the call taker. They probably won't have a bloody clue what you're talking about but if they relay it to a Motorway unit it'll make sense.
  13. Saxondale

    Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal Award

    yes please .... looks like i'll be getting the forum one before they manage to hand out the real ones at work!
  14. Saxondale

    Federation March - Thursday the 10th of May 2012

    my whole relief are heading up ......
  15. Saxondale

    Collecting a vehicle after private sale

    Is the tax disc still on the car? I've never had to SORN a vehicle however assume if there is still tax it would be sent back for a refund? I'd call DVLA in the morning and check before you drive.