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  1. torque2684

    Police powers

    They are called Market Police due to being previously employed by the council but being sworn in as constables to enforce council byelaws, however the powers have been taken away, but the police name has been kept, I could go into the history of why they are still allowed to be called 'police' but I can't be bothered, if you're interested type 'market police' into wikipedia.
  2. Put it this way... I doubt CPS would ever run with it!
  3. You would take them to custody generally as its not like breach of the peace, they would be bailed to appear before the court, I do think however that you may be able to use a fixed penalty but as we dont carry them in the MDP you would have to ask one of our HO colleagues on here about that. But saying all that theres always those times you can use your discretion and de-arrest if you feel that they have learnt their lesson and wont do it again. Ooh, forgot to mention, dont forget obstruction of the highway part of your necessity criteria (COPLANNED) under s25 PACE.
  4. Well we get this a lot in the MDP, we generally arrest for obstruction of the highway, if you need the act, section and a brief description its:- s 137 Highways Act 1980 states that it is an offence for a person, without lawful authority or excuse, in any way wilfuly to obstruct the free passage along the highway of whatever type. Dave
  5. torque2684

    any other transferees stuck in the system?

    Just out of interest how many of us transferees waiting for start dates are MDP?
  6. torque2684

    Transfer from West Yorks to West Mids

    No the MDP aren't taking transferees for a while, at the moment the force is as good as doomed lol, another reason why I'm getting out fast the other being it should be called MOD Armed Security not Police! But thats just my opinion!
  7. torque2684

    Transfer from West Yorks to West Mids

    I'm currently in the process of transferring from the Ministry of Defence Police to WMP, and from start to finish as I have my start date in May it will of taken 8 months, though I have former colleagues who have transferred to the Wolverhampton OCU's which have taken 6 months. Hope this helps!
  8. Cheers guys, I'm sure I'll be with some characters in training lol, I can't wait! I hope you both manage to get yourselves organised for next month, I bet it comes round really quick! Cheers for keeping us informed, it has been and will be a huge help, if only to keep me in touch with whole process what with the wait and that. Good luck! and enjoy. Dave
  9. Well done mate, guess I shall see you guys at Aldermaston! I rang recruitment and they said I couldn't get on May as I hadn't had my CRB back, although everything else was back, so close yet so far! lol I think I'm gona put a topic up for anyone on the September intake so people can get aquanted early. Keep us informed.
  10. Did you guys get your contracts? If you all did I bet you can't wait now! I hope you all got them ok, let me know how it all goes.
  11. Oh and yeah that'd be cool, cheers Rolfe! (unless I through some miracle get on May)
  12. Did they ring you to tell you? Its just I would give my left arm to start next month (although I dont think I would be a useful copper with one arm, lol!). If its a case of waiting thats cool, you must have been on my a/c or the one just before? I hope I can get on early, it'd make a huge difference with housing problems etc.
  13. Yeah the assessment centre went well thanks and there wasnt any drama's on the medical. My paperwork I'm guessing says the same as yours (that you'll hear up to one month before). Was just hoping that they might get back sooner but I suppose that depends on the security checks. My medical was only last week so I know I have some time to wait yet lol! I just cant wait to start. Although we have different entry dates we'll probably end up with an overlap during probation, so will probably be stationed with you and the may intake, which will be cool! Fingers crossed you hear something soon!
  14. Alright guys, I've just completed my medical for MDP, I was told I would probably be starting in Sept, when did you guys hear about your entry dates/recieve your contracts?