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Life on Mars

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  1. Just passed by, thanks for the change,


    Actually cheers H.

  2. Life on Mars

    Tesco wine ban for cop aged 23

    Honestly this country has to get things into perpective. All this over the top carp restricting peoples lives, and people like sharon mathews get 8 years.
  3. Life on Mars

    Is the IQ down and the Brutality up?

    Police recruits -From my exeriences in my first three weeks of training thats a definate no. Theres only one lad out of a class of 20 lads and girls who is 6.2" and built like a body builder, they are all a good educated bunch and great to get on with and nobodies power hungry. Else where labour is labour! :ph34r:
  4. Life on Mars

    GMP Phase 2

    Your group is comprised of two divisions mine are Bolton and Trafford. Times I suspect you will get Trafford/Salford or south Manchester (nearest to Staffordshire)(one of the lad from my class is from south cheshire and he's been given trafford) as it seems that they post you closest to your home address, hence I got Bolton. I'm really enjoy it and made lots of friends quickley. Phase one is enjoyable but there are also slow periods which you have to sit through so that you fully understand policy, what is expected of you and how to abide by procedure. But it's overall good fun. I get to meet the public for the first time on monday, so that should be interesting?
  5. Life on Mars

    Force cuts 200 jobs to save money

    Is it wise to reduce numbers of officers when we are entering a recession, when other forces are increasing numbers?
  6. Life on Mars

    GMP Phase 2

    K division (bolton). The food in the canteen is good. However cooked food is expensive. Bacon is 50p per rasher. Think they feed the pigs caviar or something. Anyway good luck for may times.
  7. Life on Mars

    GMP Phase 2

    Off to ATB on monday, very pleased. Sedgley was good, but it can be a bit slow at times. It'll be nice to get out into the communty for a change.
  8. Scottish forces are UK forces. You mean can you apply to a English and welsh force and a Scottish force. I'm not sure but as the forces operate under different legal jurisdictions, (Scots law and English law) and different regional governments with different application process I think so.
  9. Life on Mars

    GMP timescale?

    Get a job you can always quit at short notice.
  10. Life on Mars

    Police Shops are 'closed squads'

    Then your force is breaking the law as positive discrimination is illegal.
  11. Life on Mars

    A PROTEST outside the Israeli Embassy

    Although I also feel for the Palestinians plight there is something called a balanced argument and I'm afraid for me yours isn’t unto scratch. JMHO As I’ve said Israel is just as much to blame as Hamas for this situation, but Hamas want to destroy Israel no buts no if no propaganda there. Its what they have said, Along with Iran and Syria. Until Hamas are destroyed or removed by Fatah there will be no peace. Britain had a mandate for Palestine from 1918-1948 it was in its' possession as a protectorate. Britain's aim was to provide a land where Palestinians and Jew's could live peacefully they weren't trying to create a Jewish state. It didn’t work due to Jewish opposition. We left in 1948 and left them to it. At no point has Britain had a policy of creating a Jewish state in Israel, it was totally the opposite. Your basing most of your arguments on nothing but speculation, telling every one all the evidence against Hamas is propaganda issued by Israel and the US/UK/ Yeah right. As for the conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy, behind every door argument, do you really believe this rubbish. Your support for Iran , an autocratic nation which has little liberties, which presents a grave treat to global security just shows your train of thought. Truly you might want to widen you search for information on the whole Palestinian- Israel debacle, before you make some of your assertions.
  12. Life on Mars

    A PROTEST outside the Israeli Embassy

    Not a very balanced view and quite biased. Pretty much what I've come to expect from a lot of people regarding Israel-Palestinian situation. And you are wrong Hamas wants the destruction of Israel, (they wont negotiate) and are used as tools by Iran and Syria. Iran in the words of their president want to wipe Israel off the map. Hamas want the same. I'm all for the Palestinians having their own state, this should be all of the West Bank and Gaza, and half of Jerusalem, not 50% of Israel as this is absurd. You have advocated the use of suicide bombers as a legitimate if evil mode of attack due to the fact Hamas have no way of fighting back. This beggars belief and frankly annoys me greatly. Those who use suicide bombers are cowards. During a so-called truce with Israel hamas has still fired rockets at Israel, Israel has practically sat on its hands for 6 week to try and sort out a diplomatic solution. Hamas has not listened, because they want the crossings opened up in order to buy weaponry and smuggle it into the occupied territories. I am in no way a supporter of Israel and I believe their attacks on Gaza and recently Lebanon were disproportionate and I feel for the Palestinians. However I'm amazed at the hatred aimed at the Israelis who face constant attack from a prescribed terrorist organisation, who was voted in (dubiously) by the people of Gaza. Hamas don’t want peace, they are happy to fight Israel, they don’t care about their civilians. You mention propaganda put out by the Israelis, fair comment, but that’s what happens in war, but it is nothing on the scale of which Hamas has put out. Can you answer the question what would you do in the same circumstance if your country faced the threat of daily suicide bombs and scores of rocket attacks daily? ''In my view the best solution to this is for Israel and Palestine to have half of the country equally divided, with half of Jerusalem each. Until this happens there will never be peace.'' Not workable, as this is not acceptable to hamas who don’t want Israel to exist, and Israel wont accept this either. It also make me laugh when people come on the news and talk utter tripe about the currents events. Comparing the current crisis and political problem to Northern Ireland. :whistle2: Do you think you can negotiate with Terrorists hell bent on one countries destruction?
  13. Life on Mars

    Good Luck GMP Jan Intake

    Thanks sgerrard1974 hope you get on the March intake. Best of luck
  14. Life on Mars

    A PROTEST outside the Israeli Embassy

    ''The only way it will end is by the UN saying it must stop'' Not a chance. They have said and they have said it in the past. The UN is an important discussion forum and negotiating table, however it has no real power unless the permanent members of the security council agree. And they hardly ever do. The United Nations in this instance are power less, and when it matters, always have been. Powerless in Palestine, Powerless in preventing war in Iraq and powerless in Zimbabwe. If a country decides to go it alone and unless there is global condemnation (i.e. South Africa and apartide) then the UN has no power and Israel will carry on. ''We need more politicians like George Galloway and Tony Benn who are prepared to speak out when they see an injustice'' No doubt Israel is using disproportionate force, but I don’t see Tony Benn and Gorgeous George coming up with solutions to the age old problem and the fact that the Gaza government are terrorists who fire thousands of katusa rockets at Israeli civilians every year it doesn't help. All I see Mr Benn and Galloway doing is giving people an excuse to cause trouble and fuel prejudices.
  15. Life on Mars

    Lancs residential training???

    I have been told LC do residential training at Hutton, Nr Preston. But i think it is optional. I think someone form LC may be able to tell you more.