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    Being a good dad, husband and joining the police. Used to be supporting Newcastle but hmmmm well.....
  1. anth1982

    Merseyside Specials

    Good luck for tomorrow jp, hope it all goes well for you
  2. anth1982

    Merseyside Specials

    Just a standard medical check mate, full check over by the doctor, urine sample, hearing test in the booth, and lung test (blow into the tube for as long and as hard as you can) which for me hurt a bit as I had my wisdom tooth out 2 days before hand. I found out on the day that I was ok in the medical but not sure if that is common practice or not. After the medical I waited for my fitness test and once passed that, waiting for vetting and security to come back, which you only really find out when you are offered a start date or by calling recruitment who can be extremely busy at times as you would imagine. I'm just waiting for a letter to book in for my uniform fitting and my training starts on 31st. Cant wait...... Have you got a date for your medical yet jp?
  3. anth1982

    Merseyside Specials

    I'm currently waiting for my uniform fitting for Norpol Specials and if it is the same you will be sent for a uniform fitting a couple of weeks or so before your start date. I'm not sure what you will pick up as I have not been myself yet but I believe you just get your kit in a plastic bag. If you have a kit bag maybe just fill it when you get home.
  4. anth1982

    Northumbria Specials

    Thanks a lot, I've had some help along the way as well, advice and support, but just can't wait to get started. I'm currently waiting for a letter to go to stores and get kitted out. Got a call to say they would be starting training on the 31st so not long now.
  5. anth1982

    Northumbria Specials

    I'm currently awaiting a start date for Northumbria Specials, I wondered if there was anyone else waiting for a start date or currently working in Byker (where I would like to be after training).
  6. anth1982

    special constable work reference

    For mine, HR sent out a form for my employer to fill in and return, mind that is Northumbria so other forces may be different. My advice would be anything you are not clear about give recruitment a call. Better to ask than be unsure.
  7. anth1982

    2 weeks of waiting

    It was for me, I had my medical and then on passing that my fitness test
  8. anth1982

    2 weeks of waiting

    Congratulations and well done, I'm just waiting for a uniform fitting and have a provisional start date of 5th Sept. Its a great feeling when you get that letter on the mat. Which force are you applying to?
  9. anth1982

    Boots (again)

    I ended up going for the swat's as reviews I had heard say that they are really comfortable, I'll know better when I get them but gladstones are on their summer hols....
  10. anth1982

    Boots (again)

    I'm currently looking at buying boots and have been stuck between two brands, and I am now in real need of advice. I'm unsure as to buy a pair or magnum or original swat boots. Does any one wear either of these that can offer any advice, I dont want to waste my money but I know it is very much down to peoples opinions. Any help gratefully accepted Also has anyone bought a pair or Grafters boots, I'm dubious due to the price...
  11. anth1982

    Norpol Fitness test

    Passed my fitness today and I am over the moon, cant wait for training...
  12. anth1982

    Norpol Fitness test

    Does anyone else have their fitness test at 10am on Friday?
  13. anth1982

    Norpol specials assessment

    Thanks I think I'll need it, guess I'm on my own tomorrow. thanks again for all of your help
  14. Does anyone else on here have their assessment for Northumbria specials on Thursday? I have mine at 12 noon.
  15. anth1982

    Dress code for an assessment day?

    Got my assessment for Norpol a week on thursday and I am going in a full suit as mentioned before better to look like you have put in 100% effort.