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  1. mcguiver

    Best free app for write offs

    Hi folks, im currently specialising in stolen vehicles and chop shops across the water here in Southern Ireland. Huge business in bringing in uk write offs and then rebuilding/ cloning with stolen donor vehicles. I use askmid and uk govt sites for mot, tax, insurance checks. Any advice on free apps or sotes to check stolen or insurance write offs. Cheers
  2. mcguiver

    Tachograph software

    We're getting magnets here too, mainly detected through speeding offences.
  3. Its been done before on this side of the pond...pardon any puns. Basically argued that pedestrians are other road users and driver (who had swerved into puddle) was driving without reasonable care for other road users.
  4. mcguiver

    Tachograph software

    Hi Folks, greetings from over the water in Ireland. I've recently got involved in the road transport end of roads policing, and as many of you will know from dealing with Irish drivers, its an area that there's a huge lack of enforcement due to training and experience...or lack of on our behalf. 'Ive got my hands on a digidown tool for capturing driver and vu data.(at my own expense as we've no budget!!)..my question is does anyone know of any free software packages that will work with this tool? Also any advice on how prosecutions work in the UK. Do you use downloads as evidence or do you need to do printout from tacho and get driver to sign. And also while I'm on the subject, I was told by a Scottish officer that they have a form they complete with the driver/ a sort of in the cab interview....has anyone come across this and do you have wording of same? Thanks
  5. mcguiver

    Driving Course...any tips?

    Cheers guys, I've been reading my uk roadcraft book and giving a runing commentary as I'm driving...
  6. mcguiver

    Driving Course...any tips?

    Hi Folks, I'm across the water here in Garda land. Have the basic car course in a few weeks time... I'm told it's similar to yours / based on Roadcraft principles. Any tips/advice appreciated. It's two weeks duration, high failure rate...and if you fail you cant drive. Plus there are very few courses available, so a fail means the station has wasted a course.... lots of politics and angry cops who've been waiting to get their chance. If you pass here, you then do a further 2 days on people carriers/vans/minibuses. Cheers for any help.