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  1. Slight late reply as not been on site for a while. Perhaps the key question is to ascertain who engaged the PI and what they were asked to achieve. Was it mother's influence as the instructing person to the PI to see how it can be angled towards allegations or was it of their own back? Until such time as to e'daughter' makes an allegation, not sure how the PIs activity will influence any other investigation. Could you expand?
  2. Oh, forgot to mention, but on the matter of insurance. Make sure you have the appropriate professional indemnity cover as you will be processing the data and become equally liable if it is mis-handled and the new penalties are quite "harsh" Thats above and beyond any you may have for parking / driving/ using your vehicle on and around the private estate / property.
  3. If your saying checking the car ins and VED for the parked vehicles then your probably asking for the data for the wrong reasons - off the public highway then VED doesn't apply and it would be the site's public liability insurance and doubt they have a sign up to say that having car ins is a condition of entry. I'd probe a bit further if I was the car owner and having my details checked by a potential data collector.
  4. Juts a thought - why does the organiser want to know if a vehicle has road tax or not? Is it conditional as part of entry, what will they do with that data and as far as GDPR, is collecting, processing and communicating that data necessary - under those conditions I'd suggest not. Thats more than just monitoring for safety & security, which presumably is the main aim of your role Will you be keeping the data after the event , if so can you justify why, will it be destroyed or will it be passed to the organiser and then you deleting it?
  5. Just a quick thought, whilst there may be no direct opposition or comment, bear in mind your familiarity with local officers would not deter them from taking action if you do or alleged to mis-use them
  6. I was thinking of the up and coming GDPR, has quite a bit more about the roles of for those holding & processing the data 9CCTV in this case). Which leads onto where and how you store it, onsite, remote, in the UK, EU or worldwide etc. What type of information are you after?
  7. Rather than thinking about DPA and things like that for today - have you researched how you would be working for your client and the impact of the up and coming changes to data protection in May? It may be what you see as a niche marker as it has quite a burden to do it right and people just don't want the hassle.
  8. blueb

    Basic Driving SOPs, need help

    How are your trying to read and learn them? Is it word perfect or the concept? I thought about your question, the initial response and the reply you made. Its rather like asking for bitesize bits of the Highway Code, tests we could say there are rules, suggestions and signs, but its the general themes, nuances and sometime the fine detail which would make a 'bite size' read of limited value. I do appreciate what your asking for, but equally, why not be knowledgeable on what your being asked to do - as so many posts have shown, drivers can easily get into trouble and knowing those SOPs may save you a world of hurt.
  9. When you say you have been "asked" do you mean its an official request that includes the penalty if you fail to respond? At this stage, its an allegation and sounds like its under investigation. Probably your best served by seeking immediate legal advise and responding to the police letter within the time frame.
  10. blueb

    Motoring insurance, rogue/bad companies.

    Not sure a broker would really recommend/avoid an insurer based solely upon web comments. What happened when you asked the broker on the concerns you have with this insurer? Some brokers will deal with the whole market and some may decide to only use Class A ones, ask and see what they have to say.
  11. blueb

    Motoring insurance, rogue/bad companies.

    Curious, your asking for advice on how to get info on the Ins Co and then provide a source of customer feedback! Perhaps a chat with your broker to understand why the broker selected that particular company to put your business with! Why did s/he select them, were they the only ones to take your risk, was it the cheapest, what is broker's feedback. With so many online options, was/is there a particular reason for using your own broker? They say there is no value in loyalty in insurance. You may want to consider doing your own homework to find an insurer. If you decide to move insurers it may incur a penalty but your comment suggests your concerned and it may be worth it for your peace of mind.
  12. blueb

    Flexible working

    I'be known several officers working less than the standard hours, both short and ling term, yes it impacts on their overall pension period, but generally they have to make a little more effort themselves to manage their work role because of their needs being slightly out of kilt with the rest of the team/office/dept. Ask and see what the result is.
  13. IMHO if you look at S139 of CJA'88 it relates to knives and says the act only relates to those over 3 inches- in effect its the definition of which knives the act is dealing with, so when we look at the sale of knives to which the act applies (as "defined" under S139), it would also only apply to those over 3 inches.
  14. blueb

    Question of law: What constitutes in "uniform"?

    Many moons ago the fact you didn't have a cap/helmet on was deemed enough to still be in uniform. Most of the cases are/were to do with being on foot duty rather than in vehicle. It was only relatively recently that the question of a marked/unmarked vehicle came into play. Perhaps the question you should ask, as it would be one the court would ask, how would the other motorist know you were police? If you were the other motorist, would you in all honesty know and recognise that unmarked vehicle with the short driver sat behind the wheel with no recognisable hat, one epaulette at least obscured by the seatbelt, etc etc. Would you being that other motorist really know or suspect the vehicle was a police car?
  15. blueb

    Witness Statements

    Firstly the final bit about going to court - only say they are willing to attend if they prepared to do so. The way people are approached to give a statement is by the common request and some don't always realise that they may actually have to go to court and repeat what has been written in the statement. And of course there are others who may provide statements that can assist an investigation but would be seen as an unwilling or hostile witness - it helps the decision makers understand the weight of the evidence the case has. Proforma's area all well and good for very prescriptive information but they can also lead the statement taker to forget/omit information that specific witnesses may have to offer. You have probably already found that the space to include information on a proforma may be too small for what the witness wishes to say and conversely a large gap is left for just a few words. If, as you say, you are young in service as painstaking as it may seem perhaps it will serve you well to get all forms of statement taking done well and off pat so you can afford to use pro-forma at a later stage without missing what may be vital evidence. Remembering that the court's / jury's view on the quality of a witness may deteriorate / be challenged if they stand in the box and when giving live evidence 'suddenly' remember things. It can be less they have 'suddenly' remembered, more that they could have put it in the statement from the outset had it been taken thoroughly in the first place.