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  1. And just to correct myself... subsection 6A doesn't need reasonable grounds. It's an absolute 'at any time' power.
  2. Unfortunately, you can't read them in that order. The sequence of sections is there for a reason. Additionally, you are mixing 'any officer' powers under subsection 6A, with custody officer responsibilities under subsection 1.Custody officers have to account for all things brought in by a DP. This is about personal and property protection for the DP, and the necessary seizure power is subsection 3, with a power of search under subsection 6. Any officer with the necessary reasonable grounds can search and seize under subsections 6A and 6B without running it past the custody officer for authority. You may well be right that grounds could be hard to find with a voluntary confessor, but that doesn't remove the officer's right to act on their own authority, if justifiable.
  3. Once arrested, a DP is in the 'custody' of the officer. 54 (6A) is not limited to custody officers. S54 used to cover only custody officer powers and includes search powers at s54(6). The addition of S54(6A) is unnecessary for custody officers as they already have sufficient search powers without it. S54(6A) is a more recent addition to allow any officer to search for the specified items at the police station, partly because of the limitations of s32. The reason it says custody and not arrested is that the wider s54 covers all persons detained in the station, not just arrested persons. If your trainer is right, that's an awful lot of unlawful searches across the country and across all law enforcement organisations... and not one challenge by the defence.
  4. Cheesedoff is correct. It's custody with a little 'c', not Custody centre or Custody suite, so s54(6A) is the correct power, as s32 ends when you enter the police station. Also, bear in mind, unlike s32, s54(6A) doesn't allow a search for evidence, only means of harm, interference and escape. Slightly worrying that the trainers aren't sure of the appropriate powers...
  5. Fritz@Customs

    Police and Immigration

    Despite the changes and reorganisations over the last five years, the Home Office still hasn't got the hang of being a law enforcement body. The troops at the sharp end generally want to use all the available resources and powers, but their hands are tied by policy. Until border and inland staff get a consistent steer from above, we're unlikely to make serious in-roads into the problem.
  6. Fritz@Customs

    When people ask if you're a Police Officer...

    As a civil servant who started his career as a tax inspector, does that mean I can tell people I'm a policeman when I don't want to open up..?
  7. Fritz@Customs

    Gun law

    Cherry, I'm aware of the restriction on holding real firearms and ammunition under s.21 Firearms Act 1968, but hadn't noticed where this had been extended to deacts and RIF's. I'd be grateful if you could point me at the relevant legislation. Thanks
  8. Since the current Govt came to power, they have done something similar across the Civil Service and now the net has been widened. The latest wheeze in the Home Office is a second attempt to get staff to give up legacy deals to pay for shift work. After getting new recruits and volunteers to sign up to a system that pays 5% less for more commitment, they are telling the rest of us that our years-old legacy systems are divisive and unfair to our lower paid colleagues. No doubt that will be the message to "greedy" serving officers when the time comes to extend the new terms.
  9. Fritz@Customs

    non lethal options in riots

    Gorman: Apone! Look... we can't have any firing in there. I, uh... I want you to collect magazines from everybody. Hudson: Is he @*!~# crazy? Frost: What the hell are we supposed to use man? Harsh language?
  10. Fritz@Customs

    Magistrates decide on trial by combat

    I grant you it's a slow news week, but this story took place in 2002. Mr Humphries could be dead of natural causes by now, if not the skills of the DVLA's champion...
  11. Entirely true. The much vaunted Operating Mandate goes into excrutiating detail about passport checks and queuing, but makes only passing reference to customs work. While every aspect of passports is set in stone, the only Customs activity we are obliged to undertake is stamping people's VAT refund claims. Everything else is optional (sorry, prioritised...)
  12. It's even more fun when all the desks provided by the port are fully staffed and they still demand that we open more desks.
  13. There's a common conversation between BF and port owners which goes something like this:
  14. The Chief Inspector of Borders has released his report on Stansted. http://icinspector.independent.gov.uk/stansted-immigration-security-checks-being-completed-but-insufficient-resources-pose-risks-at-customs/ As the papers have now noticed, BF has been meeting Theresa May's arbitrary queuing times by not manning the Customs controls and by telling us not to arrest personal use drug smugglers. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10593214/Do-not-arrest-drug-users-border-guards-told.html You couldn't make it up.
  15. Fritz@Customs

    Can you settle statement debate?

    Your statement should be a true and accurate record of what you actually said when making the arrest(s), surely. Whichever way you said it on arrest, say it the same way in the statement. There's no right or wrong way round, only what actually happened.