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  1. Hi all Hope someone can help, after 4 years with TVP i'm starting to get that itch and move on! I've been doing a little research on UN policing something i was keen on doing before joining, as with most things i have gone through TVP's HR and they are not willing to release me for such duties nor help with who i need to make contact with!!i appriacte i need 5 years in before deployment but im just starting to get the ball rolling, if anyone can answer the following i would appreciate the info. Which UK forces will allow UN deployments Who do you make contact with to show interest. Any info from a deployment or full move to UN policing. Many thanks Adam
  2. sladey

    UN placement

    Thanks for the replys, looks like the next question will be does anyone work for MOD PLOD on here? Cheers Adam
  3. sladey

    UN placement

    Hi guys Just finishing my probation period and still loving the job, although dare i say the domestics and paperwork is starting to grait a little. I have a keen interest in international relations and completed a degree in it some years ago, has anyone looked into or have completed a stint with the UN police either in Europe or internationaly, i have been on the UN's website and cant find anything on recruitment, any ideas??