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  1. communication_is_key

    CNC is it a real Police Force??

    Hi all, I think a lot of the reputation for CNC is historical. The force that used to carry revolvers and night lanterns around quiet buildings... However, a lot has changed. You may remember 9/11, 7/7 and the continual threats from terrorism around the world. Well, that is why CNC train and exercise their officers to the same standards as HO forces and given where they Police, we all hope they never have to use that training for real. There are always Officers that do not enjoy their jobs. always those people that like the way it used to be, but if they cannot see the worthwhile job that is being done, they really ought to considder their options elsewhere and free up some spaces at those "nice" locations I have read about so many new recruits wishing to move to. Yes, standing on a gate is not fun and may seem pointless but I would guess no less than protection officers stood outside residences, Gov buildings etc, and would we ever be able to measure the impact that their presence has on deterring AQ or any other group. :whistle2:
  2. communication_is_key

    CNC should I transfer??

    Hi all, the CNC can offer carreer progression, a change of roles into specialist roles (although I believe these are on the cut back), an oppotunity to move around the country and a friendly workforce. However, my understanding is the salary is lower than your average HO force due to the fact that they are not expected to get into the friday night brawl outside the local pub. Any new recruit would first and foremost be an AFO and as you have read all through this site, spend their fair share of time on a gate post, foot patrol or vehicle patrol. This suits some and not others so it is a personal choice. Pros and cons are different for all I would say. You could always look up the phone number and ask if they could put you in touch with an officer that could answer some questions for you - or visit your nearest site. It would give you a good idea if yiu could get on. Hope it helps
  3. communication_is_key

    CNC Officer Accomodation

    Hi, I am assuming your time in cumbria will be the training school which has accommodation (and not too bad). As for Annan, plenty of nice hotels (but not cheap). I would either ask CNC HR if they can help or if they can put you in touch with an officer on Chapelcross. Sorry it does not answer your questions outright but hope it helps