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  1. Dean0

    Special Police Officer - Asked to resign?

    Having read this post - I just thought I would add my view. Your daughter should not be forced to resign as, based on what you have said, she has done nothing wrong. It could be something as simple as someone not wanting to train a new special (the training received is continued out on duty). Having been a special previously it is sometimes evident people do not want to help - although this is a stigma and wasn't the case at my station. Your daughter should raise the issue with HR as previously stated via post and send it recorded delivery to ensure they have received any correspondence. I would avoid phone calls as there is little evidence of it happening. It is important she raises this as, if like you said, she wants to do this as a future career - this could have a negative impact on any applications. It's important your daughter submits evidence (emails, phone call records etc) to support her case. Without sounding condescending - it is important she does this herself, perhaps with your support, but certainly she should initiate it. Best of luck
  2. Dean0

    Durham Constabulary

    I think guidance has changed for 18.5 although it was once that. I'm sure I read something the other day which said 18 was sufficient. I could be wrong. Ring them and ask - bottom line. Due to high numbers of applications they could quite easily say no.
  3. Dean0

    Domestic Violence.

    If your concerned about it - ensure its disclosed so your integrity isn't questioned but I don't see it being a problem.
  4. Dean0

    CNC Recruitment

    Also applications to Home Office forces generally allow 3 attempts at the fitness test before a rejection. This may differ from force to force and maybe a different kettle of fish with CNC.
  5. Dean0

    CNC Recruitment

    In regards to the assessment; if you fail you could have to wait 6 months before reapplying which could screw your chances of applying via Essex Police in a way as government guidance stipulates you must wait 6 months from a rejection date. This may not apply as its CNC but definitely food for thought. The assessment I took at NPIA Ryton, Coventry was a SEARCH assessment centre. Good luck!
  6. Dean0

    2011 Start date???

    No, regulars. Lincolnshire are constantly recruiting for Specials and having constant intakes of them at the moment. Anyone heard any further information as yet? Surely its coming near to an intake!
  7. Dean0

    Failed Vetting

    If it is in relation to anyone but yourself, they are not legally allowed to discuss it with you. They have no obligation to tell either (even if it relates to you). When being vetted you must provide anything which may come up, regardless of how small the issue may be. In addition - failure to disclose information may result in your application being rejected as integrity can then be questioned. Best of luck with your appeal. D
  8. Dean0

    2011 Start date???

    I doubt there will be any intake this year. The letter specified that it would be during next financial year which is backed up with what I was told by a trainer during my Specials on-training. I think I was told this May 2011 time - that there would be two intakes of approximately 20 during the next financial year (2012-2013) - although this wasn't an official answer, just trainers view at that current time of asking.
  9. Dean0

    what are your views on special constables

    I started training to become a special in November and was attested in March. Since then I have worked every Friday 5.30pm-4am. I work mainly with my Specials Sgt and Inspector. Although I have been present on blue light runs with regulars. PCSOs and regulars treat us with respect 99.9% of the time. However, some regulars will not offer to take you out until they learn you have their back. I say some - this is rare but some do it. Whilst some may disagree with this, it is, in my opinion, not that big of an issue. I do get asked my age a lot as I look quite young. One older lady asked if I was 16 and was shocked to learn I was over 21. Regulars were ready to support me with regards to this. The training is very basic and doesn't prepare you for anything you will come across on the street.
  10. Dean0

    2011 Start date???

    Towards the end of 2011...
  11. Dean0

    2011 Start date???

    I spoke to them on Friday. They have to lose 70 (via natural wastage) officers before they can have an intake again. I have been invited on a business trip with work and telephoned to see if this would be a hinderance - this is in July. I was told not... I have been told approximate dates but will receive a letter in March confirming the status of recruitment. D
  12. Dean0

    2011 Start date???

    Hi, I am waiting to hear whether there will be an intake next year or not. I haven't been given anymore information other than the budget is set for Lincolnshire in February so will know more then.
  13. Dean0

    Police civilian staff behaviour

    Perhaps before taking on a tenant in the future, you should do references with employers. That way it would confirm her REAL name and that she is of a good character.
  14. Dean0

    Transferee's to Lincolnshire

    There is already a 'pool' of officers waiting to join Lincolnshire Police. As your initial application was not to them, you would not be a priority. In the event the do accept transferees (application) there will be no definate start date nor definate next intake. The next time we will hear something is in the new year.
  15. Dean0

    Tattoo - Help?

    I also believe this will cause you a problem...especially as most forces are going down the 'Polo T-Shirt road', and therefore it would be potentially visible. It would not project a good image for the force nor yourself. Apologies for being blunt.