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  1. Cookiehound


    If you can't see the top row (one very large letter by itself) then your uncorrected eyesight is too poor. You need 6/36 without glasses - you have to be able to see the second line down on the chart. Even though your corrected eyesight is good enough, you do not meet the national minimum standards. This is almost definitely going to mean you will be rejected. You have nothing to lose by sending in your form so that it is looked at, but you should prepare yourself for rejection. Sorry
  2. Cookiehound

    When did you get your offer of employment?

    Hi Chewiesdad, Cheers for the info, that would make my letter "due" the end of January-time, I guess. My personal referees haven't been contacted yet - I think I'll ask my current employer (who knows I've applied to join) if they've been asked for refs yet when I go back on Tuesday. Hope your training is going well!
  3. Well, I've gone through: papersift AC paperfit medical fitness and passed them. I'm being put forward for march and all thats remaining now is my vetting. I'm not worried about the security checking, as I've already passed that twice, and nothing has changed since, so thats just references, but I have the full ten years worth of those, so I guess they'll take a while to check. My query is, if I'm being put forward for March, assuming I pass vetting, when am I likely to get a letter notifying me? Because obviously there is the notice period at my current job, and I've got some other stuff to sort out first....I know I could ring HR and ask, but they're closed at the moment and I'm guessing they've got quite a lot on! Cheers :)
  4. Cookiehound

    March start

    I was joking - I'm impressed really! :) (and a bit jealous, I'll only be a stone lighter if I perform some drastic amateur surgery!!)
  5. Cookiehound

    March start

    Now that's just showing off!
  6. Cookiehound

    March start

    Cheers Buddle - I've done those (twice now I think) and sent it back already. Phew :) The lung function test - you have to blow into a machine two different ways, if I remember correctly, two or three times each (so a total or six 'goes'). I'm mid-thirties, had a bit of a cold, and passed easily (but I do go running). You need to be able to exhale hard and fast, and fast and long - you can train for it by buying a machine called a Power Breathe, which claims to help be able to improve your lungs, or by buying some balloons (the long ones) and keep blowing them up :)
  7. Cookiehound

    March start

    I must be a bit further up the queue - I've had my medical, got my fitness this week. Whats the "vetting paperwork" you've sent off? Was that just a revised list of references? Or something else?
  8. Cookiehound

    March start

    Yup, me - have you had your fitness test and medical test yet? :)
  9. Cookiehound

    Understanding eye tests!

    Hello, For what its worth, the official guidelines are listed in the Home Office Memo from 2003. For distance vision: If you wear glasses or contacts, you need to achieve 6/12 (corrected) in "either your right eye or your right eye", not both eyes, and 6/6 (corrected) binocularly (thats both eyes together at the same time), and 6/36 without glasses (if you wear them). What that means is - with your eyes at your best (so unaided if you don't need glasses, aided if you do), you have to be able to see 6/12 or better with either your left or right eye, and 6/6 with both together. If you wear glasses, you have to take them off, and be able to see 6/36. For help with what this actually means, 6/12 is the fifth line down on a normal eyechart. 6/6 is the seventh line down. 6/36 is the second line down. You will also be tested on colourblindness. This normally means either looking at some patterns and being able to identify the number in the pattern, or looking at some coloured dots and being able to identify the dot that is a different colour from the others. Some forces test eyesight using a standard snellens chart, and some use a machine that you look though (I'm not sure how that works, my force uses a snellens chart). You will also be asked to read a passage of text in a special book at normal reading distance. There are several passages of text, printed in different font sizes, and you need to be able to read the smallest font size which is labelled size N6. This can be with glasses if you need them, and both eyes together (binocularly).