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  1. AShropshireLad

    Question for Argonath

    Many thanks for the detailed reply TLR. Something to mull over
  2. AShropshireLad

    Question for Argonath

    Hello I have a few questions about the MOD Police and I see that you are a serving Officer rather than a trainee, so I hoped you'd be able to answer them for me. Here goes ; 1. I know that after training you're likely to spend your probation at Aldermaston, but I wondered what happens after that. Do you get to choose where you want to go or are you simply posted somewhere ? 2. Can you stay in a particular geographical area or are you expected to move around ? 3. Realistically what are the opportunities for specialisation ? Is it dead mans shoes/face fits, like the HO forces or can you realistically expect to get a post like dog handler etc without having to get 15 years in the job first ? I did 6 years in a HO force then jacked it in to be a househusband. Now the kids are of school age I want to get back to work but I don't want to go back into a HO force. The MOD Police ticks all the boxes for me but my wife isn't keen on being dragged around the country and the kids continually having to move school. Thats my only sticking point. I know there must be others like me, I just wonder how they cope ?