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  1. Is there no way around that mate? By that I mean would recruitment not perhaps look on it on a case by case basis given your previous experience? Might be worth asking the question. TBH I'd put this to the back of my mind some time ago although I have checked back in here from time to time. Agree that it's disappointing to be back to square one, I probably like everyone else here put a huge amount of effort into passing the assessment in the first place and was pretty gutted when the freeze kicked in. Not entirely thrilled about having to repeat all that again but not entirely unexpected either. I'm not really sure it's a viable option for me any more.... undecided. GL to you all though, nice to see the same guys still here......
  2. rich100

    Update email 30/06/12

    No harm in that at all mate, .. :wink:
  3. I don't fully understand how the government can suddenly start "civilianising" certain roles within the job on the basis that they do not require warranted powers. I'm sure a number of roles within the police may not require warranted powers all of the time, but what happens when those powers are required and the individual no longer has them? By it's nature police work surely is not entirely predicatable and for that reason I would have thought that it would be quite difficult to say this role or that role definately doesn't need to be warranted. Seems like a smoke screen to replace skilled officers with civilians, whilst simultaneously recuriting far fewer new pcs and paying them a lot less . Damn.... the penny's just dropped.
  4. rich100

    Update email 30/06/12

    Hi Andi Seems like a long time ago now, i'd passed my A/c and vetting and was waiting for my medical when the freeze hit. Tricky one really, given that the force still has to lose a large number of officers, I still can't realistically see recruitment starting any time soon.
  5. rich100

    Update email 30/06/12

    Hi Andi, I've had nothing as yet. Last update I received was in january, but I gather they were planning to send a further one in June.
  6. rich100

    Update email 23/01/12

    Great news i bet you're other two will l be excited about the new arrival Difficult one really because we don't really know at this point when recruirment will start again. There are rumblings that it may start again this year but I would suspect that if that turns out to be the case, that the intakes would probably by much smaller and likely further apart than they were a few years ago. I would guess from your posts and proflie that you must be near the very top of the queue judging by your A/C pass date, So the timing of recrutiment reopening may not be great for you at the moment. On reflection I would recommend before you drop them a line to give a recruitment a call and just chat the situation through with them. Like you said earlier you can't put your life on hold and it is inevitable that circumstances for people in the queue will change over time. It may be possible to continue to defer your application until such a point where you are in a position to make a more informed decision assuming you still wish to do join, and thinking about it I don;t reckon continuing to defer your app would cause recruitment much bother as I don't think they will be rushing huge numbers through to start with. it'll probably be more like a gradual trickle. I would stress however this is all my own view / speculation so as always, don't take it as fact. :biggrin:
  7. rich100

    Update email 23/01/12

    Fifi many congratulations on your news. I too have some slight hesistation as circumtances have changed for me in the last 3 years or so, (although not in the same way :wink: ) The recrutiment email simply asks if you're interest still remains. Assuming it does, you don't have anything to lose by confirming this and you can always change your mind further down the track if you need to. Good luck with the pregancy and whatever you decide
  8. rich100

    Update email 23/01/12

    Hi fifi Recevied mine also today. Content not really a surprise but glad to see they are maintaining the applications rather than cancelling them.
  9. rich100

    West Mids Recruitment Updates

    I know this seems to be dragging on forever, but I think they would have canned the deferred applications by now if they were going to do so. 18 months have passed since that recruitment update event, but I do recall them saying quite categorically at the time that West Mids were amongst a very few forces which were planning to defer applicants rather than cancel them. I accept that that policy is not set in stone, but they haven;t got a huge amount to lose by keeping us deferred. Ultimately they will have to start recruitment again at some stage even if its not on the same scale as before, particuarly when the officers recruited in the early to mid 80s start to complete their 30 years service. I think there was quite a large recrutiment drive at that time as a result of the miners strike. Hope it works out for you mate I know it's frustrating.
  10. rich100

    One Word Association

  11. rich100

    You're all sh*t

    I took and passed the assessment in 2009 prior to the recruitment freeze setting in and am frankly rather insulted by the implication that it's easy. I personally found it to be quite a demanding 5 hours and I do not consider myself for one second to be illiterate. The tests are not in themselves difficult, the challenge comes from completing them accurately in a controlled time frame. Preparation is the key to passing the assessment and I think it unlikely that most people would simply turn up and breeze through it as Mr Winsor appears to be suggesting. I believe only one in seven applicants pass the recruitment process so I really fail to understand the point is he making. Surely if they were as easy as he suggests the pass rate would be closer to 6 out of 7? I seriously wouldn’t let this get to you I have personally never come across an illiterate police officer either and think that this sweeping comment is for the most part inaccurate and in my view somewhat below the belt. Keep doing what you're doing guys, I would hope (!!) most members of the public would recognise the great work you do on their behalf.
  12. rich100

    recruitment openings?

    The last recuritment drive for West Mids was in summer 2009, but although assesments took place during 2009, recuritment was then subseqently frozen resulting in a backlog of approx 1000 candidates who have passed assesment but whose applications are currently currently deferred until further notice. Some of the guys in the queue have been there for quite some time prior to 2009 and were essentially just waiting for a start date before the freeze kicked in.
  13. rich100

    What would you'r dream police car to drive

    Heh - Whilst I'm not sure I deserve such praise, I'm very touched, thank you both
  14. rich100

    What would you'r dream police car to drive

    Bah.... if armoured attack helipcopters are out, i'll settle for this......