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  1. ewanj6

    ''Busting a groove''

    Just saw this on a website, thought Id spread the joy! Some ones definitely getting into the spirit of things
  2. Its amazing how in the video title its says ''we went there to give our free sweets an hugs'' : I didnt once see them offer any of those security guys free sweets or hugs. Mind you, security gave them a hug of sorts.
  3. Im not implying that you have or have not, as mentioned in a previous reply to your topic - they are legal - but as i said any body who is stupid /silly enough to put something like that in their mouth, deserves any damage /illness /injury it causes to them
  4. If you want to start taking strange white powders marked up : ''Plant Food - Not for Human Consumption'' -Knock yourself out. One less idiot in the Gene pool
  5. ewanj6

    Shocking video

    f**@$ing hell, Amazing to see what adrenaline can help / do to the human body. Fair play to the bobby. Shame the judge thinks the sentence is appropriate
  6. ewanj6

    Tv license

    'Interesting' debate. Did take a quick glance at the tvlicensing website. One thing that did catch my eye: When did the BBC become responsible for the television licensing? The BBC assumed responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the television licensing system from the Home Office in 1991 No matter what you think on the paying / not paying / no value for money aspect. For a company in itself to be in charge of its own price per product, which can then be enforced by law, will always raise suspicion for the conspiracy theorist.
  7. ewanj6

    Fury as judge frees paedophile teacher

    im truly speechless
  8. Just a few stories regarding the items / products seized by police : BBC Link Daily Fail link Glad to see there reporting that some of the proceeds are going back into victims.
  9. ewanj6

    Shropshire council sacks all staff

    Unfair dismissal? I pretty sure all these employees can go straight to tribunal.....
  10. ewanj6


    I got me some of these : here Never had any problems. Always used the brand too (last pair i lost). soo..
  11. ewanj6

    Happy birthday to Soren!!

    Peroni ..........good choice...maybe age does bring wisdom Seriously all the best
  12. Driver ordered to remove his custom licence plate ''BO11 LUX'' by DVLA, after purchasing it from them? Im sure I read an article where the bloke in question asked ''what offense he was commiting? - If they sold it to him'' From the Register? Daily Fail (If you read the daily mail one - expect the usual police bashing by them and the user comments)
  13. ewanj6

    Make prisoners work

    Are they really going to put any sort of effort / pride /quality into work done thou?
  14. ewanj6

    Illegal to film police in public

    I kinda think the guy in this video is being an a#@e for the sake of it. He got into a situation that could have been resolved by a 5 minute polite conversation (subject to not knowing what 'the manner of his driving' was to be pulled over : Convinient that he starts filming, potentially after driving up and over a roundabout maybe??) But by frankly not co-operating, then driving off, and failing to stop = Way to look guilty of something and nothing in 10 min flat!
  15. ewanj6

    Community Policing at it's best.

    Cheeky hand gesture @ approx 2mins?