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  1. bravo4

    Police App for phone

    I have just bought a new Samsung phone, but before this I had an Iphone with Iplod on it. Just wondered if or what is the best App out there that is like Iplod. Any thoughts?
  2. bravo4

    Application timescale

    It's in the Police Scotland section :wink: Ha, good point, replied from a side bar, sorry. I think they will set a timescale though.
  3. bravo4

    Application timescale

    Each force is different, which force have you applied for? They normally let you know the timescales for each stage of the process.
  4. The fact that a warning has been given and the person who has requested it does not wished to be contacted by that person, is a record of unwanted contact. If the person contacts the victim after this, it shows a course on conduct which amounts to the harassment of another. Offence complete.
  5. bravo4

    OSPRE Part 1 Police Pass Books

    Cheers, that's what I have done and managed to get a set thanks.
  6. bravo4

    Application Form

    Thanks for the help, its not for me, I'm in the job. Just wanting to help someone who is looking at joining. Cheers Bravo4
  7. bravo4

    Application Form

    Thanks for the info, but I was wondering how the example is scored and how do you ring all the bells?
  8. Just wondering how they score an application form? What is the format and how do you hit the relevant points to score big?
  9. Was wondering if anyone had the latest Police Pass books they wanted to sell?
  10. bravo4

    Camera DSLR

    Bought a Nikon D3200, got a good deal extra battery, camera case, Nikon cleaning cloth and extra lens £399.00 with 30 quid cash back from Nikon. Thanks for the info people. Next question I am after a tripod, any suggestions?
  11. bravo4

    Camera DSLR

    Thanks for the info people. :smiley_notworthy:
  12. bravo4

    Camera DSLR

    Went for the Nikon D3200. My next question is what memory card to go for? Got a good deal from Currys http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/cameras-camcorders/digital-cameras/dslr-cameras/nikon-d3200-dslr-camera-with-18-55-mm-55-200-mm-telephoto-zoom-lens-21324868-pdt.html
  13. Does anyone know if there are any application checking services websites out there? Talking blues do not do this service anymore. Not for me, but for a friend. Any help would be appreciated
  14. Looking to buy a DSLR camera entry level and the question is Canon or Nikon?
  15. Looking to buy a new monitor and was wondering what I should be looking at specs wise? Budget is £150. Just normal use not gaming.