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  1. bagpuss62

    Lancashire 2018/19 Intake

    Just seeing if anyone has any knowledge of the timelines when it comes to the current Lancashire recruitment. Assessment centre and final interviews done and passed but not heard anything for a number of weeks.
  2. bagpuss62

    Failed Vetting (Merseyside) - Advice on Appeal

    I can see both sides of the story and understand how it must look. I have sent my appeal of and can only wait to see the outcome. I am already resigned myself to missing out this time. Will this have an affect on me trying to apply for Merseyside again? and what do you mean by look at neighbouring forces?
  3. bagpuss62

    Failed Vetting (Merseyside) - Advice on Appeal

    I didn't get arrested but instead was given a form which detailed how to pay the fine. Which i did the next day. Turns out this is a conviction but I didn't know that. I declared my two speeding convictions that I have had in the past. Home Office guidelines say fail if a candidate deliberately misleads recruitment. I don't believe I did so just hoping someone takes a look at my appeal letter, the extra references and believes me. I'm not hopeful though.
  4. I have managed to pass all the stages in relation to Merseyside Police Force apart from the vetting stage. I expected to fly through this but got an email to say I had failed. I was absolutely shell shocked and spent all night wondering why. When I spoke to HR they informed me that I had a conviction for urinating in the street about 10 years ago and due to the fact I had not declared it my integretity was in question. While I do not dispute this the reason i didn't declare was that I at the time, and untill I was told, thought that the fine I receieved was paid to avoid a conviction. I am gutted and never meant to mislead. I plan to appeal and wondered if anybody else had a similar story and if so managed to successfully appeal.