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  1. Braveheart2009

    Breach Or Not?

    Does, approaching an individual once from in front/behind while driving a car breach a non harassment order, which states any approach whatsoever will be deemed a breach. The court order paragraph statement doesn't mention anything about driving, I took as it in a form of communication rather than approaching as walking by or driving by, however it mentions ANY? How would a police officer view it along with a witness claiming I was causing alarm and distress by driving by once?
  2. Braveheart2009

    Gang Stalking

  3. Braveheart2009

    Gang Stalking

    If someone is a targeted individual what measures can he/she take to protect themselves. What evidence do the police want?
  4. Braveheart2009

    Family Breakdown

    yep a vague answer? Which part are you talking about?
  5. Braveheart2009

    Family Breakdown

    the person has mental health issues and has been diagnosed as that. Also, what if the wife or brothers or sister of the man call the police and file a missing person report to find him. He has already told the police gave his name and date of birth that he has a breakdown in the family and is leaving. Can the family do anything further to get him/her back home. Free will isn't it.
  6. Braveheart2009

    Family Breakdown

    If someone is being harassed by any family member and nothing can be resolved and he/she requires a place to stay temporarily do the police arrange this? If so with who? Does the police officer take he/she to the new accommodation after the police station?
  7. Braveheart2009

    Talk Through Lawyer

    and those exception are?
  8. Braveheart2009

    Non Harassment Order Breach Or Not?

    Soon it will be a crime to ask any questions!
  9. Hi, If you are on a non harassment order and you pass the complainer going to work unintentionally and it's unavoidable to turn around because of traffic and danger doing a u turn how do the police and judges view that as a breach or an order in tact? What evidence would you require to clear your name proving it as false as the complainer will have a witness with them confirming the date and time you were there? Thanks.
  10. Braveheart2009

    Talk Through Lawyer

    Sub Seven, If you remain silent is that sufficient grounds of arrest under which law/section/code? Reasonable Man, is that not a constitutional right to be in the presence of a lawyer before being questioned?
  11. Hello, When Police question you in your car at your door or in the street do citizens have the right to speak through their lawyer to the Police rather than directly either on the phone or in person? Many of us are unaware of our rights, however speaking to a lawyer at the time of offence seems sensible to me. Thanks.
  12. Hello, How do the courts/police see a self defence victim spraying pepper spray into someone's face for self defence? Is this a better alternative a legal spray not lethal? Farb Gel Spray Criminal Identifier With crime on the rise, we are constantly having to look for alternative protection for ourselves and the family. Now you can fight back with FARB GEL SPRAY. Farb defense spray is compact and 100% UK legal. The defense spray is perfect for Students, shop owners, travelers, joggers, taxi drivers, nurses and other health care workers, neighborhood wardens, walkers, bikers, hikers and anyone who wants extra protection. Exclusive to MC Products we can now offer the TIW FARB spray complete with a webbing holder to make sure it is always in reach on your belt when you need it most. The back of the pouch features a belt loop that is suitable for all belts up to 2 inches wide. How to use FarbGel Spray. Press top to release a spray of red gel onto the attackers face or clothing, this gives you vital seconds to escape. The Farb Gel will dye the assailants face and clothes for up to SEVEN days no matter how hard they try to wash and remove it. Farb Gel is eye safe and will leave no lasting or permanent damage to an attackers eyes. Disclaimer. Farb Gel Spray should only be used in an emergency, MC Products Can you confirm?
  13. Braveheart2009

    Child Accusations

    What I need supervision from someone else?
  14. Braveheart2009

    Child Accusations

    What makes you think I have a carer or require one?
  15. Braveheart2009

    Child Accusations

    You're wrong this is the general public. Not just in this country. Why should I move pay me to move. My work, business, and friends are here. Bullying. Because he is a child he knows he will get away with it and the police will take it less seriously even with CCTV and just say their only kids leave them alone while putting the public and staff in mental stress and some staff and members of the public leave should they be compensated for the distress is another question? Many companies compensate for distress and inconvenience. The whole country is like that the typical oh he's a Muslim is name is Ahmed is must be a terrorist. That is a false accusation don't tell me you don't believe that if you living in the real world.