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  1. Prae


    They were already filled before the announcement was made by people who passed the process in 2010. External recruitment opens at the end of the year. :wink:
  2. Prae

    New BTP Recruiting Thread

    North East. I'm not holding my breath otherwise I'd be long dead!
  3. Prae

    New BTP Recruiting Thread

    I passed everything back in July and haven't been told anything at all, so those of you who know you're on a list for February know more than me! This process is becoming a bit of a joke all round.
  4. Prae


    Nobody is ever going to score 100% in reality so thats not an issue. They will only offer A/C's to the highest scoring applicants, the highest scoring candidates at A/C will be given the jobs. It's really simple. Trust me, I know because I've passed the whole process and don't have a job!
  5. Prae


    You'll be better getting a train to Kings Cross and then it's just 3 minutes on the tube to the training centre. If you book a few weeks in advance you should get it cheap enough.
  6. Prae


    You ask this question to gain an unfair advantage over other candidates, which is fundamentally wrong. Those of us who took our AC at the beginning of July had 8 days to prepare for it, if I give you the information you seek then you may have a month or more. Very unfair. You are wrong about no harm being done by telling you. I have passed everything but don't have a job so in effect you and I are in direct competition, why should I give you help to pass the AC so you could take a job from someone like me who studied and worked hard in the short time they were given to get a pass. The only advice you need is to read through the e-mail you get with all the assessment instructions and prepare as you see fit, that is the whole purpose of the assessment.
  7. Prae


    I'm not sure how it will work as I have nothing in writing yet, just what I was told on the phone. The pass mark was 60% and I got around 65% which wasn't good enough at the moment, they may come back to me I don't know. They made it clear in the provisional offer that passing everything does not guarantee a job and I can't complain because I was outclassed by my fellow candidates for jobs in the North East. I suspect if I had applied for London things may be different due to the number of posts there. If someone in the next round scores higher than me for the stations I've applied for then they will get any jobs over me, which is only right as they are the better candidate in BTP's eyes. If you don't get a job after the 6 months is up then you go back to the start. I'm not exactly over the moon about the situation but I'm not bitter.
  8. Prae


    I've been told that although I passed the AC my score was not good enough to get a job this time. I suppose I'll be going on the waiting list for 6 months. Good luck to those who got through.
  9. Prae


    I wouldnt mind if they told me I wasn't getting a job, I just want to know.
  10. Prae


    If I cross my fingers any more they'll drop off!
  11. Prae


    Indeed, I don't want them "losing" my file because I bothered them too much. I will definitely be ringing Friday afternoon if I've not heard before then, I can't have another weekend like the last one.
  12. Prae


    I got the same response but they are leaving it very late, unless they have us earmarked for a later intake?
  13. Leeds & Doncaster but I already know there are no spaces on the first intake for these stations. Just hoping I get a job at the end of this, regardless of which intake. I've rang them today and been told that they're doing the posting exercise and we'll be contacted by the end of the week, but didn't they say that last week? Not holding out much hope to be honest! :smiley_vomit:
  14. I reckon we'll hear next Monday.