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  1. Slight correction. The legislation applies to possessing bladed/sharp articles in a public place. Your home or any other private property to which the public do not normally have access is not considered to be a public place. You can have just about any kind of sword on display on your living room wall. Also, swords and other bladed or pointed objects can be carried in a public place if you have a reasonable excuse/good cause. For example, if you have to collect a sword from the post office/courier depot when it is posted to you if you are a re-enactor going to or from an event/meeting/military fair to take the item to another location/shop for repair taking a machete/bushcraft knife/axe to a camp or meet any folding and non locking knife with a cutting edge of less than 3" and so on As long as you're not waving it around like a fool or posing a threat to others you should be in the clear.
  2. nigeltm

    airsoft vs airguns vs replica weapons

    A week ago I bought a Swiss Arms M92 gas blow back air pistol (http://www.gunstar.co.uk/Air-Pistols/Swiss-Arms-M92-gun-for-sale-gs143038.aspx) from a model shop in Cardiff. It is an all metal construction replica of a Beretta 92 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beretta_92). The air pistol fires 4.5mm steel BBs (.177 cal). It takes 20 BBs and a 12g carbondioxide canister in the magazine. In operation the top slide cycles. When fired there is a loud bang as the gas escapes and a cloud of CO2 is expelled around the pistol. So to most it could appear to be a real pistol being discharged I'm not an airsofter. All I needed was photo ID with address (drivers licence). Due to the energy of the BBs it is classed as an air pistol/firearm, not a toy or airsoft weapon. As such it's not covered by the RFID legislation. So as long as I don't wander down the street waving it around and follow the legislation re it's use I'm goo to go for some fun backyard plinking :-)
  3. nigeltm

    What guns are legal?

    Hi George. Yes, precharged air guns are legal in the uk. You can get rifles and pistols that are manually pressurised, recharged from a tank (paintball markers fall in this group) or run from a co2 bulb. The legislation regarding air guns requires the projecile and gas source to be separate. A good example of what is prohibited is the Crossman Orion pistol. It was a revolver where the pellet was fitted in to a "bullet casing" which was also pressurised. This made them quick and easy to reload. IIRC you could buy quickloaders for them. They were covered by the legislation as the propellant and power source were in the same "shell" (sorry, can't think of the right term!). Hope this helps.
  4. nigeltm

    What guns are legal?

    Quick clarification. You can own certain revolvers and other multiple shot pistols. There are restrictions on overall length and ammunition types. More info on the link below: https://www.shootingshow.co.uk/Go-Shooting-Pistols.html
  5. nigeltm

    NEWS:April Jones Murder:

    Good, I hope the sentencing is appropriate and he rots in prison in fear of the other inmates for the rest of his life. Her family have to live with his actions. The impact goes beyond her family. A number of friends and I were on the search from Tuesday the 2nd to Sunday the 7th as our mountain rescue team was one of the first deployed. A couple of the guys have had personal issues and have received counselling as they have had issues following the search. Finding and having to open a discarded bin bag that doesn't smell right is not as pleasant experience. I normally avoid condolences threads but in this case: RIP April. Sorry we couldn't bring you home.
  6. nigeltm

    GPS tags for dementia patients

    Forget the cost. I look at it from the perspective that if they go missing they can be found quickly and made safe. I've been on a few searches for dementia sufferers. Over the past few years these searches have become formed a larger part of the callouts the more rural/lowland mountain rescue teams are asked to attend. Teams have been on searches which have lasted all night and the misper is found the next day severly hypothermic, or even dead. My mother needs 24hr care at home following a stroke. She has dementia like episodes. If she was mobile and as fit as some dementia patients (in one case the misper was a very healthy 74yr old who didn't come back from her regular hill walk in the Beacons) I would have bought something like this myself.
  7. I don't have a legal background. I'm a project manager specialising in computer mapping systems. In my free time I'm the secretary of a mountain rescue team and I take part in operational callouts. So I don't have the background to judge another posters argument. I rely on the appropriately trained bods on here for that and both sides of the discussion that debate the issue. In this case the poster (or a poster on another thread) MAY be difficult, stubborn or just and argumentative fool (I'm not making the claim in this case). However, RBMs posts do quote legislation and to the untrained seem to be reasonable questions. When the responses are frustrated and descend to name calling it makes RBM look like the victim. perception is reality and in this case (like so many others over the past year or so) my perception is that the forum is degenerating in to a boys club. If you don't accept every statement made by a long term member as gospel then you are hounded and abused until you give up. I've been on this forum for a few years and from my perspective it has gone downhill. I'm happy to discuss my opinions later if anyone wants a reasoned debate :-)
  8. While I don't have anything vested in this thread I do think RBM should be allowed to argue/discuss the issue if they think they have a valid reason to challenge the points raised by other posters. This forum is a fantastic opportunity for MOPs to raise questions and learn. If they misunderstand and think they have a valid point then educate them. If you put forward a reasonable and logical rebuttal then RBM is put right, a lesson is learned and you don't look like a petty, name calling child (as has been the case with some of the posts on here). The laws in this country are complex and often require cross referencing, with a heavy reliance on the interpretation of a phrase or individual word. If someone posts a challenge you can counter it with seasoned argument. If you don't you can give an impression of a pack mentality. This discourages new members and drives away old ones.
  9. Going equipped is a catch all charge that could be applied to just about any item. I was discussing carrying a knife in my mountain rescue kit with a friend who is a serving officer and we got on to multitools. Despite my Leatherman being exempt under Sect 139 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (nonlocking folding blade of less than 3"), he would still arrest for going equipped. It may be difficult to prove intent and so not be taken forward by the CPS but the arrest alone could cause problems (CRB checks, entry to USA). Using going equipped as an excuse causes a lack of trust in the Police.
  10. nigeltm

    If you could carry an off-duty firearm....

