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  1. Seen a few as of late, actual police accounts that have got in trouble also for what I see as humorous tweets. Obviously the powers that be didn't agree for whatever reason. Does anyone follow any that are good / funny / informative or local to you? Parody example that made me laugh-
  2. I'd have explained his handbrake turn is the reason I'd stopped him, I'd then give him a Sec 59 warning for his driving, ask him to produce his documents at the roadside (Which he won't have) & request his name and address. Also throw in a FPN for mobile phone (if applicable) If he chooses not to comply then arrest. That'd shut him up. Idiot.
  3. Tonygmp

    Hello there

  4. Tonygmp

    Neighbourhood Beat Manager JOB

    All roles have a remit, you wouldn't have a Neighbourhood beat manager dealing with a high risk domestic violence case from start to finish if a Detective in a special DV unit would do it. Don't they have responsibility for a BEAT? (Clue is in the name you see) You wouldn't expect a Response Cop who flies around from job to job to sit down in a neighbourhood meeting regarding repeat and constant ASB that is affecting someone's home life and health. Then to keep in contact with said person and offer mediation or re visits regularly. You also wouldn't find someone from CID for example dealing with a complex fraud if there was a fraud unit. Way of the world. People have remits and units are set up to TRY and get the best police force possible. You bunch everyone together as cops and rid the force of 'fancy jobs' as you put it and the wheel comes over before the weeks out.
  5. Tonygmp

    Mobile Data Technology

    I laughed when around 3-4 years ago they spent thousands of £££'s on mobile data in car systems. Sat nav, job list and a direct link so you could update jobs from the response car... Brilliant yes? Until Vodafone hit them with the data bill and they suddenly realised "we can't afford this" (Despite spending THOUSANDS on wall art for new HQ) they then spent a similar amount removing all the in car mobile data systems.
  6. Tonygmp

    NEWS:'Positive Tickets'

    Terrible idea, He's been on about it on twitter too apparently and even got a mention in a the force magazine. He wishes to push it so that GMP role it out force wide. I think he needs drug testing. If as a kid I was given a positive ticket I'd have felt stupid and probably a little embarrassed.
  7. Tonygmp

    Warrant card when off duty

    Never....... Never never never. Seriously what good can come of that and for what reason would I ever actually have to 'flash it' in public off duty? I'd just communicate with people and if anyone NEEDED to know (doubtful) thy could make a phone call and check. Asking for trouble if you ask me. I'm a great witness (I saw everything) just don't wanna be a decent victim too.
  8. Tonygmp

    Shift work and sleep

    I do exactly this its the easiest way for me personally. Say I work Mon - Thurs nights I finish at 0700hrs Fri morning and get to bed ASAP. Then up about 1100hrs - 1200hrs, this means in tired on Friday evening and I'm back into my normal pattern for Saturday AM for the weekend off. During the working week I also usually try to sleep until between 4pm and 6pm before starting my next shift. Everyone's different based on living situation, marriage, kids & commitments etc...
  9. We got an email from from the Federation advertising these new boots as apparently Fed members get a 10 discount. Thought I'd check the site and was quite impressed for the price and apparent quality. http://www.responderfootwear.com Info about the discount and lots of tweets on twitter from the guys there too. Wondered if anyone here had knowledge of these before now? Twitter - @responder_boots Cheers Tony.
  10. Early 2005 - passed paper shift however failed assessment centre (with 52% score) Offered the chance to try and be a GMP PCSO, offer declined. Early - Mid 2006 - Passed paper shift, assessment and interview. All i's dotted and T's crossed by recruitment / vetting (Took forever!!) Started late 2007. Still here......... Just.
  11. Tonygmp

    Traffic Scenario

    Please see the below scenario and state what course of action YOU would take under these circumstances. Alex lives in liverpool and owns a car, on Monday afternoon he sells the car for cash to a person named Jamie from Manchester. 12hrs later in the early hours of Tuesday morning the car drives past a police officer in Manchester, police suspect that they recognise the passenger as a regular offender in the area named John. Police follow the vehicle and conduct a PNC check on the car. The PNC shows that Alex is shown as the registered keeper of the vehicle and that the vehicle currently has no valid insurance policy in place. Police attempt to stop the car however the driver decides not to stop resulting in a pursuit. The car drives dangerously during the pursuit at speed, off road, through red lights etc and finally loses the pursuing police vehicle. The car is not located again and the driver couldn't be identified. Minutes after the pursuit the police speak to Alex at his home address who states he sold it to Jamie the day before. He gives Jamie's details to the police. Police know that based on those details Jamie is the partner of John. What action if any would you take and against whom? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Hi people, I have a quick question, this relates to something I haven't dealt with before and therefore am requesting help. An item is purchased from eBay (Bracelet - Links of London for £74) The item has been owned for about 2 months as the person believed it to be genuine, only after 2 months it was found to be fake by an employee of Link of London when the lady attended the store. eBay told the buyer to give the seller the opportunity to resolve it and if it wasn't sorted this way for her to contact the Police. The buyer has contacted the seller who is now arguing over sending the money back, stating that they will send half now and the other half on receipt of the fake bracelet. (Seller states she did not know it was fake and it was sold in good faith) The buyer obviously wants her money back in full as she is the victim and is not willing to 'play ping pong emails' regarding this matter. eBay told her to contact police as it is outside their time limits for opening disputes etc..... What on earth are the Police supposed to do with this mess????? Any help will be appreciated Thanks Guys and Girls Tony
  13. Tonygmp

    UK Police Issue-TAZER

    Does anyone know which forces, perhaps all will be included in this: http://news.uk.msn.com/Article.aspx?cp-documentid=11208407 Being part of the second highest force in the UK I'd quite be looking forward to training if it camne along?? Tony
  14. Tonygmp

    Belt and Kit

    .............wearing the supplied belt with GMP standard issue kit? Is it GMP policy as per our ost training to keep all the standard gmp issue kit and not buy your own? (I purchased a different cs holder ages ago, this is apparently ok as no one has ever mentioned it) BUT... I have noticed one or two people over last few months have started to scrap their belt and kit altogether and instead put it all on their body armour (body harness type thing). I have seen these for sale and assume GMP can issue them, are you still insured if you get assaulted and have had no training on this type of kit? Are they standard issue to firearms officers and can response officers wear them without a doctors note or some medical condition that they can prove. Cheers Tony