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  1. kazzer

    Norfolk Final interview delay

    Thanks everyone for your replies, It's always the same, when you really want something, time seems to drag when you are waiting. No option but to keep hoping that letter will drop through the post box soon.
  2. I passed the assessment centre in August and received my letter detailing the next step of final interview at the beginning of September. Since then I have heard nothing from the recruitment team of the date for my final interview. Does anyone have experience of the length of time you can wait between passing the assessment and the final interview? Thanks,
  3. kazzer

    shift patterns

    Can someone enlighten me as to the new shift patterns I hear are to be introduced for PC's in the Norfolk force? Thanks.
  4. kazzer

    48 too old to join?

    Thanks for all the good wishes. It really helps.
  5. kazzer

    My first day completed in Norfolk !

    Well Done for getting through the process You have given me some hope as I have too have many candles on the cake. I am waiting on the 1st step...the papersift. I'm 48 and was thinking that I might be too old to go through this life changing career but really want to give it a go. Do you have any advice for me Ady?
  6. kazzer

    48 too old to join?

    Hi to everyone. I'm 48 years old, have a steady job which I hate and am currently applying for my local force. I'm waiting on the papersift. Would really appreciate input on my age. From what I have seen on these pages am I too old to think of this job as a career?