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  1. iain1973

    Pension question

    Thanks meditate. Interesting reading.
  2. iain1973

    Pension question

    thanks sav83. i seem to think the same but wasnt sure.
  3. iain1973

    Pension question

    Just a quick one, are we opted out of the second state pension when in the Police pension?
  4. iain1973

    That sinking feeling

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Mazza, stick with it mate, im sure we will be fine. pm me if you want and we can help each other through it.
  5. iain1973

    Is it normal to feel like this???

    Mate, i hope its normal co im about 4 weeks into tutorship and feel completely lost,lol. Im told by everyone that i ask that its completely normal, though from the outside looking in it doesnt look like people are as lost as me,lol. My theory is that ive passed all the tests and ive got through training school so i must be capable. Thousands have gone before me and coped so im sure i will too. Though admittedly i do have to keep repeating this to myself cos often i feel out of my depth.
  6. iain1973

    That sinking feeling

    actually, i do make a great cuppa,lol. Thanks everyone for the encouragement, i must just be having a bit of a crisis,lol. I realise its natural, its just that starting at the bottom again thing thats bothering me. After 20 week you just get used to sitting in a classroom again and think you`ve got the hang of this thing and then they go and chuck you out to go and learn a whole new set of things. I guess its what they call character building. No pain no gain `an all that.
  7. iain1973

    That sinking feeling

    Cheers fellas, I understand what your saying and im sure it will come eventually, it just seems so complicated at times. Especially when you see other people just wizzing through like its nothing and i just look at the screen thinking "ive got no idea what you just did or even why you did it or how you knew you were supposed to do it,lol". I know im not daft as i finished training school with the 2nd highest scores of an intake of 30, but when it comes to computers and such like im virtually armish,lol.
  8. iain1973

    That sinking feeling

    Just wondering how many of you out there who are past the tutor phase feel like they know what they are doing,lol Im in week 3 of tutored patrol and feel like im suddenly out of my depth. Dealing with people etc im fine with but all the different forms and computer systems and cro numbers,incident number, crime numbers, guardian reference numbers, compact, command and control etc,etc just doesnt seem to be sinking in. I feel like every day im having to ask my tutor the same questions everyday. Is this normal and if so when does it start to fall into place?
  9. iain1973


    Can anyone tell me what are the rules and regulations regarding the wearing of seatbelts and carrying more passengers than your vehicle is designed for. The reason i ask is i have just witnessed a mum at my childs school drive off with at least 4 teens on the back seat of her fiesta. So clearly, at least one is not wearing a seatbelt. The children were all below 14. What actions,if any would the police take if she was stopped?
  10. iain1973

    smell a copper?

    LOL Im the heavy set guy with the shaved head. But i was like that before i joined and never got the looks then. Just out of curiosity, how do you walk like a copper?
  11. iain1973

    smell a copper?

    Im sure you have all heard the expression "you can smell a copper a mile away", but how do they know? The general public i mean. The reason i ask is because i was in a city today with colleagues,we were all in civvies. smart casual not suits, and the amount of times i heard people comment as we went by was unreal. Mostly it was from wannabe gangstas, muttering "its the pigs innit" or " bet they`re c.i.d". Even when we split into groups of 2 and 3 and went off for lunch, people were still looking and whispering. How do they know????? Even when i go to see old mates, they always say things like "you look like a copper". I just dont get it,lol. Do ant of you get this?
  12. iain1973

    Taking a caravan

    We had the trailer thing at training school a couple of weeks ago and were told its not an offence to borrow someones trailer without permission as long as at some point you bring it back. strange.,but apparently true
  13. Can anyone offer some examples or suggestions on what to put on theses forms? Ive just completed week 8 of initial training and have been told to fill one in over the weekend and have it in first thing monday. Im having a bit of a hard time getting on with the solap as it is. Ive pretty much got the hang of the ldsr`s, but im staring at this self assessment thingy and just drawing a blank. What is it they want? Am i supposed to big myself up or be critical? I dont even know what sort of things im supposed to draw reference from,other than the last 8 weeks. Someone please help me before i set fire to the damn thing.
  14. iain1973

    What would you buy?

    I bought a 97 volvo v40 1.8 in august and cant fault it mate. I started training in october and have been averaging 1200-1500 miles a month. Its got 104000 on the clock and is smooth to drive especially on the motorway. It can be a little juddery below 2000 revs around town but i would recommend the volvo anytime. The 60 litre tank gives a range of around 450 miles,and i dont have the lightest of right feet. And you know volvos are built like tanks, which is a big bonus when you have kids mate.
  15. iain1973


    I didnt mess up a role play but i did completely fail to answer one of the interview questions. The way it was worded on the day just completely threw me and after a bit of me going "er,er,er" the interviewer said"shall we just move on"? We did the interviews first,and that was my first question.Guess it was just nerves, but it kinda made me think that the rest of the day was a waste of time,though i did give it my best shot. On the back of that a/c i have just finished week 4 of training,so dont worry about it.