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  1. SammyB

    West Mercia January 2017 Start Date

    Do you know where you're going to be based?
  2. SammyB

    West Mercia January 2017 Start Date

    Warwickshire. We're all one big happy family now though [emoji4]. Welcome aboard.
  3. SammyB

    West Mercia January 2017 Start Date

    Are you Warwickshire or West Mercia? [emoji102]
  4. Laura21, A Police Information Notice (PIN) is not even a written warning. It is a notice to you, as a 'suspect', that an allegation has been made against you. It is not a formal disposal method that is used to detect an offence of harassment and it is purely there to advise you about the allegation and, should your conduct continue, then you may be investigated formally. That being said you most definitely SHOULD declare it at the earliest opportunity because if you don't declare it then it will be seen as an integrity issue and your application will swiftly be placed in to the bin. My personal feeling is that this shouldn't really cause you an issue, however vetting departments can often make peculiar decisions.
  5. SammyB

    Offer withdrawn

    From what you've written it does not seem as though it would be a vetting issue. It could be something like your references haven't been returned in time for your file to be signed off for a particular intake. I've known that happen on a few occasions.
  6. SammyB

    Failed Vetting - Appeal letter?

    Firstly, what type of job is it?
  7. SammyB

    Fitness requirements for special constable

    If TVP are like the majority of other forces then it'll be level 5.4 on the bleep test
  8. SammyB

    Breach of bail

    Not committing crime is probably a good starting point.
  9. I wouldn't say that you're under any form of obligation to even consider a voluntary interview. That being said it is obviously going to be a suitable and a sensible option, especially with the investigation of volume crimes. With relevance to the OP's initial post, upon reflection I have noted that they have suggested that the CPN has deemed the suspect fit to be interviewed, in respect of their mental health, as long as the interview is conducted expeditiously. This factor, coupled with the suspect's refusal to attend the police station on a voluntary basis, makes an arrest even more necessary than it was before.
  10. Yes. You've got a necessity to arrest them all day long. They're refusing to attend on a voluntary basis so there's no questioning the necessity. As an OIC you're under no obligation to offer someone the opportunity to attend on a voluntary basis. I'm not for a second suggesting that this is the case for the OP but in my experience there is a lack of knowledge and confidence in the use of Code G and the application of the necessity test. Situations like this, not specifically related to mental health but considering re-arrest, will become more common when the bail regulations change.
  11. Welcome! I must say, good choice of Constabulary too [emoji1305]
  12. SammyB

    Tampering With My Personnel File

    Are you retired now?
  13. SammyB

    Failed Final Interview

    We could see you on the next season of Rookies then :)
  14. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that two people being overly loving in a secluded (yes) area could be committing a criminal offence? Members of the office of Constable (coppers to the lay person), as per the oath of attestation, are duty bound to deal with ALL offences. If I was you (sadly I'm not) I would focus your attention on not committing offences and/or coming to the attention of the local Constabulary, rather than worrying about the allocation of police resources*. *Unless of course you are a Police and Crime Commissioner, if so, by all means focus your attention in this area
  15. SammyB

    Wmp Kit 2016

    What's a print and penalty booklet?