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  1. DBRacingGod


    Bad grammar again, I'm afraid (rogue capitalisation, comma after 'you'). Epic fail.
  2. DBRacingGod

    Matterhorn Boots

    Google says: this
  3. DBRacingGod

    PLC courses for PCSO'S passed day 1

    This is wrong. As I said earlier - the PLC entry method is currently being trialled and may be subject to change. However, as it stands, Specials must currently undertake the 16-week PLC course (it is only actually one day per week), pass the final exam with 60%+ and complete the three-week continuation training course at Hendon. You can always telephone Met HR if you have any questions. PCSOs are a different kettle of fish.
  4. DBRacingGod

    Future recruiment

    The PLC course is currently on a one-year trial with the Met, administered by Portsmouth University. So it might be staying...
  5. DBRacingGod

    PLC courses for PCSO'S passed day 1

    Perhaps they should only employ nice, clean, white people? Or maybe just nice, clean, white men? Or maybe just nice, clean, white Christian men? No room for the old, black folks, Jews and uppity females in this man's po-leece, no sirree.
  6. DBRacingGod

    Starting 5th September

    Hmmm - the side zip, eh? Never been a bit fan meself. Always been worried the zip'll break and leave me bootless for the rest of the shift. I've known that <i>actually</i> happen mind, but all the same...
  7. DBRacingGod

    Starting 5th September

    Re: uniform fitting. No wedgie for me this am, but I was a little unnerved to net 37-inch waist strides. Now I remember who ate all the pies.
  8. DBRacingGod

    Starting 5th September

    Guildford for me, I hope. This is Surrey - everywhere's good to live...if you can afford it!
  9. DBRacingGod

    Starting 5th September

    Got my offer today. How pleased am I? Well done everyone, I'm really looking forward to seeing you all very soon.
  10. DBRacingGod

    Starting 5th September

    Sure did!
  11. DBRacingGod

    Starting 5th September

    I just spoke to Surrey and...the E-MAILS will be going out next week as 'early as possible'. You then print out the offer, sign it and send it back. And my reference was fine. Phew. Hey Rosi - if you've yet to do your medical then I'd say sadly, no, you're not going to be on the intake - they need to give you a month's notice ahead of the start date. I've sat through four possible starts, watching people from the forum drift off, but all you can do is gut it out and wait for your turn. You'll only hear from vetting if there's an issue. No news is the best news. Good luck mate - you'll be fine, honestly.
  12. DBRacingGod

    Starting 5th September

    References are with Surrey now...eek!
  13. DBRacingGod

    Starting 5th September

    Praise the Lord, I'm starting on September 5th, subject to references. It'll have been 20 months from the start of my PLC course to engagement - you get less for riotous disorder! I can't wait and I hope to see some of you guys there soon. Regards, David
  14. DBRacingGod

    Cyclist posts video to catch Bexley road-rage attacker

    I'm tempted to say that this response is exactly what MOP1 was alluding to when s/he said: "Given the attitude by some police forces to assaults on cyclists..." I could be wrong, however.
  15. DBRacingGod

    Cyclist posts video to catch Bexley road-rage attacker

    What exactly is your experience? We've got your opinion - that this is some militant cyclist deserving somehow of a roadside thrashing. If you look at the original Youtube video you'll see a full explanation by its author of what led up to the assault - car cuts up cyclist pushing him off the road, cyclist wallops car to alert/punish driver, driver then clips cyclist with wing mirror, pulls over and then thumps cyclist. Do you think there's a 9/11/moon landings-style cover-up afoot? My opinion? I think unless your experience includes commuting by bicycle through London on a regular basis it is, frankly, behind the curve on this one. Signed, A London cyclist who's been a victim of road rage and wilfully careless driving on more occasions than he cares to remember.