    Hi GeorgeH Not to take the thread further off topic I'll drop you a PM. Hi everyone else, This thread stared of as a hypothetical discussion that was intended to ignore British law. It was to be a technical/practical discussion on what those familiar with firearms would carry, how and why. I would have expected that anyone without experience of pistols would have stayed out of the discussion as they didn't have anything useful to contribute. OK, the phrase "off-duty firearm" is an American term that doesn't apply to the UK as (other than NI) officers aren't allowed off-duty firearms. Putting that aside, it was an honest attempt to stimulate a discussion. On that basis it could have been interesting and useful to some of the members on here. Instead the usual comments cropped up and derailed the thread. Do the members who did this realise that you are bringing this forum down? I've spoken to members who are reluctant to post on threads as they are afraid of having their contributions ridiculed. Some have even considered leaving the forum. You are stifling discussion and slowly killing this forum. If you have something useful to contribute then go ahead and post. If you don't just step away from the keyboard and let the grown-ups talk. So for now I'm done on this thread and I'll think long and hard about posting on any other. Nigel.
  11. nigeltm

    If you could carry an off-duty firearm....

    Hi GeorgeH,I hope it DOESN'T become a political debate! That's already been done to death on here. :-) I have a real interest in what the experienced guys would opt for. I may be working in some pretty dicey countries where I would be expected to carry a pistol. So the opinions of those with some experience of pistols would be useful. From what has been posted so far it and what I've read elsewhere it seems the criteria are: - compact so easily concealed and comfortable to carry for for long periods - reasonably accurate, as most engagements would be expected to be at close range - no external safety, so its quicker and easier to bring in to action - reasonable magazine capacity, to reduce the need to change magazines during an engagement (difficult to do under pressure without a lot of practice and muscle memory) - sits easily in the hand and has an angle between grip and barrel that encourages natural sighting/aim - reliable, so less likelyhood of a stoppage - frangible or hollow point ammunition to increase the likelyhood of a knock down and reduce the risk to others All in all the Glock seems to be the preferred choice so far.
  12. nigeltm

    If you could carry an off-duty firearm....

    Hi SimonT.I asked about ammo as it was part of GeorgeH's original question in the first post. I guess a frangible or expanding round makes sense. It would reduce the risk of passing through the target and the sudden energy dump has a higher likelyhood of a single round knock down. Also (as mentioned in another post) it's less likely to pass through walls and obstructions. Which reduces the risk of injury to bystanders and anyone out of sight. I can't think of many situations where you'd want a Hollywood gunfight with magical magazines and random blasting at the guy behind the wall! Thanks, Nigel.
  13. nigeltm

    If you could carry an off-duty firearm....

    But what rounds would you load? FMJ, expanding, cored?Details, man, details!
  14. nigeltm

    If you could carry an off-duty firearm....

    <RANT> With all respect guys, this discussion is going the way of pretty much all firearms threads. "If it isn't legal ..." "We are not the USA ..." "I'd resign ..." "If my force doesn't issue ..." "Obsessed by guns ..." So threads that could be of interest to those of us on here who want a balanced discussion were derailed by bickering and micky taking. It gets boring after a while, portrays the whole forum in a bad light and doesn't do us any favours. No, I'm not obsessed and I'm not a Moxinil sockpuppet. But I am interested in firearms and sport shooting and more importantly I may have a job lined up where I will work extensively in some pretty dangerous areas where I will probably have to carry a firearm for personal protection (after suitable training and regular practice). So for me this thread may be very useful. Unfortunately the usual suspects are coming here and making the obligatory bone comments and derailing the whole thing. Fair enough, Moxinil was a one trick pony and bit every time someone made even the slightest comment. But can't you see that some of you guys are the same, turning every theoretical, "what if" discussion in to the same pointless round of comment and lame jokes. If you're not interested in the subject, don't read the thread. If you have an issue with the member, put them on ignore. If you disagree with some of the posts but its the same argument all over again don't bother posting and leave the discussion. Sorry for the long post but I enjoy the discussion on here but don't get involved as much as I used to because there is a growing culture here where if you disagree you become a target. It's not big, its not funny, it stifles discussion and its starting to lose us members. So, the question was, legality and cultural differences aside, what model of handgun would you carry while off duty and what would be your reasons for your choice? Also, what ammunition would you choose? </RANT> PS: thanks to the guys who have made a meaningful contribution to the thread. You're comments are useful and have been informative.
  15. nigeltm

    Would Police prosecute ?

    No. That decision is up to the CPS Come on Kenners. You've been on here long enough not to make a rookie mistake!