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  1. I am quite intrigued about the NCA, so I applied for a role. Hopefully, you will find a lot more about the roles at the assessment day. The role profiles didn't really go into much detail. Like others, I found the first two assessments quite challenging. Particularly the maths one, I thought I had miserably failed that. Turns out I mustn't have done. I actually quite enjoyed this one, however. But literally as I was about to submit my answer for the last one, time ran out. Hope that doesn't end up putting me out of the running! You do get a few practice questions before you go into the test itself, just to familiarise yourself with what's expected.
  2. Just out of curiosity, what area did those that are still waiting apply for? Is it possible they are doing the A/C in order of the areas where the need for new officers is greatest?
  3. Pc_chunks

    The Six Month Rule

    I applied for the force I currently work for via an internal recruitment drive in January. It turns out the HR department were naughty and didn't mark all of the applications, so have waived the six month rule for those who "failed" (I use the word loosely) papersift last time during a current external campaign. This suggests to me that it can't be a strict requirement of the recruitment process in a paper-sift and forces can pick and choose. When it comes t your A/C scoes however, then you do have to wait the full six months, as I believe this is how often they change the contents of the day.
  4. Pc_chunks


    As expected, I didn't meet the standard required in my interview! Good luck to everyone else though!
  5. Pc_chunks


    It was my first assessment as a PC, but I am a PCSO at the mo, so it wasn't completely alien to me! I found the interview the hardest part, mainly due to the fact you don't know what you're going to be asked until 10 minutes before. Add that to the fact that I was interviewed by a Sgt. who is in charge of all of the probationers in the Force, who warned me he "would only accept the best" and I miserably failed in my interview. But i'm comfortable with that, and accepted it as I was having my uniform fitted, funnily enough! But I wish everyone else the best of luck, and await my phonecall with (not so) baited breath! :whistle2:
  6. Pc_chunks


    I heard the same! But one of the BTP recruitment people (can't remember her name) also said they are looking for two classes of 20 people in each class to start in September. If they have only had 80 people in these four A/C dates; surely they are going to have to either get some more A/C dates... or pass more people. Interestingly, everyone was either a Special or PCSO on the day aswell. Whoever hasn't had a date yet: do not underestimate the presentation or interview. It was hard. I certainly won't be passing after my interview! Good luck to everyone!
  7. Pc_chunks


    I love the optomism! "i WILL" its made me smile. However, I think if they were going to go down the "best apps" route they would have been the first ones so they are ready to start in September!? I doubt this is even the case anyway and they have just chucked apps into piles and sent them off, and some have come back quicker thab others. Also, I know a special who passed his AC at the weekend, and was told training would be just 10 weeks! Now for a Special, even a PCSO that would be manageable but for somebody who is not in the police - surely that is a mammoth task of fully training them in 2 and a half months! It makes me wonder........
  8. Pc_chunks


    I started off with writing a whole presentation, but have now realised its going to be much easier to just remember the points instead, so i'm now doing that. And Roberto - I don't live in Manchester, but its a really easy commute for me. I also snuck Crewe in there. I know it wasn't advertised - but you never know! :whistle2:
  9. Pc_chunks


    Well done to the first lot who have passed their A/C! Did I read somewhere there are only 9 vacancies for the whole of the northwest!? Somebody I know rang HR last week and was told there were 8 or 9 just for Manchester alone. Anyway: how long are/ were people's presentations? I'm stressing so much about mine. Got it to 7 minutes - now i've just got to learn it... Easier said than done! :smiley_vomit: Saturday is coming around far too quickly!
  10. Pc_chunks


    I applied to NW (Manchester) and i've heard back. I'm sure I read somewhere that there were alot more applications for the London area than anywhere else, so perhaps this is why more people are hearing regarding this area, whether succesful or otherwise. As for how many they will cut at the various stages. I think they will have to be pretty scathing with every part of it. If there are 4,500 applications. Theycan easily cut that down to 2,000 through papersift, probably more. Then in the ACs people may get knocked out at the end of each stage. I.e. if you fail your interview/presentation, you will not do your presentation/interview. And then move onto the exams, and again if you fail, thats it. It maybe even the case that you can only have one crack at passing your fitness too. If they're doing fittings, taking your card ID photo aswell on this day then it's going to be a long one!
  11. Pc_chunks


    haha. The only thing I have come across as PCSOist is the "cheap bacon" and "rent-a-cop" like-comments, amongst the many others!
  12. Pc_chunks


    You do realise i'm on about all of us applying to BTP!? Who according to some disgruntled people on here haven't filled their quotas yet. :whistle2:
  13. Pc_chunks


    Totally agree with the above! And somethings that have been said on this thread have made me a little angry. I currently work as a PCSO in a HO force, and a few of us applied to BTP and all applications went in on the same day. There was myself, a 22-year old white straight male. There was another person. 36-year old gay man who has alot more experience than me, and even turned down a HO force a few years ago two days before he should have started the training. The third was a 26-year old asian man who, according to some dangerous theories coming out on this thread, should have passed just because he was asian. The only one of us that has heard back so far is myself. A person who, according to some of you on this forum, is the wrong age, wrong sexuality and wrong colour. So Future_Officer, that throws out your "If your gay, disable or from a religion that the force wishes to recruit from you are 100% likely to have an assessment" theory. Perhaps the fact that my application was the better one is the reason why I am the only one to have heard back so far! And some of you starting to call out the positive discrimination/racism card because you haven't heard back perhaps should ask yourselves whether you have 'respect for race and diversity' and whether your application was actually up to par. I know mine was, and thats why i'm through to the AC stage, without being gay, asian, female or religious. Rant over.
  14. Pc_chunks

    Merseyside on Hold..

    Just as I was considering withdrawing my application and jumping on the BTP bandwagon..... It was a very odd email, and a little annoying because it was basically "we're not telling you our plans, but what are yours?" How long we reckoning then before they restart it? September would be my guess!
  15. Pc_chunks

    Merseyside on Hold..

    I would say that he will mean no rwcruitment, including us. It's just so frustrating that we can find this out by ourselves, yet recruitment haven't got any news to tell us. If they said "its unlikely that you will be recruited in the next financial year, however if you would still like to be considered for the next time we do recruit, we will keep your application on hold for you" i would be a little more understanding, but this is getting stupid now. I know some people still think its going to happen - i was one of them up until a few weeks ago - but there has been absolutely no indication that we are going to be recruited and I wish MerPol would just tell us this!