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  1. DumpyStig

    When am I going to get a Tazer?

    As far as I'm aware, each taser has a counter that counts each discharge (if thats the right word..) that the AFO uses, and so you cant use it to 'torture' someone as, like PAVA, it can be audited back to the user and if excessive charges are used, then that officer could find themselves in aggro... Like Desmata said, maybe a boot is far easier.... justy dont forget to have a spare of boots in your locker... :whistle2: :whistle2: (Note to any PSD or other dark mysterious forces : the above was meant as a joke and in no way condones police brutality on suspects or other guilty parties. A joke (or indeed humour) is what us humans have that enables us to get through the day (and indeed, take the p***) We cordially invite you to partake in any shenanigans or indeed future mirth )
  2. DumpyStig

    When am I going to get a Tazer?

    Why? Whats the big issue with tazer? Aren't your cojones big enough without one? Also, If YOUR force cant tell you, how can we?
  3. Indeed, first the kettling, and then to aid with the refs, a spot of tea bagging.... :whistle2:
  4. Kenners... you need help!!!!! :lol:
  5. A crutch and a pair of roller skates - that'd help her mobility...... Sorry... but seriously, some flowers, chocolates and maybe a CD/DVD she wants? Then get her to sit on the sofa, and pander to her every whim.... Hope she's OK though matey
  6. DumpyStig

    What do you think?

    As Lax said, give the Met more time, then off to Oz... because becuase bbbbbbcaasaause... sorry..... got carried away then.. tut Sammy..... how immature... for shame.... you'd never catch me saying of that ilk... ahem.... :whistle2:
  7. DumpyStig

    dyslexia how it effects you......

    Did they know about your dyslexia prior to you joining? Thing is during your PDU stage, your tutor has a fair amount of power in the way that its them who decide if you go independant or not. Any other issues relating to your dyslexia? As in, knowledge retention, application on a practical level, short term auditory memory issues etc? What the force should be doing is making reasonable adjustments for you (but what 'reasonable' is is down to them) and this can be in the way of IT, differeant coloured paper etc. If there are any issues that may be underlying and affecting your role as a police officer, then they may take a differant view on it. As for feedback, this should be given at every stage of your development becuaes witout concise and managable feedback, you wont be able to improve your core skills. Speak to yuor tutor about youer concerns, and tell them what you think and maybe come up with an action plan as to what YOU can do to get around these issues. But to be picked up on spelling? That seems a bit pernickety to be honest. Best of luck chap
  8. DumpyStig

    The police don't investigate fatal RTC's

    Another piece of quality reporting regarding the police... Probably from the same reporters who during the G20, were demanding to know why police were wearing balaclavas that hid their identities and faces, like some sort of para-military force..... Errrrm.... actually, they were flame retardant PSU issued nomex masks from what i could make out.....
  9. DumpyStig

    Ah well..

    Just like to say a huge thanks for all the messages.... so here it is... THANKS!!! Id just like to say, for the record, that I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the job, and (this is aimed at applicants and new students) the treatment I recieved is in no way indicative of the force as a whole. I dont hold any malice towards the force, or any of my fellow officers - I rate most among the best friends I've ever had, and most likely, ever will have. I felt a surge of pride (mostly) when I got kitted up and rolled out. The memories will stay with me forever. The job, as a whole, is one of the best things Ive done, and I was asked recently by a senior officer, 'Would you do it again, knowing what you know now?' The answer.... Hell yeah!!! Thanks to all the kind words, and Im sure I'll bounce back soon.... Be safe, be good and be careful!!
  10. Right... Gotcha!! And yeah... I agree with the short transmissions... our FCR usually wait til the officer finishes then says "Sorry {callsign}, go again with info..." and like you say, to much info can be missed if they ramble on.
  11. DumpyStig

    do you have a cat?

    Oh my god!!! Sooooo funny, so true,.,.... :lol:
  12. DumpyStig

    Attendance Records

    I think they go on using the Bradford points system (occasions rather than specific days off)... Its a convoluted system where they work out points based on occasions you had off (eg, 20 days in oneoccasion is better than 10 days over 10 occasions....)..... Or summat like that.... Now in not sure about this, but I think they use the system. So try not to fret I think thats a given...
  13. Erm... I dont follow... How would a call sign stop people possibly acting or re-acting to info across the airwaves? As for the ethnicity codes (IC1, IC2 etc) and the other codes for suspects/witnesses etc, Joe Public can easily find them out. As for standsard voice procedure, have you ever heard a 10-0 shout? They guy I heard sounded like he had his balls caught in a vice and there was some fruity language that I dont recall during training... but thats understandable under the circs. Also the level of professionalism over the airwaves can leave a lot to be desired - and yes... guilty as charged as I once put my airwave on the table, it hit the transmit button and I ended up having a call back from the FCR cos I'd been transmitting (while I was singing a Girls Aloud song that was on the radio in the office.... ) all across the channel I was on..... Call signs designate groups and officers - they dont mean Jack to the public. But they dont negate the need for privacy from prying eyes (or ears, in this case) Dont know if you're in the job as an officer or other (as you say thats why we have call signs,people) or not mate, but its differant to what people think... (oh... and when the battery dies when your doing a weekend night shift in the toen center..... its 'great' )
  14. DumpyStig

    Ah well..

    Ladies, gents, and others... This is a hard topic for me to post and I'll have to be extra careful as to what I type, as there are few things I need to do first. Basically, after a fairly long period on 'restricted duties', I am to leave my force and the job that I love. Now, obviously, the reasons for me reaching this point are personal, but some of you DO know, but I feel that these reasons and my feelings are NOTappropriate for this forum. Needless to say, I wont be going from here (ya dont get rid of me that easily...) but I felt it fair that I let ya all know. To those applying for the job, I hope you get in and enjoy it as much as I did, and even though ya may get aggro/spat at/punched/verbally abused, you'll come to love it. (for me... it was just like a home from home - the Current Mrs Stig is a hard woman ). And to those in the job, be safe!!! PC Stig, status 10-11
  15. DumpyStig

    Advice Needed

    To be honest, it wont matter what kind of education you have as far as GD and specialist (like the dog handlers etc) go. And this is only my POV - I had just a basic GCSE education. Also. as you pointed out, it can be extremely hard to get into the dog section. And, you have to do your 2 years probation and THEN when you apply for a specialist role, there has to be a certain criteria to pass - such as number of vacancies available, levels of fitness required, elegibility of candidate etc etc. If Im honest, a lot of new recruits and applicants seem to think that asfter the 2 years probation is over, its their right to apply to be a speacialist officer, but its not as clear cut as that. Experience, as well as other attributes, is what they look for in candidates. However, dont let me put you off what you're obviously so keen to do, just berar in mind iot might be a lot more tougher to get in, and even then, you might have changed your mind and fancy following a differant path within the police. Keep plugging at it mate, get some life experience, and hope when the time comes, you apply for the police and follow your chosen direction