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  1. roseylou

    Dec 7th Start!!!

    Hi Tanneg, A big welcome back to you then.
  2. roseylou

    Information evening 26 Nov

    Hi you guys, i felt my ears burning. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on Thursday.
  3. roseylou


    A very warm welcome to you.
  4. roseylou

    Hello all

    Hi Sean, Welcome to you & wish you the best of luck with your future application.
  5. roseylou

    Another Newbie

    Hi Steve, Welcome to you.
  6. roseylou

    December 7 starters

    Double checked that one mate ! I would have done that legod7, if i knew how !
  7. roseylou

    38 to OLD?

    Accepted at the ripe old age of 45, going in on the 7th December, who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks !
  8. roseylou

    December 7 starters

    Rest & relaxation my boy, because i don't think we'll see alot of it once we get started ! Hand delivered my contract this morning & got my uniform fitting on Monday morning, how about you guys ?
  9. roseylou

    December 7 starters

    Oh yes & it feels great ! Packed up work this week, having the next month off in preperation.
  10. roseylou

    December 7 starters

    No news from me either mate, guess we'll just have to sweat it out !
  11. roseylou

    December 7 starters

    Cheers for the info mate, had letter come from recruitment this morning saying pretty much that. So lets hope the contracts don't get get lost with any postal strikes !
  12. roseylou

    December 7 starters

    Hi chewiesdad, suspense is killing me ! have you heard any news ?
  13. roseylou

    December 7 starters

    Hey chewiesdad, How did your medical go ? Just filled in my location preference form, it's close, i can almost touch it.
  14. roseylou

    December 7 starters

    It went very well & all passed, thanks legod7. I'm glad this is the final stage now mate. Like wise chewiesdad, hey that guy has got some legs
  15. roseylou

    December 7 starters

    See you there chewiesdad, hope your knee holds out, congrats to legod7 on passing your fitness.