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  1. Perhaps she herself may have got a cut of the proceeds but says that she is scared to get her windows smashed, or the hairdresser could even be in on it. Just a thought.
  2. Hmmmm.... methinks, lets start getting rid of people through disciplinary procedures for the silliest of things and save a redundancy package payout! Watch your backs everyone.
  3. Gismo

    How much can they fiddle with our pensions!

    Legally binding contract means jack all. Does anyone remember the Equitable Life annuity crisis that was all the rage during the start of the century.... people had signed up to annuity contracts whereby Equitable Life would guarantee them minimum 15% return each year. This was because the acturaries had miscalculated what would happen with the economy and interest rates (when interests rate went as high as 15% during the 80s). They presumed that interest rates would carry on increasing and thereby a min of 15% would be pennies by the time the annuity contracts began maturing. However, when interest rate began to drop and went to as low as 4% ish.... Equitable Life realised that if they honoured the contract then this would mean they would end up bankrupt. Financial advisers were urging policyholders to take Equitable Life to court. The case eventually went to the House of Lords and they ruled in favour of Equitable Life! Those poor policyholders got scammed big time. It was then I learnt that nothing is worth the paper its written on these days. The terms and conditions are always there to protect the companies... if they cannot honour the agreement due to great financial difficulty then they still win at the end of the day because the courts/governments won't allow major financial companies to go bankrupt. 10 years later, the Government has finally agreed that the policyholders are entitled to some compensation - 20-25%.... but they need to to consider the current deficit etc etc For the sake of the 'false' economy, is there such a thing as a legally binding contract! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-10724884
  4. The Thin Blue Line. Don't know which force... perhaps all of them. :)
  5. Gismo

    Please don't hate me.....

