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  1. Wardlow

    Gwent Police chat thread

    I did my A/C 4 months ago to and it seems years ago, Just hope we get some good news in April.
  2. Wardlow

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Hey, Just got my results back from the assessment centre on 5th Oct 10, Passed with 62%. Very happy and just hoping i get a 2nd interview date soon!!
  3. Wardlow

    Gwent Police chat thread

    I spoke to Gwent Yesterday as i did my A/C on 5th Oct 10. They said there were processing people as normal not putting on hold.
  4. Wardlow

    Gwent Police chat thread

    I'm still waiting to do my A/C on 15th Sept. Only been a year since i applyed lol.
  5. Wardlow

    May 2010 Assessment Centre

    Hey Iv been told iv got my A/C 15th Sept.
  6. Wardlow

    Gwent Second interview results

    Congrats on passing the second interview. Im still waiting for my assessment centre date so little behind you but hopefully will catch up at some point. Do you know how many got through the second interview by any chance?
  7. Wardlow

    Assessment centre this weekend

    My assessment centre is mar/apr, so let me know how it when this weekend!! Good luck
  8. Wardlow

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Hey mate, i have done it before and it was a really good day and very informative, my assessment centre is being held Mar/Apr so i will be doing a refresher course just before. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone doing the A/C.
  9. Wardlow

    Gwent Police chat thread

    The woman on the phone mentioned it but i cant exact number she said, it was either 93 or 94 something around that number lol
  10. Wardlow

    Gwent Police chat thread

    They only rang because i have to attend a dyslexic assessment centre not the ones in Dec 09. But they said that i should still get a letter by end of the week saying i passed so you should be fine n get your letter soon hopefully mate, they said there were going to be about 93 at assessment centre.
  11. Wardlow

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Recruitment team rang me today and informed me that my application had been successful and the assessment centre would be held round about 4th 5th Dec though mine would be in March and that letters should be received by the end of week. Good Luck to all still waiting not long now!
  12. Wardlow

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Has anyone herd anything back yet, i applied same time and just wonder if anyone herd out yet?
  13. Wardlow

    Dorset Police Recruiting

    Just thought i would let people know
  14. Wardlow

    CNC is it a real Police Force??

    Cheers mate i think i will wait for MDP, just weighing up options and did not really know much about CNC
  15. Phoned them today and they said that they have stop recruitment for about 6 months +, gutted as its just as i was about to send my application off. oo well have to wait it out now i guess!