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  1. pbeg01

    Response or Neighbourhood

    As previously said it depends on what falls into the remit of your particular forces NPT. Over here response go to absolutely everything, whereas NPT have a rep as being lazy radio dodgers who sit behind a desk most of the shift, occasionally change into uniform and when in uniform just chase kids. I've never been in NPT but as far as I personally am concerned response is what I joined the Police to do, you are the first to everything and its where you get the excitement IMHO. As a colleague commented......In response you are the sharp point of the butter knife! :tongue: :tongue:
  2. Welcome to communal living! change the door code, add another lock to the door, report it to the landlord etc etc good luck with sorting out the issue of food going missing............my food still goes missing, and thats out of the fridge in the Police Station!
  3. pbeg01

    What do you read?

    I read a range of different books both fiction and non fiction.....Autobiographies from the ilk of SAS types I find quite enjoyable, just finished reading one by a vietnam vet. A couple of my Favorite books are : Non-Fiction The Dirt, which is the Motley Crue autobiography, absolutely hilarious and amazing the stuff they got up to. I Am Jackie Chan, again he's lead an amazing life. No Angel, about an ATF agent who infiltrated the Hells Angels Deadly Beat, about an English peeler who joined the RUC in the early 90's during the "troubles" Fiction The Alexandre Dumas books following the 3 Muskeeters as well as the Count of Montecristo World War Z, a brilliantly written book about a zombie apocalypse, Brad Pitt is is making a similarly titled movie which by the sound of things is no where near true to the book, which is a shame as its excellent. I am legend, you may have seen the films I am legend and the Omega Man based on the book, the book is much more interesting and if Hollywood had of stuck to it they would have had more than a run of the mill survivalist shootem up zombie action flick.
  4. pbeg01

    Riots :in their own words

    Different context as it relates to raw footage, no promises of anonimity etc, but relevant nonetheless http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-14406454 http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/sep/22/bbc-itn-sky-news-riots There were expectations of anonimity in the next case, but then again all the legal heavy lifting was done in the states http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-18756011
  5. pbeg01

    Wasting police time.

    Harassment for me as well, particularly when it involves facebook and/or text messages where people are perfectly capable of deleting/blocking their "harasser" themselves
  6. pbeg01

    Cyclists attack officers in London

    Thanks for the info headset, I was already of the opinion that it wasn't part of the bigger operation where tons of them were arrested as other pictures showed plenty of Police. These two were very much on their own. Adds a bit more perspective to it when we know why they were in the middle of the crowd in the first place.
  7. pbeg01

    Cyclists attack officers in London

    Whilst I don't excuse the behaviour of the MOP's the Officers were really jumping into the deep end, and could have got a severe kicking. I would venture that if the bald headed guy hadn't stepped in after the Female officer got put on her backside she may have had a very sore face. It would be interesting to know what their reason was for heading into the crowd, but i'm sure we'll never know.
  8. pbeg01

    Met police "Passing Out" Parade 29/06/12

    Bless their cotton socks! I remember my passing out parade a few years back, it was the hottest day of the year and I was sure someone was going to go down. Fortunately the inspecting officer was very quick and we soon got the blood flowing again with the the old quick and slow marches! I suppose you just need to know/remember the tricks, make sure you eat and get water down your neck beforehand and then go hell for leather on the the old raised heels, wiggling toes job!
  9. pbeg01

    Police shoot vandal

    Strange that the dog wasn't set on him beforehand. The machete man in London is a very lucky boy, he could have been shot quite justifiably at several stages.
  10. All operational PSNI officers are routinely armed and deploy in Public Order situations on a regular basis, i'm not aware of a firearm being taken from any officer in recent memory.
  11. pbeg01

    Over Supervision

    Ahhh the good old ivory tower syndrome.....you are not alone!
  12. pbeg01

    Police station thefts 'astonishing'

    Basic rule seems to be if it is personal stuff it won't and shouldn't be touched.... If its issued kit then its "reallocation of government resources" when it goes walkabout!
  13. pbeg01

    Right to remain silent

    In Northern Ireland it is, "You do not have to say anything, but I must caution you that if you do not mention when questioned, something which you later rely on in court it may harm your defence, if you do say anything it may be given in evidence".
  14. pbeg01

    WANTED - Tie pin badges

    You could try getting in contact with the owners of www.tietacs.org.uk although they may need to produce one especially for you
  15. pbeg01

    Favourite piece of kit

    Although we are issued boots, I own a pair of these as well and wear them, can vouch for them, they're great! We get issued a Peli M6 torch which are quite nifty but i'm still partial to my LED maglite, dont feel as much of a plonker waving this at a VCP than the small one (must be a male thing!).