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  1. Gerry2009

    What Kit Bag to Buy?

    woah there, there's a "free" federation bag.... how do you get that... have I just wasted my money on a (very nice) tactical jack bag?
  2. Gerry2009

    Are we Allowed To Take Picture of Police

    We're public figures working most of the time in public places, we really can't argue against being filmed, however if the film picks up material with evidential value eg. an assault taking place. I would want to be straight over to confiscate the cameraphone to use the footage as evidence. I only hope the little scrote wouldn't miss his phone while it was being processed!
  3. Gerry2009

    I'm Looking for a new phone. Suggestions welcome.

    I've had the HTC desire since May and it's been a fantastic phone, I'd definitely buy it again over the iPhone. If you've got the patience, get the desire HD when it comes out in Nov/Dec or get the HTC desire which is virtually the same spec with a slightly less good camera and different body shape
  4. Gerry2009

    Death chase police officer cleared

    Surely if the kid had been brought up to have any common sense, he would have gone to the car park and waited by the car for the neighbour to return.
  5. Gerry2009

    Only 5'7, height issue?

    I heard of a smaller than average copper whose nickname was "laptop" because he was a small PC
  6. Gerry2009

    police fitness test

    That's not quite right, the grip strength is not part of the national fitness standard for officers.
  7. Mephedrone was never sold as "for consumption", if you remember, it was sold as "plant food"
  8. Gerry2009


    I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass and I'm all out of bubble gum.
  9. Sorry, but you would need to watch South Park to get that particular reference. Well worth watching to see just how many ways you can offend because of race and diversity (and so avoid doing so yourself of course!)
  11. Gerry2009


    i've downloaded it for you kenworthy, pm me your email address and i'll send it on to you i've uploaded it to rapishare, never done that before. 10 lucky people can download the file directly from a free account.. enjoy http://rapidshare.com/files/369424005/1082..._27341.mp4.html
  12. So, how would you feel about the idea of a blanket "internet music tax" which legally entitles you to download as much music as you want, with the proceeds of the tax going to the artists? The problem with downloading, is that it is so easy to do, even my mother knows how to do it. Coupled with the high price of music, it's easy to see why people have moved towards piracy. By making inernet music something that you pay a flat fee for (in the same way as we pay a flat fee for our tv licence, it makes the payment route much easyier which would hopefully lead to a higher take up of services. This should be an opt in tax, so if you didn't want to pay, you didn't have to, but i do feel that music should be available to everyone!
  13. Gerry2009


    I really think you should reconsider the pension, you will contribute 9.5% of your salary, but that's not all the pension pot will be based upon, your employers will contribute as well, more than matching your contribute (I think they contribute 14% but I can't remember for sure) so that means that for your 9.5% contribution, you get a sum equivalent to 23.5% building up. This sum is tax free as well so you don't have to worry about the taxman taking his cut. You're unlikely to make the full 35 years unless you buy some credits, but if you work until 60, that's still 23 years of service or about 65% of the full pension. I'm not looking at any pension documents or making detailed calculations, this is off the top of my head. If anyone wants to correct me, please do.
  14. Gerry2009

    Gwent Specials march 2010

    Does anyone else keep reading the topic to this thread and imagine that the Gwent specials will begoing marching sometime in 2010??
  15. Gerry2009

    Police stop and search powers 'target minorities'

    The problem as i see it is that if the police go to an area where they have information that drug dealing is happening, they could easily stop a higher than representative proportion of ethnic minorities simply because they are not a minority in that specific location. For whatever reason, there may be more people of a particular background living in an area where a crime is occuring, even if the police were to stop and search all of the people who live there, they would still get results that aren't representative of the population as a whole. I also agree with the bbc article that the whole stop and search strategy seems ineffective, raising heckles amost locals for relatively small gains.