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cnc pete

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  1. cnc pete

    CNC locations

    for a single person,torness is no-brainer,edinburgh on your doorstep
  2. cnc pete

    CNC locations

    wylfas a good spot,i lived in bangor when i was there
  3. cnc pete

    Hunterston Site

    meant as a permanent address ie using b&bs and commuting distances home for rest days as a no-no.most of the lads based there live in the glasgow area
  4. cnc pete

    Hunterston Site

    you will, if successful have to sign a contract to live permanently within 40 miles or an hour of the site, choose wisely if you want to take hunterston to relocate completely or wait for another site,the 4 on/4off isnt set in stone and can change due to training or change of rest days etc.
  5. cnc pete


    id seriously suggest taking a look up there before commiting,its a life changing move and a transfer to another unit afterwards will be slim to none at best
  6. cnc pete

    Forces and military discussion topic

    who mentioned the green howards...
  7. cnc pete

    CNC Application

    not anymore it isnt,as cnc youve got to join the que and do the full process now,including the application form.you have far more chance of getting in,having a civvy job and being a special.
  8. cnc pete

    CNC Application

    good post mdon,hits the nail on the head
  9. nitemare,il be well and truly a civvy by then
  10. cnc pete

    transfer into CNC

    good post mdon
  11. cnc pete

    transfer into CNC

    pm any questions mate
  12. cnc pete

    transfer into CNC

    The transferrees have various skills and ability that obviously benefits the force regardless of their age,plus they have already proven themselves to be competent police officers which shows itself time and time again when they deal with a situation compared to an ex-ukulele supervisor.
  13. cnc pete

    CNC Application

    it wasnt tosh,it was going ahead but its been cancelled now,and we are employees of the cnpa officially but not to dishearten,we are still a growing organisation and there plans in the pipeline for us
  14. cnc pete

    CNC Application

    could be a while yet theres officers in the job been waiting 6 years + to get the site of choice
  15. cnc pete

    CNC Application

    patience is the key,it could take up to a year