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  1. gripper

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Is there any update on this?, or will they put out an email at 1659 on Christmas Eve. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. gripper

    What trousers do people buy?

    Ive never seen or heard of anyone buying their own trousers and you would excuse the pun Stand out. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. gripper


    Urinating in the street is classed as a public order offence by the Police and to be honest I class it as the worst of them. I always gave out a PND for this offence which if you think about it involves getting your privates out in public and leaving a mess that someone may stand in, and someone else may have to clean up. Once was bad enough. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. gripper

    Forces and military discussion topic

    Nooooo, that's after the parade Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. gripper

    Poor standard of Special Constables

    A strange last paragraph there, regular officers don't have a social life because of the job they do, which is very true but that's part of the job they get paid for, but the thing that most regulars find a little strange is why someone would do this job for free, unless they don't get on with there other half or are very lonely. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. gripper

    Forces and military discussion topic

    Polishing me medals for tomorrow's parade in a lovely village about 30 mins away Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. gripper

    'Experienced Officer' - PC to Sgt success

    First of all well done in your promotion, as for the Met ATOC I believe you have to apply for it I'm not sure how much it is a month, maybe £50. As for housing if you joined prior to 1995 then you are eligible and its £427 a month before tax, but don't forget the London allowance and Londone weighting which will bump you up to about 50k before the tax man kicks you in the teeth. I'm retired now but I'm sure there's someon currently serving who can help you, good luck.
  8. I have to agree largely with Jim on this one (even if he is ex RMP), there seemed to be a change in attitude of the Police officers coming into the job from about 2007 onwards, in that they just seemed to shy away from getting stuck in to the criminals and would spend more time on the computer than going out and finding them. I also found that some of the younger supervisors would avoid any direct verbal confrontation with the officers, and instead send out a generic email about meal times and patrol priorities instead of chucking them out of the nick. At the end of my career I was always at the top of the arrest and crimint figures without trying too hard, and find it strange that newish officers can't be bothered to try and beat an old wrinkly like me. It's probably down to the type of supervision nowadays as I remember my first PDR with the Inspector and my skipper both ripping into me about senior PCs having better arrest records than me. These are my thoughts on the subject from what I have seen and experienced so may not be what's happening elsewhere, and I'm sure the officers who joined in the 70-80s said the same about me.
  9. gripper

    Possibility Of Transfers?

    That's a good idea.
  10. gripper

    Possibility Of Transfers?

    I don't think specials have probation.
  11. We had one of those Coke drinker probies turn up on our team, and he was told he could walk or make the tea. He made a good cup of ties as it happens.
  12. gripper

    Part Time Working And Pension Commutation

    The Met Fed have a dedicated pension lady who was great when I was looking into resigning. Try the hed sheds down in Surrey.
  13. gripper

    Part Time Working And Pension Commutation

    At a guess I'd say she would get classed as having completed 30 years service, but would be paid on a pro rata basis at 27.5 years, but you would be better off finding out from your pay branch or federation reps.
  14. gripper

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    I would be surprised if the Met would give up Heathrow and city airport policing, and even more surprised if BAA allowed it. Having worked within the Heathrow environment it's a lot more than guarding a gate for 12 hours, they have inner patrols, outer patrols a traffic unit, they have arrest teams, CID and make lots of arrests for fraud Immigration and drug offences, and have their own custody suite. Also the officers have all come from other units and Boroughs in the Met and it's quite hard to get into, with a lot coming from TSG. They are all pretty good officers before they are given a gun, but don't tell them I said that!.
  15. gripper

    Good afternoon

    I bet you both support Millwall as well haha