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  1. amandatrec

    Recommend me a book...

    If anyone is interested I have the following books for sale The Police Selection process by Ian Hutchinson How to pass the New Police Selection System (Harry Tolley. Billy Hodge. Catherine Tolley) Both books are in great condition, have a couple of pencil marks on the test sections (v easily removed) Best offer plus postage secures Please PM me if your interested x
  2. amandatrec

    Magnum Response 6" ladies ankle boot UK 3 EUR 35

    Still for sale and taking up storage space! Accept any reasonable offer
  3. amandatrec

    2 x Police Recruitment/Selection books

    Items relisted on number 250584573352. 99p start price! :biggrin:
  4. College is near the Broadmarsh. You are at Hucknall for the first few weeks and then spend more time based at college. Its been hard work going back to studying after a long break, but everyones really friendly and helpful. you will soon get into the swing.
  5. Hi there Neil Firstly welcome to the forum and congratualtions on getting a start date. I started with Notts in November and found that there wasnt a great deal of info about the hours until you went to the induction! Basically the first 23 weeks are split between Hucknall and college in Nottingham (but mostly college) These are 9am-5pm Monday - Friday. After that you are at Division and on shifts. If you want any more info PM me. Good luck! Amanda
  6. Brand new Magnum boots for sale. Still in box. See Ebay number 250579950670
  7. The Police Selection process by Ian Hutchinson & How to pass the new Police selection system by Harry Tolley, Bill Hodge and Catherine Tolley Ebay no. 2505880088611 Great condition books, which I am pleased to say I no longer have use for!
  8. amandatrec

    Will I fail now?

    Hi My answer would be I would doubt it. However you must update HR. If you have issues with the arm during training you will need to have told them first. Fractures happen. I would be suprised if they had an issue, if it is not near a joint and has healed ok. If its any comfort I was v worried how a frature I had sustained would be viewed. I broke my femur some years ago but it was a major fracture that still has metal work in place. O.H were hardly bothered about it. Dont give yourself an integrety issue by keeping quiet. All the Best
  9. amandatrec

    Muppets Sing Bohemian Rhapsody

    Love it! Animal is my hero!!!
  10. amandatrec

    Calling abroad

    My parents live in europe and we have gone on Talk Talk's international package. Lineline to landline is free!
  11. amandatrec

    Plated arm

    Hi there Just thought I would let you know about my "similar" injury. I fractured my femur in 2 places and now have a femal nail through the bone. (But I dont set off the metal detectors!) I have had no problems what so ever with my application process. Its a good thing that your GP is unconcerned and this will be signed off on your GP report. Try not to worry. If you search "Fracture concern" topic you will find quite a few people have had similar injuries. Good Luck
  12. amandatrec

    Training Days?

    Hi there I did the talking blues course and it was worth every penny! It will give you a clearer insight into the processes, practice at role plays, and the chance to test out your interview answers. Go for it, its well worth it! Mand.
  13. amandatrec

    starting training in a couple of weeks

    Hi What is PSP and NCALT please?
  14. amandatrec

    Free online hearing check

    If you want a free hearing test you should have gone to Spec Savers!!!! No, honestly they do free hearing tests!!!!