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  1. ike24

    Time line

    Hi all, as the title suggests what kind of time lines has everyone experianced. when did you first apply and when do you start/ are due to start. Thanks Ike
  2. hey all. i attended the 2009 recruitment day with my assesment center in july 2009. waiting on the fitness and medical dates and really just want to here something. currently i work 2 different bar jobs which is fun lol. Ike
  3. ike24

    Waiting for recruitment

    hi all, just wondering, i applied this year (2009) passed the assesment centre in july 09 and am also waiting on the fitness and medical dates. rang sussex recruitment the other day and they said they still arent even sure when the tests are likely to be. just want to get started now. getting fed up with my current job lol. mind you the pub trade is good for certain aspects. realistically am i right in thinking i am unlikely to get a start date till early 2011. Thanks Ike