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  1. Hi all. I joined this forum some time ago just to use as reference, i have been working alongside the police for the last 5 years and am now going through the application process for Avon & Somerset constabulary.
  2. Arryace

    Legal Pressed Plates - £60 FPN

    your day in court does not have to be about questioning the law. you can plead guilty and present your mitigation you don't need to pay for representation to do this. your biggest mitigation is the fact the suplier is listed as a supplier by the DVLA taking further advice from the Direct gov website you have a good case to suggest you have followed their advice http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/PersonalisedRegAndNumberPlates/DG_181503 it would not be reasonable to expect a vehicle owner to know if a plate conforms to the British Standard this is far to complex and would require specialist equipment the above website says it must be made from reflective material, it would appear yours is. whilst you were not asked to prove your identity or proof of ownership the onus is not on you to do this the supplier has broken the law by supplying the plate without making those checks.
  3. i am led to believe although i cannot supply any evidence to back this up Ins.Co's don't like the DOV extension used in this way i am guessing that to them they feel cheated out of a policy and to prevent you buying two cars registering one in a family members name and only insuring one but driving the other under a DOV extension.
  4. it's the other way round a certificate of motor insurance gives cover in respect of a vehicle it may require drivers of said vehicle to be identified.
  5. DOV stands for Driving Other Vehicles not using Other Vehicles although as previously stated policies differ. not all laws are contained within the RTA if your vehicle isn't SORN'd and doesn't have a current policy (or isn't covered by any other lited exemption) in place you as the RK commit an offence, you as the RK will be issued with a FPN failiure to pay will result in a summons. it's called the Law
  6. if you are the owner/RK then the vehicle is your responsibilityand it is down to you to make sure it is insured even if someone says they are covered you still have a duty to ensure they actualy do otherwise you are guilty of allowing the vehicle to be driven uninsured.
  7. Arryace

    Legal Pressed Plates - £60 FPN

    perhaps you have :wink: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pressed-Metal-GB-number-plates-100-ROAD-LEGAL-/120912712837?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1c26f59485#ht_1638wt_986
  8. as has all ready been said it depends on the terms of your particular policy the only people to ask are your current insurers as this is who the police will ask should you get stopped. What you do have to remember whilst using a vehicle you do not own under your own policy is that the moment you step out of the car it is then likely to be uninsured as the cover is to 'Drive' a vehicle. I am assuming then you contacted the drivers own ins.co. because the MIB records will not help and they informed you that under the terms of his/her policy the vehicle was required to have a policy in force in it's own right for him/her to use the DOV extension on his/her own policy otherwise you will have seized the vehicle unlawfuly.
  9. Arryace

    One Word Association

  10. Arryace

    Driverless Technology

    with Vauxhall all ready having a car on the market that reads road signs and relays that to the instrument display also sounding a warning as the limit changes so if you were to put the two together you have a system. currently only a type approved instrument can be classed as accurate in measuring speed and sat navs are not type approved for this purpose. Drink Driving? if the car was capable of driving itself and you were not sat in the driving seat then the fact you are 'drunk' becomes irrelevant although you would currently face a charge of being drunk in charge..... if we ever got to the stage where the manufacturers becam liable for Road Traffic Offences, the software would have self diagnosis and shut down if it were not operating correctly. we all ready see engines shut themselves down to protect themselves from further damage when a fault occurs.
  11. Arryace

    Legal Pressed Plates - £60 FPN

    a quick look on the companies house website shows that the person selling the plates on Ebay is in fact the director of TNW signs as above. before you get to the Courts and Lawyers stage it is worth calling into your local police station and ask for the duty inspector and point out to him that you believe the officers have made a mistake, print off the details from this link http://www.dft.gov.u...=&page=0&ext=dg Which will show you sourced them from a DVLA authorised supplier in good faith it would appear you have done what can be reasonably expected of a vehicle owner to comply with the law.
  12. Arryace

    Legal Pressed Plates - £60 FPN

    there is a company called TNW signs on the DVLA's register of numberplate suppliers and this guy calls himself TNW they are both in sidcup with the same postcode this would suggest he is authorised by the DVLA to make numberplates however that does not stop him making illegal numberplates.they have two other outlets in Camberly and Epping How exactly did he check your identity and the fact you 'own' this registration number? T N W Signs 18 Hambledown Road Sidcup DA15 8DY Tel: 0208 859 5840
  13. Arryace

    cat c car

    VOSA only check the vehicle to confirm it's identity, a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) they do not check a vehicle for it's roadworthiness or general condition. If the details on the V5 havent changed since it became a CAT C then as soon as the current owner sends the log book off they will recieve a notice informing them they need to take it for a VIC which casts £26.50 (i think) until this is done they will not recieve a new V5
  14. Arryace

    Summer drink drive campaign.

    speaking generally i don't believe Fixed Penalties are an effective way to change behavior for most £60 is little more than an inconvenience and with the ticket handed over at the roadside or simply by post it's become devalued as a form of punishment. If it's punishment you want to hand out do it through the courts standing in front of a magistrate facing the possibility of various levels of punishment contains a far stronger message. in an Attitude study conducted by the Dft 77% of respondents said the people don't know how much they can drink before being over the drink drive limit. if you don't realise you are breaking the law the threat of punishment is ineffective.
  15. Arryace

    cat c car

    first thing to do is use the internet to see if similar cars are similarly priced to understand if you have paid more than the cars worth. if you feel you have paid more than the cars worth you are going to have to prove the seller stated it was not accident damaged and as this was a verbal conversation that may be difficult. You can also look at how it was originally described compared to it's current condition to decide if he misrepresented it. check that the person you bought it from registered it in their name or at their address it isn't uncommon for people to buy damaged vehicles, repair them and sell them on without registering them if he is doing this and doing it on a regular basis it means he is trading albeit illegally.