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  1. scousejon

    To new Officers - From an old sweat - *READ*

    craking advice from and old arse there
  2. agree with morek here. If you hadn't have had possession of cannabis then you would not have been arrested. For better advice maybe speak to a solicitor. You were arrested for a recordable offence, so you fingerprints, photo and DNA will have been taken and if they wern't I'd love to know why not. 1st arrest or 100th arrest, its the law. Police stations are not meant to be a hoiday camp so I think blaming PSNI for all this is a bit silly. If anything, the system seems to have worked as you havn't been in trouble since. If it was a nice experience you may have gone back there. That said, considering you said PSNI were that horrible and have done you over, they hve actually dealt with you reasonably, proportionatly and legally. By that, I mean they dealt with you by issuing you the lowest form of punishment. On another note I doubt it will effect you. It's been that long and it was a miinor offence, I doubt it will show up. good luck.
  3. scousejon

    Introduce myself

    Hello and welcome
  4. oh my god. what has happened to this country? "He has no offending history. Alcohol was the catalyst here - he's someone who has in the past had an issue with binge drinking. Since this incident he has abstained entirely from drinking." oh, we'll let him off then
  5. the offence is wasting police time
  6. scousejon

    Polish Police Exchange

    It will be interesting when you present your findings. What examples are you looking at to take over there with you? nhood policing, response, pro active disrution, organised crime?
  7. scousejon

    Wing mirrors

    dont think so.
  8. scousejon

    Police Under Pressure

    I agree with most of what you say but the cuts have had a massive impact. My current role is similar to a point. I am a nhood officer in a renound part of liverpool. It is diverse to say the least. I think over 70 different languages are spoken within literally a few square miles. We have had riots, violent disorder, looting, organised crime and firearm discharges. It's all in a days work. We have a large roma population which is disliked by other parts of the community just like on the TV. I find myself on a daily basis working on my own or having 1 or 2 other nhood officers + 2 or 3 PCSO's on duty. We keep the place under control whilst response deal with the domestics and other policing calls. We are a hell of a lot more robust than what was seen on TV last night. But you have to ask, how can I do much when there are 60 czechs in a street? Its impossible for me to do anything. 60 is not an exageration. I find easern europeans and roma community have a different lifestyle to what we are used to. They are very social and will literally take over a street and socialise. They are very respectful of the law enforcement and never give me any grief. They do what they are told and do call it a night when told to. They will always be back out the next day though. Its a never ending situation. We are not as down beat as what was seen on TV and we do some great work and I think we have it mostly under control. Yes we dont fix every problem but we manage it well. That program last night showed a neighbourhood inspector at his whits end leading a group of demoralised officers who just let a 16 year old run away after being arrested for quite a serious offence. A bit of proffesionalism never goes amiss. I feel for them but they need to just do the best job they can with whats available. That will sometimes mean saying NO to some isues but dealing with other things. The only advice I could give them is hit these criminals in other ways. Those scalls who were loitering around a takeaway and wouldn't move on. there was one on a pedal bike, arrest him or issue a fixed penalty. zero tollerance proactive policing. make that area a no go for them or they will be dealt with for any offence no matter how minor. But that takes motivation and they bobbies there seemed to lack it. I can sympathise with them though and please dont see all the above as a criticism. I'm not in their shoes, I dont know what it's like there.
  9. scousejon

    Overtime Pay

    what morek said. The only occupation were you work for free
  10. scousejon

    Man arrested after cheating driving theory test

    happens more than you think. A colleague and very good friend of mine arrested for the same offence about 2 months ago. Why would you need to cheat a theory test. It really isnt that hard and if you fail once im sure post people pass the second time around.
  11. scousejon

    Cyclist's helmet cam footage

    one word. Scum
  12. scousejon


    That stat is absolute rubbish. Stats can mean anything. Might also mean the 42% asked in that poll who said they dont trust the police had run in with the police. People who dont like the police because they stop and search them everyday and find cannabis on them a lot can not just say they dont trust the police. Its more a case of they dont like the police because they are an occupational hazard. Its not a trust issue. Me, personally, I couldn't care less what people think of me as an officer, because I know everything I do is lawful, accountable and done for the right reason. I am not going to go out my way to pussy foot my way around certain communities that the government want to see an increase in confidence from. I work the same all the time, 100%. black, white, czech, polish, deaf, blind. Instead of just saying 42% of black carribean dont drust the police, break it down and ask why the hell not? then break it down and look at those people who dont trust the police and see, if there is a link to crime? Where I work there are something like 68 different languages spoken in a square mile. Trust in us is very good and improving all the time. In my opinion, the poeple who dont trust the police have a distorted view, have had a genuinely bad experience, steriotype (which we are not allowed to do), or are involved in crime and the police pester them. Thats my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.
  13. Doubt she is allowed entry into any TUC conferences.
  14. She said: 'It cannot be right when officers under investigation by the IPCC comply with the rules by turning up for interview but then refuse to cooperate and decline to answer questions.' Where does she get off. Im sorry mrs may but I get frustrated when my suspects refuse to cooperate and decline to answer questions and then they "get off" because the justice system is floored. get over it. and regards to the fundind for the fed being removed - "Instead, the money will go into a new fund to accelerate the introduction of Police First - a new scheme designed to attract the brightest young university graduates into the police." How about no. Police dont need the brightest graduates to micro manage at super level. The police need street cops who care about catching criminals and protecting victims. Who arnt scared to stop a group of lads because of their skin colour. Who arnt scared to lock up a wife beater day after day because the justice system failes the uncooperative victim. Thats what we need. Thats what I need in the empty seat in my car. Yes empty. I havnt had a partner for 18 months now, and im one of the lucky ones. Thats what we need, not some yuppie. Doubt the tories will be in power byt he end of may 2015, so she will not be in charge hopefully.
  15. scousejon

    Experiences giving evidence at court.

    haha. Couldnt agree more.