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  1. Did I see that your PCSO application was successful, I take it your CNC app went in the bin (like mine)

  2. Trifella

    Port Of Liverpool Police (NPIA Transfer)

    Hi, I used to be in the RAF Police, doing the same thing as the CNC and MDP guarding "stuff" . I joined north Wales police when I left about 14 years ago but left due to personal issues at the time. I applied to the CNC about three years ago and was offered Sellafield starting November 2010, but I had to decline it at the last moment due to distance and issues with the care of my son and my ex wife's protests. Not an issue now, thought about applying again to the CNC but I'm nearly 47 this year, I would only do it if wylfa became available. I applied to port of Liverpool recently as its not too far away from me here in north Wales, and they asked for anyone who passed npia since 2008, so they sent me an app form. I applied to be a pcso here also, but it's a means to an end, I've got to get out of my dead end boring bank job. I'm a data analyst. Start date for pcso role is end of this month, but I really want to get back to being a PC.
  3. Trifella

    Port Of Liverpool Police (NPIA Transfer)

    oh!! I didnt know they were in danger of being dissolved? I regret turning down my CNC offer now last year. :-( Oh well ive got a start date as a PCSO with North Wales in the meantime to keep me going, but im not sure what to do given the drop in salary and the temporary two year contract.
  4. Trifella

    Port Of Liverpool Police (NPIA Transfer)

    Oh dear, just had a letter from Port Of Liverpool Police, due to unforseen circumstances, their budget has been cut until the foreseeable future, but they are retaining my application form on file should I wish to be considered if they start again. Anyone else had anything similar?
  5. Hi, Has anyone completed an application form for Port Of Liverpool Police? I responded to an advert on Police Oracle, asking for people who had passed an NPIA assessment centre since May 2008. Has anyone else done the same? Has anyone heard back from them yet? Thanks
  6. Trifella

    North Wales PCSO - Shifts.

    Hi Thanks. Have you applied through the latest December recruitment campaign, or the one started in September? I have spoken to a coipkle of PCSO's from one station, and I emailed another sdtation, but they havent replied back to me. I believe the shifts can be different between each station. I just need to get a flavour as Im a single dad. They have put my fitness/occy health back to 25th January 2012, so Im guessing later start dates. They said there are lots of staggered start dates.
  7. I totally agree with you OJM, I am in utter disbelief in what I have read above. PCSO are there to support the community in a non confrontational civilian role and support Police officers in whatever way applicable and safe to do so. Police officers have an obligation as part of their oath to intervene to uphold the law. PCSO's do not, they are there to provide a friendly foot patrol face and allow Police officers to carry out the busy and diverse nature of their work as they no longer have the time to do the Dixon of dock green stuff anymore. Its worrying that some potential PCSO's and serving PCSO's think they will be some sort of pseudo cop. PCSO are 'NOT POLICE OFFICERS' They are there to be present at youth clubs, talk to shop keepers, be a friendly interface between the beat bobby and the community, re assuring, etc etc, inmy opinion a job that suits me down to the ground. I have witnessed an immaturity the bewilders me on here, and i am saying that trying to be fair and inclusive and respective to our diverse society. I know this as I have been a regular Police Officer and I am now entering the Police organisation again as a PCSO. I have been a Military Policeman too so I do know a little about the subject. As such sorry OJM the MOD Police are not Military Police, LOL, sorry mate. The Military Police (Otherwise known as Service Police) are made up of serving members of the three forces (THe RMP "Red Caps", The RAF Police "Snowdrops", the Royal Navy Service Police or four if you include Royal Marines Police also. The MOD Police are Police that serve the Ministry of Defence community and wear a home office police style of uniform, and are mainly used to police MOD land and establishments and mainly to provide an interface between the military and the civilian MOD emplyee community and other civilians. They also provide a high visible Armed presence, bit like the CNC. The MOD Police are sworn constables but the Military Police are not, they have warrant cards that are signed by the respective Service Provost Marshalls. So there you go LOL...
  8. Trifella

    British Transport Pcso have cuffs!!

