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  1. scratchfree

    What boots are best?

    Rig Eagle Lite boots!
  2. scratchfree

    2 Pairs of Footwear (boots, shoes)

    Asda parade shoes, and Rig Eagle Lite Boots....
  3. scratchfree

    Merseyside on Hold..

    Top news you will love it, and we will still be there! See u then
  4. scratchfree

    New Starters

    Days were 9-5 with gmp but was always let out about 3.. Lets hope so
  5. scratchfree

    New Starters

    Dont worry about a thing, we wont be on the streets till the summer, plenty of time to get stuff... The letter said just boots so thats all you need... James
  6. scratchfree

    New Starters

    "rothy1" Your surname isnt Rothwell is it ??
  7. scratchfree

    New Starters

    I emailed as soon as I seen the tweet from Sky News about 11.55am, just had a reply easing my concerns See you lot in 13 days
  8. scratchfree

    New Starters

    I wonder this too.... If its down to £19000 ill be out the door !
  9. scratchfree

    New Starters

    I ditched the Lowa Mountains GTX and got Altberg Warrior Aqua mk2, like trainers !!
  10. scratchfree

    New Starters

    Lowa Mountain GTX for me, and my Bates Tactical as back up from the Special Days.... See you in Jan
  11. scratchfree

    Merseyside on Hold..

    Im there in the morning.... Exciting times
  12. scratchfree

    Merseyside on Hold..

  13. scratchfree

    Merseyside on Hold..

    Friday 2/11/12
  14. scratchfree

    Merseyside on Hold..

    Large Portion, was you the chap sat in the small room waiting ? I was the young looking one with blonde hair who went in as you waited ?
  15. scratchfree

    Merseyside on Hold..

    I'll be treating myself to some Lowa Mountain GTX