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  1. replicator00

    Is it worth me applying?

    You said you didnt like the course too much and you would love to apply for the September intake, me personally id go for it. Live owes us nothing, dont wait around for something to come to you. APPLY
  2. replicator00


    Hello! Firstly is anybody going to be a force HQ on the 25/04 for a fitness test? Secondly has anyone recieved the pack informing them of a potential start date on 22nd June? If so when did you get your letter? I got mine on the 11/04 and they want it returned on the 14/04 ( at the latest to be in with a chance ) Ive already had a moan once but 3 days is ridiculous when one is a Sunday and the other a Bank holiday. Anybody else in the same position
  3. replicator00


    Hey Steffi, If i let you know my situation it might give you a better idea as to where your at. I passed my official medical in January. I heard nothing from them for four months. Aparantly i missed a March intake. I received a two letters yesterday (11/04). One informing me i need to take another fitness test on April 25th and the other being a pack informing me i was in a pool for an intake on June 22nd. It made it clear it wasnt an formal offer. So naturally im excited! I need to update my application form if applicable, update any sick days and business interests, and give them permision to contact my current employer. The only thing i found a little annoying was that on the letter it said i should return all the forms by (14/04) at the latest or it would be unlikey i would make the intake. That gives me no time seeing as the 12th is a Sunday and the 13th is a Monday Bank holiday (No post) so ill be dropping it in by hand on Monday. If i dont make the June intake ill be seriously cheesed off lol. How are you finding training statty? Craig
  4. replicator00

    Concern re fracture

    Hey Amanda. This is where i found the guidelines. Its 2004 guidelines, i doubt if its changed much at all and i highly doubt if its changed regarding fractures. http://www.policecouldyou.co.uk/officers/Medical_59-2004.pdf Hope this helps, from my personal experience getting through the medical you have nothing to worry about.
  5. replicator00

    Bleep test-is it really that easy!?

    Just a note for those of you who are experienced runners and know whats required. When you go on the day for your fitness. If you meet someone who is nervous or worried they may fail, offer to help them through it. Set the pace for them, run next to them an encourage through out the test. I had 3 or 4 guys running with me im sure they will appreciate it.
  6. replicator00

    Leicester FIB

  7. replicator00

    Injury on duty = compensation?

    Well done stu. Nice to see an officer with some balls. Some situations require someone to step up take responsibility and intervene. Just because your a officer off duty without the resources u usually you still have the training other memembers of the public do not. It doesnt mean you should walk on by.Unfortunate though, sorry about your injury.
  8. replicator00

    Witness "too good"

    You have missed the point. I was not comparing my experiment to the incident in the orignal post. I was just giving an example of one of the hundreds of experiments and research into memory and eyewitness testimony.( and in this one the whole point was half the class was not listenin as it has real life implications, for example, if i car was parked outside a bank just before a robbery and was later used as a getaway car. It was seen by a witness before the robbery but theres no particular reason was they should remember it. Just like theres no particular reason for the class to remember the male who came in. You cant convict a person on one eyewitness account even if that person is the I.P and thats just the way the game is played. It would have been wrong too and the judge prevented a waste of tax payers money. In my honest opinion the orginal posted artical is written in a away to cause upset like it has on this topic and to put more fuel into the fire that is the media's hate for the countries government and its justice system.
  9. replicator00

    Tolley role-play scenario

    Just a quick point from me. In the example you gave u asked some decent probing questions which would have got a response from the role actors and not the stonewalling inurface you got from your sister.The actors at the assessment center have scripted lines to choose from its all about asking the right probing questions and if you hit it you will get a response. Its highly likely you will be faced with confrontation in at least one of the A/C roleplays. However, unlike your example u used the role actor and the roleplays are designed to help you display the seven core competencies and if you deal with it appropiately the conversation will move on. I hope that makes sence.
  10. replicator00

    Witness "too good"

    The truth is eyewitness evidence is useless in court without any other primary evidence to go with it. I spent alot of time researching into it during my Psychology degree a can tell you from my experience its totally unreliable to convict in court. During one my lectures i had a IC1 male enter the room approach the lecturer hand him some papers an walk out. At the end of the lecture i handed out forms asking everyone in the room if they could identify the man who walked in from 4 photographs and only 27% of people got it right. Thats 2% above the odds of guessing! This is just one example of research i did i can tell you though everyone proved eyewitness testimony unreliable and certainly couldnt be use to convict someone in court alone. What you have to remember is this is a piece of published media and has been twisted. Its not the fact the witness is too " reliable" its the fact this witness is the ONLY evidence. If the jury would have been swayed by the good character of the witness it would be been overturned on apeal for sure.
  11. replicator00

    bit of a girlie question

    Wasnt even on the bench.
  12. replicator00

    bit of a girlie question

    I had a guy turn up like a subsitute for a Man United game. Man Utd baseball cap, Man Utd shirt, Man Utd football socks tucked over his Man Utd tracksuit bottoms. I had a guy turn up like a subsitute for a Man United game. Man Utd baseball cap, Man Utd shirt, Man Utd football socks tucked over his Man Utd tracksuit bottoms.
  13. replicator00

    Intake dates

    Just wondering if anyone knows about any start dates comming up in the next few months. Ive completed all the application stages just waiting on the all clear and a letter of appointment.
  14. Its not the amout over the limit its his obvious irresponsible mentality when he gets behind the wheel thats the problem.
  15. replicator00

    Police accomodation during probation

    I thought it was just a bonus because London is LONDON BABY!