    Operation Paragon is a nightmare. Everything is taking ages. We are given dates of when decisions will be made and when that date arrives, we hear nothing. Then we are just left in the dark to hear of any updates. In all honesty, if your start date has been delayed, then that is a blessing. Everyone's moral is very low at this moment because no one knows what is happening. Police staff are concerned about who is going to be made redundant. Many people have to re-apply for their positions. We were told that 3 of the CJU departments would be combined as one and there will only be one manager. Full details will be provided in December 2009. We are now approaching May 2010 and at the moment, the departments have not been combined. The three managers are concerned who will be made redundant and they have been told that they all need to re-apply. Rumours are that their interviews will take place around August/September this year. Rumours are that the supervisors also have to re-apply but we are not sure. If you were to join now, trust me, it would be an absolute nightmare. You will think that nobody knows what they are doing etc etc For example, on April 6, when Paragon changes took place, on the police side (not staff), new codes were created for cases based on their new LPU. You would think that some bright spark would have allowed a cross over period for information to be transferred to from the police systems to the courts system, such as the Libra transfers. What actually happened was that no new codes cand some old codes could not be transferred. Some old codes could be transferred but the courts could not print off the information. This meant that anything that we had entered on the police systems to be transferred over, had to be re-entered on the court system (Libra). Imagine the backlog this created and ciaos. There was confusion with the despatch people who collect internal post. They did not know what areas they were covering so the internal post in our department was not collected for a couple of days. If Operation Paragon cannot even get the simple things right on police staff side, I dread to think what will happen when they eventually get round to combining the departments. Trust me, you should really appreciate that your start date has been delayed. I am sorry I cannot be positive at this moment, but it would be pointless painting a rosy picture and making you feel that you are missing out.
  6. That picture is sooooo cute. I love it.
  7. I hope the prison that he is transferred to, is near a railway track...... They should never have been released from prison in the first place.
  8. I agree with Trojan. The kirpan is still a weapon at the end of the day and in the hands of young children, could be very dangerous. Just because there is no track record of Sikhs using the kirpan for unlawful purposes, it does not mean that they do not. Prevention is better than a cure. Or do we have to wait for an incident to occur before wearing a kirpan is banned entirely. It is better to humbly make adjustments regarding this principle of carrying the kirpan, such as have a small metal one embedded in the comb (to represent the spiritual essence) and keep the record of the Sikhs clean. Yes the kirpan should be used for defense purposes only, but when this 'right' was given to the Sikhs, times were completely different. A time when atrocities were commited against Hindus in India during the Moghul Empire. A time when an organisation called the 'Police' did not exist. Now that we have that organisation, adjustments need to be made regarding some traditions and principles and this is one of them. I do not agree with the judge at all. He claims it is for spiritual purposes. That is only half of it. The other half is to help someone in need if they are being attacked or to be used for defense purposes. If the second element is to be disregarded, then wearing a full and real kirpan is no longer applicable and in my eyes, and insult to the kirpan as well as the teachings of our Gurus. Our Gurus were contemporaries. They were happy to make adjustments to suit the times and challenge old fashioned ideas and priniciples. If they were alive today, I am pretty sure they would take a different perspective on the kirpan because we now have the police to keep the law and order.
  9. Hello everyone I've not posted for a while - thought I had kicked the habit Anyway, I was just wondering what everyone else is thinking about the restructure?
  10. References for the pictures please, as some of them look like army uniforms.
  11. I think I have proven you wrong. There are many Muslims who follow the interpretation of Kafirs that I posted. LOL. Muslims were oppressed in India during Mughal Empire? LOL. You really are funny. If you actually study your history you will learn that it was the Mughals who oppressed the Hindus in their own homeland and applied the rule of convert or die. India was not the only country they applied this to. But I'll leave you to do your own research. I'm not calling every Muslim a extremist. I never have. Those are your words. Thank you, but I know full well what the topic is about. And I can assure you, that no matter what method you try to appease Muslim extremists, they will never ever be satisfied. India has been trying for hundreds of years. Do your research. Some British Muslims may be different to that of centuries ago, but some are not. Evidence of this are the British Muslims who bomb their own country in which they were born, raised and grew up in. Extremists give no regard who they recruit, whether they be Sunni or Shi'tes or others branches of Islam. If Sunnis and Shi'tes hold, very liberal views, why then is the UK one of the major recruiting grounds for extremists Muslims to recruit more? Thats because the Muslims are in the minority and they do not rule or govern the UK. The Mughal Empire ruled India and many other non-muslim countries. They were big and powerful, and this is why they were able to apply convert or die. If Muslims tried to apply convert or die over in the UK, then this would cause a big outcry in the Uk and the BNP would see a massive increase in their members. Second, we also have an organisation called the Police who would arrest the perpetrators who applied this principle, for murder and discrimination. During the Mughal Empire, India did not have an organisation called the Police to fight such injustice, so God created a new religion, the Sikh religion to fight the oppressors using the sacred sword, Kirpan. Re: your last sentence, some British Muslims are filled with hate. This is why they bomb us. Some Black people not only in the US but all across the world do not like the way, their ancestors were treated by the whites and do bear a grudge. This is evident when fights brokes out in some schools when 'Roots' were aired on TV.
  12. Hang on, I thought the whole point of this exercise of police women wearing the burkha and muslim clothes was to bring communities together, now you are saying it would be a good idea for an officer of the same religion to deal with members of its community! How is this bringing communities together? Isn't this segregation? Again, I fail to see how a white non-muslim female police officer can help bring communities together by wearing the headscarf if she is unable to deal and solve the problem. Wearing the headscarf will not make the victim feel better. A victim will only feel better when they receive justice. I repeat, Muslim female police officers in Islamic countries do not wear a headscarf when dealing with Muslim victims. They wear the police uniform. So I throw the ball back in your court. Why don't Muslim female police officers in Islamic countries wear the headscarf? By refusing to wear the headscarf, are they alienating themselves from the Muslim people?
  13. My problem with you is that you come on here and make statement that are factually incorrect so I am merely correcting you. You say, all my comments are anti-Islam and I can say all your comments which are pro-Islam, are distorted and I have proven so. Just because I have proven you wrong, and you do not like this, does not mean it is out of context. My comments are in context, you state, Muslims have never acted upon the quote in the Koran 'convert or die,' and I will give you many accounts whereby they have. If you look at the names I have stated, it shows they gave no regard as to whom they tortured or killed. Young men, women, children, even Holy Men. Everything on here is in complete context to your replies.
  14. I'm not trying to twist anything. I'm merely asking a simple question, which you are avoiding to answer. I'll ask again, in what way is the UK police officers female uniform offensive to the Muslim community that it needs to be changed? How is wearing the headscarf going to bring communities together? If she wears the headscarf and is unable to resolve to situation, for which she was called out to deal with, how is that going to bring the communities together? Ah yes. Nice post. So does this mean you can answer the points, queries, questions I have raised to Ilrish? In what way is the UK police officers female uniform offensive to the Muslim community that it needs to be changed? How is wearing the headscarf going to bring communities together? If she wears the headscarf and is unable to resolve to situation, for which she was called out to deal with, how is that going to bring the communities together?
  15. Gismo

    Two months helping the BNP

    Meaning of fundamentlist... A usually religious movement or point of view characterized by a return to fundamental principles, by rigid adherence to those principles, and often by intolerance of other views and opposition to secularism. As for the links, do your own research and prove me wrong.