    Coincidently North Wales Police PCSO's are issued with Handcuffs too. Possibly due to isolated areas?? dont know??
  9. Hi all, Ive passed most stages of selection(Interview PIR etc). I Just need to do fitness etc now, and looking at possible start date 30th january 2012. Can Anyone tell what the shift patterns are in the North wales Police areas? I'm hoping for Conwy coastal. (So anywhere Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Conwy Police stations). I know all are different, but would welcome input with the differnt scearios. I have asked but can never get a full answer, someone said its a 6 shift system, which doesn't really tell me much. As a single dad I could do with knowing what the hours are and how they rotate through the week(s), so I can guage what support I need to get or give. Many Thanks
  10. Trifella

    New BTP Recruiting Thread

    Applied for Manchester, got knock back letter on Friday. I used a template from previous application to tyhe CNC which I passed and was offered a place last year (Which I had to pull out of for personal reasons at the time) so the standard indeed must have been very high. Good luck to everyone, I am applying for the CNC again now (Its a similar job to what I used to do in the RAF Police anyway), unfortunaltel I will have tro wait 6 months now before I can apply again. :-( Good luck to everyone
  11. Trifella

    CNC Application

    Thats good news, I knew I wasnt imagining it, at 46 Im not sure I wat to take chance again, although I have been an 814 walker doing exactly same as the cnc in the RAF, guarding fissiles, I would want the support of my Force HR structures and my Chief Const, listening to my mate, it doesnt sound like you have that. I got some big decisions to make.
  12. Trifella

    CNC Application

    Hi, I hope you are right because it sounds all wrong to me... But it did come recently from a CNC officer with 13 years in the job, who told me it came straight from the Chief Const mouth, during a recent visit to an operational unit, whilst carrying out a "Clear Lower Decks" Q & A session with the Rank and File.....would be a very strange thing to say if there wasnt something in it. Im guessing someone must have got some wires crossed, as being both an ex RAF Policeman and having spent time as a Home Office County bobby, I know it would be very difficult to carry a firearm as a civilian or "Civil Servant". The contrat thing came from someone I know who recently went through Culham who told me that they indeed had to sign a different contract half way through their course, amended with the salary clause. I dont think that effects those currently serving, just those who are joining from now on.
  13. Trifella

    CNC Application

    Well Im back.... After having first applied in January 2009, and finally getting an offer for Sellafield in November 2010, and to much dissapointment having to decline said offer a week before starting at Culham, due to my ex wife serving me a legal letter refusing me access, on the grounds that she thought I would be a Bad dad because i was going to Sellafield, this is all sorted now, and i am considering starting the loooonnng application process all over again. However Ive heard some rumours from a serving officer CNC that are putting me off slightly. 1. Is it true that salaries are now capped to 27k (I believe Some who recently started basic training had to re sign their contracts to reflect this) 2. Is it true that a merger with MDP may happen and then all PC,s may lose their constable status. I believe again from rumour control within that they want the CNC to be "Civilianised" would be good to hear if this is true or not. The person who told me is a very stable trustworthy fella who said , "You had a lucky escape, this is whats happening...", I just would like to hear from some others before I commit to that whole process again. Thanks Guy
  14. Trifella

    CNC November Course

    No nothing in the post yesterday either, I got an email from my HR at work asking if it was ok to supply a reference to the CNC, so the wheels are in motion I guess.
  15. Trifella

    CNC November Course

    Yes, true, It would preclude you from getting an FMT600a an airfield driving licence so even in the supplier branch, it would have effected you as the Fuel Bowser drivers I think were suppliers, and it would mean you wouldnt have been be able to drive across airfields to drop stores off at various locations. Your better off where you are now then. Well the RAF Police job was love or hate. I believe its a far better job these days, it used to be like the job the CNC do today, manning access points, security patrols, checking passes on gates etc airfield security, seraching cars at the main gate etc etc, but I believe its more an actual Police job these days. I neec to get out on my feet, dreading starting again lol...but Im ok once into the swing of things.