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  1. simno44

    Final Interview Prep

    Hi EllieRose. I'm sorry to see no reply to the above. may I ask how you went on? I am rapidly approaching final interview myself. I work for WYP so I am aware of their methods however NYP Appears very different. I hope your story was a success. Yet if not it's always a positive learning curve.
  2. Passed assessments. Next stage.. final interview.. gulp!
  3. simno44

    Tips For Assessment Day

    Hi all! Can anyone confirm how close to their assessment they received the relevant SEARCH pack through the post? I have an assessment booked for 10th of July. Its been booked for over a month and yet to receive pack. Closer to the time I presume? Many thanks in advance
  4. Hi buddy! Thanks for your update. Since my last entry I have received assessment date for the start of July. Fingers, toes and all available extremities crossed I hope all goes well with your medical and fitness! Simno
  5. Evening all. has anyone received any contact lately? My last update up date came in Feb and stated to expect assessment in May. Given that we are now part way through said month I cant imagine this to go ahead. Anymore for anymore? :) Simno
  6. Finally an update! Hope everyone else that's been awaiting contact has received the same. Mostly a simple reasurence email but never the less it was nice to have something in writing given the elapsed time.
  7. NYP HR .. where are you? I am a candidate to your recruitment process. Today marks 3 months and 11 days since your last contact, said contact congratulated me on passing sift and invited me to assessment. The same contact advised that assessments would take place at the beginning of October. It is now mid November. Your single point of contact available within the application service is an email witch appears not to be monitored given that everyone of my 3 emails requesting update have been ignored. There are no contact numbers available however when attempting to reach you through 101 there is a HR option. Said option rings... and rings.... and rings.... before a voicemail connects and asks me to leave my name, a number and reason for call. The line then cuts and ends the call thus preventing me from leaving the desired message. Your non emergency operators be it extremely polite only connect me to the same number as above. Knock knock... anyone at home?
  8. Thank you for the updates so far. Sadly I am still in limbo, My last contact from NYP was received 05/08/2016 and stated that I should expect assessment in October. November now rears its leafy head and nothing heard. Despite 2 Polite emails requesting any sort of update. Il keep waiting haha
  9. Not a jot. Getting annoying now :)
  10. simno44

    North Yorks 2016 Recruitment

    Thank fully im no stranger I SEARCH. although I am no expert either so yes. Il be doing what I can before hand. Something for the 10 hour flight perhaps.
  11. simno44

    North Yorks 2016 Recruitment

    Hi Trig. In a lose response to the above the guidelines are as follows. Upon failing at any stage you are required to wait a 6 month period prior to re applying to any force. This is purely for transparency reasons and acts as a safeguard to people taking two chomps at the bit so to speak. However. Upon passing SEARCH (you refer to it as A/C) as far as I am aware this remains live with you for 12 months (some forces even 2 years) meaning you can either transfer your application to an outside force if they are good enough to accept, or you can with draw from standings and later reapply to an outside force and when reaching SEARCH you can request the force in question contacts the force you passed with in order to obtain confirmation and your pass score. The SEARCH assessments are heald and adjudicated by The Collage Of Policing. Not the force it's self so it is in essence a qualification that carries you for a period of time. Similar to that of a driving theory test prior to taking practical. Incidentally I have also replied to you in the other thread topic that I started some time ago :) Take care buddy and stay in touch! Simno.
  12. Hi Buddy Great to hear from you! And even better to hear your good news. Congratulations! It seems we are both now at the same stage as my last contact was advice of passing sift and to expect SEARCH in October pending confirmation of dates. Due to working within WYP I can confirm that recruitment and indeed HR are both extremely busy at our end at the moment with an extremely high level of intake landing at district. I can also advise that the assessment is likely to take place at Killingbeck Police station in the seacroft area. Sadly not the best of our facilities and somewhat down trodden but it is however fairly easy to get to for anyone traveling from NYP area. I'm keeping my fingers crossed at the moment as I am due to fly to the US in late September and won't be returning untill around October 8th. All the best and keep in touch! Simno.
  13. Morning. Just a quick one for anyone that may be following this thread. Further update from NYP confirms a pass at sift. North Yorks as usual are having their assessments hosts by West Yorkshire.. Witch is fine for me as that's my home force currently and better yet the assessments are held in my district. So.... Currently awaiting confirmation of dates and times that I'm told will likely be October. Hopefully late as I have a holiday to the states planned Kate sept early Oct. Hope others have received good news? Cheers.
  14. NYP fired an email back my way and it was worded in such a way that I am able to deduce that I have passed the sift conditionally, pending confirmation of further SEARCH dates. So it would appear previous suggestions mah be correct. Internals, transfers, externals. That's my news to date.
  15. Title amended bud. Superb! Thanks :)