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  1. calw

    Maths on assessment

    Hi all I recently attendedan assessment centre, it was a good experience however on the numeracy I only got to question 16 out of 23 as I struggled to read the graphs. I let them know at the end and was advised not to worry, but I feel if the numeracy is a fail, i.e only answered 12/16 questions correctly and didn't finish the paper then regardless of how I did elsewhere am I likely to score under 50%? Thanks
  2. calw

    GMP Induction Questions

    Wear a suit or something smart - you will create a good impression as you will be smart and even if the others aren't wearing suits you are going to stand out with a brownie point already.
  3. calw

    Send In The Dogs!

    Sorry pal, I do apologize for my lack of intelligent in reading your post. I have now spotted the irony; don't tend to pick up on things quite so quickly. Yes I am aware of that situation also, it is absolute tosh.
  4. calw

    Send In The Dogs!

    That's ######. It's people on fast-track degree management schemes that don't go on the streets as a PC who are the reason for the cutting back of police dogs. They're brilliant, you obviously have not worked with them. You have 20 people outside a pub and two police officers to deal with a few people kicking off and drunk. Bring one police dog and open the van - the dog is barking. 10 people disperse from the scene in fear of the dog. The dog is taken out of the van, another 5 disperse - now the situation is much easier to deal with all thanks to a police dog. Police dogs have found massive amounts of money, drugs, human remains and many other things that frontline cops would not have a chance of finding.